Friday! Friday! Friday!

Most weeks are pretty much the same. Work. Gym. Eat. Sleep. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

But this week has been hectic, as in I've been leaving at 7:30 am and getting home around 8:30 pm. Hence the shortage of blog posts.

But my gosh, has this week been fun.

So now it's time to do some major catch up.

Some of the top things from the past week:

1. Birthday celebrations! I went to Northstar cafe with my mom and bff. And it was so warm we ate outside! In March! On my birthday!

And because Jeni's Ice Cream is next door...my mom treated us to some deliciousness.

2. I awoke on Saturday morning to a very loud pounding on the door.

I was not at all pleased.

Until I opened the box the UPS lady delivered, and found this:

Glory, hallelujah.

Thank you James :)

Speaking of presents, in case any of you are wondering what came in the sketchy package from Hong Kong. it was this:


3. I visited my parents after a dentist appointment this week, and found this:

My dad is awesome.

4. This isn't necessarily a highlight of the week, but I did find this in the breakroom on Monday morning. And I laughed. And I've been puzzled all week over the lack of sanity in this building.

5. Pretty Sunsets. Sigh.

And now, for some very important letters.

Dear Husband,
Your new glasses make you look like a studmuffin. Please wear them forever. Also, thank you from here to China for putting gas in my car last night and cooking dinner so I could catch up on The Real Housewives of Everywhere and paint my toenails bright purple. Thank you for helping me accomplish these important life goals.

Dear Pioneer Woman,
I'm still giddy I got to meet you Wednesday night. I even wore my new lace shirt. And I put on eyeliner. This is how special you are to me. I knew you were my soulmate the moment you attempted to stick the microphone up your nose during the presentation. I laughed so hard I almost fell over.
Please, take me back to the ranch with you. Teach me your ways in the kitchen and with a camera.
Also, thank you for bringing Marlboro Man. Getting to hug him after watching him rope cattle on tv was probably the most amazing experience ever.

Dear Spring/Summer,
Oh, hello. I wasn't expecting you so soon. It's been lovely to leave for work in short sleeves and not need a coat. However, can you please chill out with the storms? I was not at all prepared for the tornado you dropped upon us Sunday evening. And now I run for the closet whenever I hear thunder. Last night, for instance. See what you've done? Keep this up and I'll be institutionalized.
But thanks for the daffodils. They're lovely.

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  1. You got to meet pioneer woman?!?! I am supremely jealous! I LOVE her! Ahhhhhh.......love it! lucky! love all your letters, and happy birthday to you!


  2. Aw what a great week!!

    Happy Birthday!!

  3. WOW! You met the Pioneer Woman!?! Amazeballs!!! How fun!! Happy birthday to you!! :)

  4. That is so amzingly awesome. I want to meet the pioneer woman!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  5. How fantastic! Happy Birthday. Really happy to be following along on GFC!



  6. Sounds like you had such a fantastic week! Your letters made me laugh out loud. Have a great weekend!

  7. So jealous of your new iPad! I've been hinting at it for my birthday wish list. Happy weekend!

  8. I have daffodils on my desk! Go Spring! lol. I love that your husband is so supportive of your RHOeverywhere watching...thanks a ton for your comment on my blog. It's comforting we're not the only ones experiencing this. :)

  9. loved your "dear husband"... =) its the little things they do right? like wear studly glasses... i was just thinking the same thing about mine.. not about the glasses, just loving the little things =)

  10. Wow! I'll have to read an earlier post to see how you met Pioneer woman, maybe she was at a speaking event...? That's SO cool...love it. You were cracking me up! A lace shirt AND eyeliner, now THAT'S an event!

    Did we know we both had Birthdays in March? I'm March 1st!
    Happy Birthday to YOU! Glad it was such a good one, it was fun to see the re-cap, and that you had great weather, ice-cream annnnnnnnnnnnd an ipad!!!


  11. YAY! You and I both do double link-ups on Fridays! *high five*

  12. Sounds like a perfect birthday! I love your letter to your husband about him putting gas in your car. I always beg my husband to do that!! Haha!


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