It's about time...

...that I start this silly blog. I spend every morning sipping coffee and scouring blogs, thinking to myself that I should try my hand at it. It's taken my months, but I'm finally going to do this. So here we go! Finally a place to document my newlywed life.....and my attempts at making everything I die for on pinterest.

 So, meet us :)


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! And congrats on getting married :) Hope to see you around!

    -Nykki at Another Day in Paradise

  2. Some thoughts:

    why are you so cute?
    James lookes normal. you are all like OMG INTERNET and he's like oh, charming smile time.
    do I still count as newlywed? one year baby. Actually, you've been married longer. Please help me. My husband keeps leaving his socks in the living room. I don't speak college dorm. WHAT IS HE TRYING TO TELL ME?!?!?!??!


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