Today is my birthday! *cue confetti*

I won't be having any grand celebration, just a dinner with my mom and friend while my dad and James work late. Then dinner with all of them on Saturday. Nice and low key, just the way I like it.

Since I'm 23 today, I thought it would be fun to make a list of 23 things I'd like to accomplish while I'm 23 (whoa, 23 overload). I won't beat myself up if I don't accomplish the whole list, but it'll help me keep moovin' and groovin' with some of my New Year's resolutions, as well as work on some other goals for myself. So here goes.

1. Stop being intimidated by my sewing machine, and sew curtains and pillows for my apartment.
2.Visit my grandparents in California, and bring James so they can finally meet him.
3. Finish knitting the cabled scarf I've been working on, but hid because I kept making mistakes. {mom, help!}
4. Learn some new hairstyles and stop straightning my hair and just wearing it down or in a ponytail every day.
5. Roadtrip to NYC and/or Chicago.
6. Call my grandparents at least once a month.
7. Finish reading the Bible in a year. {almost 3 months down!}
8. Run a 5k. Even if it's by myself on a treadmill. Running any sort of distance is my Mt. Everest.
9. Maybe start to dabble in crocheting? I'm beyond dying to make a granny square afghan like this one.
10. Keep moving closer to clean eating. At least keep up with the fresh veggies & fruit every day kick I've been on.
11. Get a bike and go on bike rides on all the amazing trails in this city.
12. Maybe join a small group? (I want to say I will, I know I need to, but I'm the shyest person around new people and I've had some, uh, bad experiences}.
13. Learn at least one song on the guitar.
14. Return to piano, my first love. Learn some more Gershwin & Debussy.
15. Learn how to shoot manually with my Nikon.
16. Make a quilt.
17. Put chalkboard paint on something.
18. Bake something like this.
19. Cook more things from scratch, like whole wheat pizza dough.
20. Start looking for more publication opportunities again.
21. Keep working on my goal of reading 50 books in a year.
22. Paint my old dresser.
23. Read a book in French.

This day is also special for another reason. Three years ago today, on the way to eat dinner with my family, I got a text message from a certain boy named James. The guitar playing, lip ring wearing, worship music singing, skateboarding boy I was crushing on for months confessed he liked me and to call him when I finished dinner so we could talk about it. And call him I did. Best choice I ever made.

Right after we started dating in 2009


  1. Happy birthday!!!! I love your list :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope your day is wonderful. And your list is awesome!

  3. Happy Birthday! I might steal your idea when my birthday comes around. Hope your day is amazing!

  4. That sounds like a good and very do-able list. I also want to run a 5k this year. I got an app on my iphone with a training schedule. Cool running also has a training schedule on thier website. http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml Good luck.

  5. Happy Birthday girly!!! I got little butterflies in my stomach when you described the text message you got from your hubby way back when :-) I love stories like that! Hope your day is everything you want it to be!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHELLE! Wahoo! Confetti, indeed!

    And I love that picture of you and James. Priceless!

  7. 24. (To keep you moving toward that next big number!) Hang out with a certain friend more! :) She misses BFF time very much...

  8. well happy birthday, girl!! love your 23 list. good luck doing all of that! and have a fantastic day :)

    Hope you are having a great day and that list looks like you are going to have a very successful 23rd year (:

  10. Happy birthday! That's a cute story of you and your boy. I need to start making one of these lists every year!

  11. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful 23rd year!


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