A Series of Bad Decisions.

Last night my mom happened to be in town when I got off work, so we grabbed dinner at my favorite French cafe. Whilst sitting near the stone fireplace, we probably drank the entire restaurant's supply of coffee. And it was oh so good. Nice and strong and swirled with the creamy half and half I usually try not to indulge in. We laughed and talked and stressed over life, work, and taxes.

Several hours later I crawled into bed, happy and full of delicious food. It was a little after 9pm, and I was wide awake after my coffee binge. I decided it was the perfect time to watch the season 2 premier of Downton Abbey. And of course it was 2 hours long. And of course I became engrossed.

Long after 11, I put my laptop on the dresser and crawled into bed, my mind racing with thoughts of WWI and the evil, conniving wife of Mr. Bates, not to be outdone by my husband's snoring, of course. I laid awake until well after midnight and cursed my alarm when it went off at a very dark 5:45 am.

It's been one of those mornings where I'm too exhausted to do anything. Too exhausted to straighten my hair, which looks like a frizzy hot mess when it's down, but just as bad when it's up. Too exhausted to notice the belt I'm wearing gives me a weird pregnant looking bulge fest under my cardigan. My makeup is all wrong, I woke up with a weird scratch on my chin, and it's SIXTY-TWO degrees outside today. In Ohio! In JANUARY!

To be honest, I think the worst consequence is needing to drink the break room coffee in order to keep my forehead off the keyboard. My lunch break has been swallowed by a mandatory book club for work, so that means no midday coffee run to the bakery down the street. It mean faux European "coffee" squirted into 8 ounce styrofoam cups by the huffing and puffing machine. It's arguably made even worse by the gritty, powdered creamer that triggers my gag reflex every time I swallow it. This stuff is the reason there are people in the world who dare to deny the wonders of coffee. It gives coffee a bad name. And today, I have to drink it. A moment of silence, please.

But 5:00 will come soon enough, and I'll jump in the car, turn up Ingrid Michaelson's new cd, and crawl in bumper to bumper traffic until I reach my warm, cozy bed. And I won't go to the gym. I won't do the dishes. I'll go to sleep, and it will be glorious. Yes, even on days like this, 5:00 will always come.

And yes, I realize that this day is all my fault. My bad decisions. And I'm perfectly fine taking responsibility for that. But I can't help but feel like Monday made a sneak attack on Tuesday.


  1. I have done almost the same thing. I just can't turn away from delicious coffee, I try to stay away after 4:00, but some days I just can't. Then I have the same night/next day problem.

  2. I always pay for it when I drink coffee, too! :)
    I love your writing style, by the way.


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