High Five for Friday: Michigan Edition

Last weekend my family and I went to Michigan. My dad & husband had been dying to go to Cabela's. My mom and I went because we're good sports like that and wanted a little adventure.

I'm definitely not a tom boy, but I'm fo' sho' not a girly girl. I reside somewhere in happy medium land, and I have my awesome parents to thank for that. My mom taught me how to curl my hair and put on mascara, and my dad taught me how to shoot guns and other outdoorsy stuff. I can definitely hold my own in the gun range, so I was kinda sorta looking forward to the hunting/fishing/camping/shooting capital of the world.

Plus, I ate a bison burger for lunch. Look at me go!

It wasn't bad, but it was weird. I'm glad I did it, but I won't be doing that again. Give me beef or nothing at all!

Except maybe bacon.
Can you tell he was excited?

Here are the top 5 of our Michigan trip (and pretty much the whole week. Most uneventful week ever.)

 1. We grabbed breakfast at the retro McDonald's by our apartment! I despise McDonald's, but I'm a sucker for their breakfast burritos.  And it's a retro McDonald's, so it's all good. And it made me want to wear a red poodle skirt and black & white saddle shoes. I swear I should've been born so long ago.

2. Completely random blizzard! Seriously, out of nowhere. And it dumped several inches in record time. and then it ended abruptly and all the snow was gone. Weird.

3. Albino cat fish! I don't know why, but I was extremely amused. You know you would be too.

4. A giant stuffed moose. I don't know. I just wanted to stare at it all day and pet it.


5. And now, for the highlight of all of 2012.....AMISH BOYS!!! 

Disclaimer: It's not because they're boys. It's because they're Amish. I have an entire fascination with the Amish culture. Plus, they're not allowed to use any electricity and things like that, so they were totally breaking the rules by playing video games. Amish gone wild!

Let me set the scene: Amish boy slowly mosies over to one of the games. He stares at it, looks around to see if his family his nearby. He circles the game like a vulture circling its prey. He looks around a little more. Cautiously and slowly pulls out his worn leather wallet, all the while glancing around the wide open room for his family. Slowly and stealthily, he pulls out a dollar bill and shoves the wallet back into the pocket of his black pants. He plopped down and drove his race car to his heart's content. It was like a little kid who found cookies in an empty kitchen. He later moved to a shoot 'em up game. 

And then his friends joined!

It was hilarious. And probably makes no sense to someone who doesn't live in the Midwest and see the Amish out and about. But it made my entire day.

It's time for the weekend! We plan on taking it slow and relaxing. I'm so ready to do nothing.



  1. O my gosh that is too funny! Seeing those amish boys do that would be a highlight for me too. I found you through follow friday...newest one to join the gang :)

  2. Oh my! I am cracking up! Love your blog!!

    New follower


  3. oh my that's hilarious! I'm not super familiar w/ the Amish culture... mostly because I don't live near any. But that's hilarious & totally random.

    And I'm not sure what I'd do during a random blizzard. Never experienced that.

    Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday :)

  4. Hello! I am dropping by from #FF! Great blog I am your newest follower! And I am laughing out loud about the Amish highlight to your week! Have a fantastic weekend!

  5. Yes! I can honestly say we must be the most obsessed-with-Amish people in Ohio. Probably in the US! I'm still giggling about this a week later!

  6. that is hilrious, i am fascinated by the Amish as well :) but i too am from the midwest :)

  7. Hahaha, your Amish story made me laugh out loud! It's kinda cute, right?!? I can only imagine that they felt like a kid in a candy store! ;)

    We found you through Follow Friday over on Hollie Takes Notes. We're now following you & we'd love for you to visit our blog!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. Hahah I love this post! The retro McDonalds and the catfish and moose are awesome!

    Just dropping by from #FF.

  9. A bison burger sure sounds interesting! I don't think I'd like that either though, beef/bacon sounds much better.

    Heheh the catfish made me laugh too, it has such a funny facial expression!


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