Friday's Letters

Dear Boss lady,
Remember that time you walked into the break room, and I was chomping on carrots whilst doing a victory dance over words with friends? Yeah...um, can you just forget you ever saw that?
Thanks. I appreciate it.

Dear lady who brushes her teeth in the break room while I'm eating,
I realize the office bathroom does look like something out of a horror movie, but  please, can you at least wait until I finish my mac n cheese to go at it? The ferocity with which you brush your teeth leads you to grunt and moan, and it's just awkward for everyone involved.

Dear week,
Things started off well between us. I was looking forward to our future together. But something changed. You changed. I tried so hard to salvage what we had, but it was to no avail. Things just started spiraling out of control, and you were making me miserable. And honestly, I think it's time we go our separate ways.

Dear husband,
Thank you for bringing me the prettiest daisies. It made my bad day much better. And thank you for getting me Chipotle last night. You knew I didn't feel like driving the .5 miles to go get it, even though nothing else but Chipotle would do. And thank you for gorging out with me and getting caught up on the Biggest Loser with me. You're the sweetest.

Dear everyone driving on 161 E & 315 S this morning,
Yes, I realize I was actin' a fool in my car this morning. I saw your weird looks. But sometimes you just need to ditch the mellow morning music and bust out some Kanye & Usher. A sister's gotta get PUMPED for 8 hours of staring at a computer screen and pretending to look busy. I'm sure you understand.

Peace out.



  1. So sweet of your hubs to bring you pretty flowers! And coworkers do the weirdest things!!! Brushing teeth in the break room is just weird...

    Stopping by from the linkup :)

  2. Likewise, my week and I are breaking up this afternoon. It's a bittersweet state of affairs, but I know it's for the best.

    And I LOOOOVED your letter to the other drivers on the road this morning. Friggin' hysterical! It IS necessary (particularly on Friday's) to amp yourself for the day ahead... especially the "looking busy" part. I have that mastered, but damn, it's exhausting!!!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Hear, hear! I love it, Michelle. Happy Friday!

  4. I love your letters. :) My week and I are breaking up, too. For whatever reason it brought way too much negativity into my life. I do not approve. Bring on the weekend and a change in heart/thoughts!

  5. Wow that would bug me too if someone was brushing their teeth, I mean in the breakroom? Why not the Bathroom!?
    Aw daisies, thee best.
    haha funny letter number 1!
    have a good weekend hon!

  6. Happy Friday! Sounds like you had quit the week. :) Your hubby was so sweet to bring you dinner and flowers. I just loved your letter to other drivers on the road...hehe if I ever get my license, I'm sure i'd have days where I'd need to do the same thing. You gotta do what you gotta do. I know the feeling of having to stare at a computer screen for hours. It can be sooo boring lol.

  7. Are you playing Draw Something??? We totally need to play. Like now. Download the app. It's life altering. Your boss will be catching you laughing like crazy from it. Hahaha!

  8. Haha! Hilarious. I hate it when people brush their teeth in public. Aww, your husbannd is such a sweetheart!

  9. These are great!

    Stopping by from Ashley's link up! = )

  10. Love this post haha! Witnessing someone brushing in public IS pretty awkward -- I once saw a family flossing at the table after their meal... at a restaurant, as I was having lunch! Kinda rubbed me the wrong way. On a brighter note, you've got a lovely blog xo


  11. Awww, your hubby is so sweet for getting you flowers AND chipotle!! YUM!! I wish we had that here.

  12. I love reading your letters. You make me smile :)

  13. What a wonderful hubby you have!!! This post put a smile on my face

  14. I loved your letters!!(:

    And Chipotle? MMMMM!


  15. This made me laugh so hard! Great letters! Lovely blog by the way! xo

  16. LOL! This was classic. I love this idea...

    but eww, who brushes their teeth in a break room?

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