A lovely weekend.

This was truly the best weekend I've had in so long. It was fun, refreshing, and exactly what I needed.

On Friday night, my best friend Laura and I grabbed dinner at one of our favorite spots and decided to hit up some funky thrift stores near downtown.

The BEST sandwich ever, complete with sweet potato fries.

After dinner, we drove down the street only to find all the stores closed. So we decided to go to our favorite bookstore in German Village.

I love German Village. It's probably my favorite part of Columbus. The streets are made of brick and hold centuries of history. It was the home for German immigrants at the turn of the twentieth century. During WWII, the immigrants suffered horrible persecution, and many of the German street names were changed to English names. Parts of the village were actually wiped from the map altogether. The remaining parts of the village have been preserved by the historical society, and I'm so thankful for that lingering bit of history.

The houses and buildings in German Village look the same as the day they were built. It's a little European village smack dab in the middle of a 21st century city. Over the peaks of the 150 year old brick houses stand the twinkling skyscrapers of modern day columbus, only two or three blocks away. A magnificent merging of two countries, two cultures, two centuries. 

And right in the middle of German Village is my all time favorite book store, the Book Loft. It's an expansion of an old house, the length of a city block, and has 32 rooms full of discounted books. Every room has a different artist/song playing, from Marilyn Monroe to Celtic music. And I scored a Monty Python DVD and another Ella Fitzgerald CD to add to my stash. This girl right here loves some British humor & jazz.

Saturday was amazing as well! James & I had our little Valentine's celebration, and it was much needed time to reconnect. Life has been hectic and our schedules are different, so we don't see each other as often as we would like.

James decided we should dress up, so he decided (on his own!!! whoa!) to wear a suit, and I was so excited to wear a dress and heels. And red lipstick. I finally wore red lipstick in public, and I loved every second of it. Can I wear it all the time? Red lipstick in the gym. Red lipstick at work. Red lipstick in the shower. Red lipstick when I sleep. Red lipstick forever.

We both had a hankering for The Cheesecake Factory, so we braved the two hour wait. We waited next door at Barnes & Noble. In the cafe, because those darn stilettos (which I basically hardly wear because I'm a giant without heels), told my feet they couldn't stand anymore or else.

Just a little light reading. No nerds here or anything.

The wait was totally worth it. It was so fun to dress up and have a night on the town. We needed it. Our marriage needed it. And I can't wait to do it again sometime :)

On Sunday we ran some errands and literally laid in bed the rest of the day watching our favorite shows on a laptop. And we ordered pizza. And we ate that in bed too. And you know what? The next morning at work I felt so much more refreshed.

 Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. 


  1. oh goodness, i shouldn't have looked at this post while being hungry because that first image is looking delicious!! and that goodnight iPad is cracking me up! you are adorable girl, great post!
    xo TJ

  2. it sounds like you guys had such a wonderful time! your dress looks absolutely adorable :)

  3. Sounds like an AMAZING weekend! You and James are adorrrrable!
    Now I want Cheesecake Factory :)

  4. Jazz is my all time most fave.


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