High Five for Friday

This week flew by! And I am so grateful. Yesterday was a difficult day. One of those classic bad days where every little thing goes wrong as if the universe is conspiring against you until you reach meltdown mode. If today wasn't Friday I might have faked sick ;)

Here are some highs from the week:

1. The weather! We are usually snowed in with subzero temperatures this time
of year. I haven't needed my coat several days this week, and it hit 62 on Tuesday. I actually had to turn the AC on in my car!

2. This Mac & Cheese! It's creamy and delicious and sinful and I love it more than anything. As I wrote about earlier this week, my mom and I went to my favorite place. If you live in central Ohio, you MUST go to La Chatelaine. The owners are legit French chefs and the food is ridiculous.

I first discovered it my senior year of high school when my French teacher took us after a field trip to see a Moliere play. I sipped a cappuccino, tried my first croque monsieur, and spoke to my friends in broken french. It holds so many good memories. My best friend and I shared fries and curry ketchup next to the front window after not seeing each other for over a year, my mom and I grabbed prosciutto and brie sandwiches and a blueberry tart after my wedding dress fitting, and I introduced my husband to the official mac n cheese of heaven on a humid summer night, the last day we both worked 8-5 shifts.

3. Showing the boys who's boss.
Today at work, 3 guys (one being a self professed techie) were standing in the hall huddled over an iPhone because it wouldn't ring, just vibrate. They had pulled the manual out, checked the settings, and the owner of the phone was furious and wanted to take it back. I quietly walked up to them, flipped the switch on the side, the phone rang, and I walked away. They were stunned and in awe and it was hilarious. I am woman, here me roar.

4. My husband surprised me with this trash can. Yes. A trash can. And you know what? I did a happy dance. It's so much better than our stinky $6 white plastic one that was more trash than trash can. I think I just reached another level of adulthoodness. Help.

5. These have made me cry from laughter the past few days, and I'm not even ashamed. Whenever I wanted to collapse into a pile of sobs under my desk (yesterday, I'm referring to you), I looked at these and giggled awkwardly to myself.

Don't you just love people?! via
So beyond brilliant! via
I'm not sure why, but this KILLS me every time! via


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  1. Awesome High Fives! I think my favorite is the techies unable to find the vibrate switch. What a glorious woman moment to bask in!!


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