Do you ever have those days where you realize just how powerful and mighty our God is? The way he walks us through seemingly frightening and horrifying situations, to bring us through unscathed and awestruck on the other side? I've had a handful of those days in the last few months. They were terrible and scary and I hated them. But I wouldn't trade them for anything.

I drove home from work this evening with each event replaying through my mind. It was sleeting, I was drained from the day's trials and events, and I was sick of the sea of brake lights stretching down the highway in front of me. To the rhythm of the stop and go traffic, I felt God subtly reminding me of his awesome deliverance. He reminded me of the way he brought me a job right when I thought I was either about to get fired, or simply would not be able to bring myself to go to work and sob in the bathroom during my breaks. He brought me the job at the beginning of December, rescuing me from working Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years.

Last month my registration and license plates from NC were a week from expiring, and I still I had to get my Ohio car title before registering it here. I was told just receiving the title would take several weeks, which meant I would have to drive with expired plates and registration for several weeks. It may not sound like something monumental, but it kept me up at night and made me sick to my stomach during the day. When I went to the County Clerk's office, the gave me my title that day. Nothing expired.

He also reminded me of the way he saved my dad's life on Christmas morning (so fitting, isn't it?!). My dad awoke at daybreak to his heart beating chaotically and completely out of rhythm, something which nearly killed him in March. My mom rushed him to the ER, where he was admitted to the ICU and given life-threatning drugs in an attempt to calm his heart. They didn't do a thing. After nine hours of drugs and beeping monitors, the cardiologist decided it was time to put my dad to sleep and shock his heart with paddles--a risky move, but one that saved him last time. After a myriad of events that prolonged the procedure, the doctors were finally all gathered in my dad's hospital room. As the cardiologist lifted the paddles and started to put them near his chest, the monitor beeped.....his heart switched back to sinus rhythm again. Seconds away from a life threatening shock. That does not just happen, my friends. That was my Christmas miracle.

There have been so many other instances. But it all just hit me so hard today, when God mightily delivered me again. It was one of those days I could distinctly hear his soft whisper saying "Trust me daughter, I'm right here, and I've taken care of this for you." It's not something I hear often, but I have never needed it like I did today.

Of course, we are not always delivered from our trials. Some things we must wade in for what seems like an eternity before God puts His hand out and pulls us out of the muck and mire. But He always pulls us out, and His hand is always there. Even when we can't sense it or feel it, He is always there guiding us through the fire.

We don't have to be anxious about anything. All we have to do is tell God to take the mess we're stuck in and let him untangle the pieces. But we can know that He will always always always deliver us. Maybe it's the way we wanted, maybe not. Most likely, it's not. But He knows what He's doing. So wherever you are right now, don't be anxious. About anything. There's no reason to be anxious when the creator of the universe is personally taking care of your problems for you.

Whew. I needed to get that all out.


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  4. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful words Michelle!!!

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  5. so true. i love how God always has our back. as difficult as life can get, we know that He has it under control.



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