Arbitrary Thoughts

1. There's some huge event going on at work today, and the office is all in a tizzy. There are senators and congressmen downstairs, and I'm still sitting at my desk under at least 17 fluorescent lights. Yesterday the staff had to sit through a run through of the presentation. I was planning on not going....until I heard about the cheese plate. I'll do anything for cheese.

2. Sometimes, the best way to retain some semblance of sanity is to blast old school Relient K in your car. On your lunch break. With coffee. Don't judge me, they were my favorite band all through high school. It made me feel all giddy and happy again and forget about the fact that I literally got made fun of for eating vegetables (I don't understand my coworkers), and I all I wanted was a cupcake.

3. To the three different people in the last week who have flipped me off and yelled derogatory things out the windows at me for going the speed limit: You might as well calm the heck down because I refuse to speed and get pulled over. I refuse to have my insurance rates go up because I blatantly ignored the speed limit signs posted everywhere. I waited THREE years for my one and only ticket to come off my record. I refuse to ignore the cops that prowl this road day and night. I refuse to be stupid and do something illegal just because you have bad time management, and you think you can intimidate me with foul gestures. Everything I am doing is perfectly legal. Everything you're wanting me to do is perfectly illegal. Also, you made me want to cry a little. I'm a sensitive girl. Stop it.

P.S. Suck it.

(Sorry for the rant. People are just mean sometimes and I hate it.)

4. I put my hair in a bun at work. It made me feel all sexy retro librarian. Every time someone walked past my desk I wanted to be all "have a nice day! Your book is due back in 3 weeks!" I think I might want to do my hair like this for our date night this weekend. And maybe wear red lipstick. I'm totally terrified to wear red lipstick in public for some reason. My shyness, I suppose.

5. Yesterday, whilst jogging on the treadmill (go me!!!), I rediscovered my undying passion for Destiney's Child. I put my iPod on shuffle and was flipping through songs until "Say My Name" came on. It was all I could do to keep from belting out "You actin' kinda SHADY! Ain't callin' me BABY! Betta say my naaaaaaaame!" and dancing in true ghetto fashion. Thug lyfe.

6. Someone forgot to tell Noel that Narnia is through the wardrobe, not under it.


That is all.


  1. This post was fantastic. I loved every minute of it!

  2. Old School Relient K is absolutely the way to go! Who I am Hates Who I've Been came on my Pandora station when I was working out the other day and BOOM it was like instant energy! I love that bun. And your blog is adorable and you're witty and I am your newest follower! :) Have a lovely day!

    1. Yeah Relient K!!! I thought people might think me crazy for that one :) You are too sweet!!!

  3. This post totally made me smile- all of it!!!! haha and the part about Destiny's child- too funny! Brings back high school memories LOL! have a great weekend!!


  4. this post is amazing and so true! people are mean sometimes :( love your bun so much! hope you're havin a good weekend, cute girl! xoxo

  5. haha "i'll do anything for cheese!" so right there with ya! I love cheeseballs, smothered in almonds. mmm!

  6. Mean people aren't fun to deal with. Enjoy the rest of your week!


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