Arbitrary Thoughts Vol. II

1. Yesterday was Leap Day. And the whole day was......weird. There were massive thunderstorms around 5am (may I remind you that I live in the midwest? And it is still "winter"). And I dreamed about thunderstorms. I'm sure I heard the thunder which caused my dreams, but I remember dreaming about lightning, then opening my eyes when my alarm went off and watching lighting light up the room. Trippy.

This time of year, we're usually knee deep in snow and nearly hypothermic. And this was yesterday's weather:

2. This had me laughing hysterically the other day. Then I showed it to husband. Then we both laughed hysterically. And then our cat looked at us like we're crazy. And you know why she did that? Because she's a cat. That's why.
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I blame seasons 5 & 6 of How I Met Your Mother for my sleep deprivation induced giggles.

3. I remember the night I discovered The Civil Wars. It was last spring, and I was sitting in bed, snuggled under my black and white quilt. I kept seeing their name spattered all over facebook, so I youtubed them. And it was love at first song. I immediately downloaded the whole Barton Hollow album and wore the cd out in my car all summer long. I still equate their music to driving around town with the windows and sunroof open. But then I needed a break from them. But then I started listening to them the other day after a 6 month hiatus. Now I'm hooked again.

And confession: I have this issue with only listening to my favorite songs over and over and ignoring the rest of the album. Whenever Forget Me Not would start to play, I skipped it because it sounded like a total twangfest. But then I listened to it yesterday on the long crawl to work...and guess what? I'm hooked. It's way more bluegrassy/country than the others, but I still love it. It makes me feel like I'm sitting on a wooden porch in the hills of Tennessee, sipping sweet tea out of a mason jar. Or waiting for my pancakes at Cracker Barrel.

4. Marvin Gaye just started playing on Pandora. I'm at work. I'm trying really hard not to bust a move.

5. I'm the one person in the world who's not on twitter. I've been boycotting it the past few years because I secretly think it's stupid unneccessary. But all of a sudden I found myself thinking about hopping on the twitterz. All of blogland is on there, and I'm missing all kinds of stuff. But, I'm also kind of really burned out on social media (another post for another day). Also, I have no idea how to use twitter. But maybe it would be good for the blog. Or maybe it's just my undying need to use hashtags and ramallmywordstogetherlikethecoolkids.

6. I completely dislike Tuesdays. It's like Monday, part II (hence the name, two-sday...haha, punny). But really. It's still the beginning of the week. I'm still angry it's not Saturday. Nothing exciting ever happens on a Tuesday. It's just there.

Let me explain further: Monday is the dreaded day of every week. Wednesday is the half way point of the work week. Thursday is the day before Friday, and everyone's in a better mood when they're touching Friday. And then there's Friday...the happiest day in all the land. But Tuesday? It's just an extended Monday.

7. I got my hair trimmed on Saturday. Even though it's only about an inch shorter, I feel approximately seventeen times sassier.

8. It's March? When did that happen? This year, I have no spring break to look forward to. Depressing sauce. But, my day of birth is two weeks from today. Bam.

Also, I'm super glad there's going to be a March photo-a-day. I missed out on the February one, and this is a bandwagon I totally want to hop on.

9. Remember how I said yesterday was a weird day? Well, I went to Whole Foods yesterday with the sole purpose of grabbing a pint of Jeni's ice cream. Jeni's is amazing and a half. Her ice cream shops are local to central Ohio, and you can buy select flavors at the grocery store (do I sound like a commercial?). Also, she comes up with crazy unique flavors that sound gross but are heavenly (celery & rum? queen city cayenne (chocolate & cayenne)? sweet potato pie? goat cheese with cognac fig? The list goes on). I digress. All I wanted was a pint of salty caramel ice cream, yet I found myself at home with two bags full of random things, but no Jeni's. Have you ever done that? I wanted to collapse into the fetal position and sob.

10. I wrote a couple heavy posts this week, and I've gotten so many awesome comments and emails. I'm so glad, because aside from showing the world how weird I am, I want to encourage people the same way so many blogs have encouraged me. :)

Ok, you can have your Thursday back now.


  1. I think we should be best friends.
    1.That cat picture is funny as all else.
    2. Im not on twitter but I secretly love hashtags. I want to hash tag everything, but I don't even know if I am doing it right.
    3. Haircuts always make me feel sassy.

    And how can you not bust out some sweet moves to Marvin Gaye??

  2. How could you forget the Jeni's?? And why wasn't I invited?? :)

  3. Stopping by from the It's Friday...I'm In love Blog Hop! http://queenofsavings.com

  4. you are encouraging. Your funny and have the best sense of humor and an amazing heart. You are also weird.

    I wish we were soul mates. Why does James get to have all the fun?


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