High Five for Friday: Haiku edition

Every Friday is like one gigantic sigh of relief.

You know what I mean?

I did it!

I survived another week of the 17 fluorescent lights above my desk *insert constant headache here.*

Of the accidentally staying up too late because everything on tv and in my kindle is more exciting than going to sleep.

Of the pizza cravings. Thanks, PMS.

(Don't look at me like that! I SO did not order pizza twice in one week! How dare you?)

But really, I craved cheese and chocolate all. week. 

This week was a blur. All I really remember is overindulging in pizza. And chocolate. So I'm just going to highlight completely random, unimportant things (spoiler alert: pizza and chocolate may be involved!).

And I'm going to do this week's post in haikus. For non english nerds, it's like this:
1st line: 5 syllables
2nd line: 7 syllables
3rd line: 5 syllables

Ready? Ready.

1. Breakfast for dinner?
Yes please, eggs and some bacon.
Whoops! It slipped! *facepalm*

2. Stupid PMS!
You make me want chocolate.
Thanks a bunch, husband :)

3. Dear box of yummy,
You go everywhere with me.
Never leave my side.

4. Dear author of note,
Here is some advice for you:
Spellcheck is your friend.

5. I conquered red lips!
Highlight of the week? I'm lame.
Next: take over world.

P.S. I just remembered....I had pizza at a work meeting too. 

Pizza 3 times this week.
I have a problem? 

If pizza is wrong, I don't want to be right. 



  1. Breakfast for dinner is THE best!
    So delish!

    Happy weekend, girl!

  2. Pizza is the best and you're rockin' the red!

    Momma B

  3. yay for pizza! I support that choice!

  4. I couldn't get through a week, especially THAT KINDA WEEK, without pizza and chocolate. Cheers to good husbands and pizza at work:)

  5. oooh red lips i love them on you!!what is the make-up line and shade you used? i am scared to try out a bold red kip but it looks great on you

  6. What a sweet post! Oh no about those lights, that would stink, I can see why you would get headaches, bummer...

    you are rockin the RED lips!!! And you had me LOLing about the pms. Oh the days...

  7. You are too funny! I know what you mean about the lights! We just got these "just like sunlight" bulbs - they are horrible! I'm practically blinded every time I walk into my office. :) Loved the Haikus too. Spell check wouldn't have helped - it wouldn't have caught the two words spelled correctly. I think they need a proofreader. It's such a pet peeve of mine.

  8. Mmm... pizzaaa! I totally had pizza 3 times last week... which I really don't eat pizza often. First, Dan and I went to The Rock pizza, second at his dad's house and the night after I had a training in my store and the rep brought... pizza. Needless to say, by that third day... I really didn't want it!
    Cute Blog!
    -Andrea Loree
    Coffee, Chocolate & Pen.

  9. I love pizza too and these cute poems. Found you from the it's friday, I'm in love link up. New follower!

  10. yummy! A post about chocolate AND pizza?! Perfect :) looks like you had a great week! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, i'm following you back! :)

  11. i'm still trying to conquer the red lips thing =) i chicken out every time i pull out my red lipstick, so lame right?!

  12. I love the haikus! I've been accidentally staying up too late every night too... I almost always regret it lol. You look great with red lips!

  13. I am late in commenting, but I love your Haikuu poems, Michelle!


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