Color me starstruck

Last night was the best night of my life.

Not really.

But really, it was.

I've been reading The Pioneer Woman's blog for years now. I have her cookbooks, and I'm glued to her cooking show every Saturday morning. I've cooked her recipes, and I laugh hysterically at every post she writes. This one, especially. She writes the weird things I think. Except much better than I could ever write them. And I love Charlie. And Marlboro Man? Hello.

I digress.

Last month, I was reading her blog while bored at work and noticed that she put up her book signing schedule. I clicked it and scanned the list as fast as I could scroll, hoping and praying she was coming to some state within driving distance.

And then, I saw Columbus listed. Bam. And she was going to the Barnes & Noble 5 minutes away from work. Double bam. So I danced a jig at my desk and texted everyone I knew due to my state of euphoria.

After several weeks of anticipation, March 21st finally revealed itself. And I might have sneaked out of work for thirty minutes or so to snag tickets at B&N right after they opened. And thank the good Lord above I did, otherwise we would've been there till at least 10:00 pm, I'm sure.

So I got to Barnes & Noble at 5, complete with jitters of excitement (and I forgot my Nikon, like a doofus). And without thinking, I ordered a venti iced coffee at the cafe. Those little jitters turned into full-blown I-want-to-jump-on-this-table-and-sing-my-love-of-Pdub jitters.

She gave the most hilarious presentation before her signing, complete with singing a love song to her beloved basset hound, Charlie. It was glorious.

And as we were awaiting our turn and chatting to the ladies around us, what do I see but a pair of Wranglers and a Cowboy hat. Oh yes. As one lady put it, it was like the Beatles just walked in. There was a sudden rush of skirts and screams running toward the Wranglers.


I was right there with 'em.

Be still, my heart.

And then it was finally time to meet Ree! I sat down next to her and blurted out "YOU'RE MY FAVORITE PERSON I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" And it really was just like that. Embarrassing. She laughed. She complimented my iPhone case. We discussed her lack of static guard. And she confessed she still hasn't gotten any. I asked if I could hug her. We hugged. And then I hugged her one more time.

I just love her.

And Marlboro Man. He signed my book too!

I didn't want the night to end. It was so fun. And from now on, whenever I watch her cooking show I will point at the TV and scream "I HUGGED HER ONCE!" to anyone who cares will listen.

My momma came too! 

Take me back to Oklahoma with you?


  1. That is so cool and such a great birthday treat! AHHHHH! I'm excited FOR you! Her blog is amazing.

  2. how awesome, yay for you!!! I'm so happy for you!

  3. no way!!! I LOVE HER! jealous!

  4. Ugh, I'm so jealous! I used to live literally down the road (I think she was at the one by the Lennox,right?) in Grandview. I looked at her schedule and started yelling. She went to like 3 places that I've lived near, all in the past 2 years. Humph!

    Anyway, glad you had an amazing time!!!


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