Sometimes, you make grandiose weekend plans of heels, lipstick, and dinner reservations.

And sometimes, your sweet husband comes home from work with the flu.

And sometimes, you literally pull several muscles from pushing a shopping cart.

I wish I were kidding. That really happened. And I can't move my arm.

Due to our aforementioned maladies, we cancelled our plans for the weekend and decided that a marathon of How I Met Your Mother while cuddled up in our warm flannel sheets sounded even better. And it was. We spent our weekend going on late night milkshake runs in the snow and snuggling by the fireplace with the smell of the Pioneer Woman's chili simmering in the crockpot.

I did manage to get a little done in our bedroom. Our bedroom still looks like a dorm, complete with mismatched furniture and the little green lamp that's been perched on my desk since my freshman year of college. It looks pitiful in here, but we're newlyweds and this is how it will be for awhile. And I'm totally fine with that.

However, I'm so ready for halfway decent nightstands. And a headboard. And curtains? Yes please.

Anyway, I've had these cardboard letters for awhile now, and I've been meaning to hang them over the bed. And I finally got around to it!

It's my first little change in here. Once we get new bedding and curtains and such, I'll paint them a corresponding color. And space them correctly. But for now, I just like having something on the walls. It's a small step, but a step in the right direction.

And then I finally cleaned a little. Noel was sweet enough to help me fold clothes. It was a good weekend.

Sometimes, the flu and the sore arm are blessings in disguise.

Because you finally get a chance to try the chili recipe that's been sitting on the counter since December.

Because the days spent cuddling in bed with your husband and kitty can be so much sweeter than nights spent dolled up, sitting across a table from each other in a dark room.

And sometimes, the unexpected far surpasses the expected.

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  1. That sounds like the best weekend ever. :) (minus the flu, of course.)

  2. It does sound like a perfect weekend... minus the flu!
    And I love the letters on the wall! We just moved and I can't wait to get stuff hung on the walls!

  3. Thanks for linking up :)
    Sometimes nights in are better than nights out anyway!

    Your cat is so, so cute!
    My kitten "helps" with laundry, too haha!

    Hope your hubby feels better!

  4. Just followed your blog! Love the newlywed life and wouldn't change our hodge pudge style for anything lol! Enjoy it! These are sweet times. Have a great Monday!

    Melissa from Grin and Barrett blog

  5. being sick is no fun.
    but yes sometimes the unexpected is so fun.

  6. Your cat is too cute! Our cats (there are 3 of them) try to "help" with laundry too!

    I think it took us a whole year of being married before we painted and got our bedroom in order. Maybe longer now that I think about it. I love the letters though!

    I'm following you now as well! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

    God Bless!

  7. yup definitely take advantage of the blessings in disguise and be thankful that you got to spend the whole weekend with your hubs even if he was sick, he was at home with you, and you two got to spend some quality time together.

  8. I'll bet your weekend was LEGEN..... wait for it......DAIRY!

    Hubby and I LOVE How I Met Your Mother!

    Love the monogrammed wall, too!

  9. i love when life forces us to sit still for a little bit and enjoy things we are usually too busy to do. looks like the perfect weekend. i need to try that chili recipe! thanks for sharing this!!

  10. Love your Monograms! Sometimes those are my favorites days minus the sickness!



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