Friday's Letters

Dear boss lady,
Thank you for being obsessed with your chiropracter and convincing him to come and give us all a free 10 minute massage.

Dear guy who gave me a free 10 minute massage,
That could not have been more awkward. Also, I think we have two different definitions of the word "massage." While I was expecting ten minutes of bliss and relaxation and a temporary repreive from the crazies all around this building, my muscles and ligaments and bones and tendons were being terrorized. Seriously dude, I was sore for almost two days after that. And yes, I realize that there are muscle issues in my lower back, but your sense of urgency in telling me to get treatment only confirmed my suspicion that you killed all my muscles.
Also, I wasn't wearing the most agreeable shirt that day and I'm fairly postive you noticed my blue granny panties. I have three letters for you: PMS.

Dear husband,
I love you for getting up super early and taking me to breakfast before work. Watching the sun wake up with endless cups of coffee and bacon and eggs while telling you to stop eating my pancake with your hands was the perfect way to start my Friday. Can't wait to see you tonight!



  1. Almost nothing worse than a massage gone bad. I had a shampoo girl who thought she was giving me the worlds greatest head massage; in actuality, I think she almost put her thumb through my skull. I think she's an assassin.

    Happy weekend, Shell Bell.

    Meg ;)

  2. That is awful about the massage!! Your hubs is the sweetest!

  3. awe, your husband is so cute. That is so terrible about the massage! I've been meaning to get a massage lately too! Thanks for the reminder, haha I hope you are feeling better!

  4. Ummmm, this made me laugh. That second letter is hilarious! Very clever letters today, missy. I have't commented in so long, I feel awful! Have a marvelous weekend, sweet friend.

  5. p.s. I just became your 70th follower! I love when I make things even ;) hahaha random I know, but I really do. I even eat my skittles and candies in twos :)

  6. oh man, a free massage has such amazing potential. makes for a good story though:-) maybe your husband can give you a real good one! xoxo

  7. Free massage sounds amazing! So sad it wasn't!! When you drink loooooooooots of water it will definitely help relieve the soreness. Especially since he worked your muscles over!
    Breakfast with the hubs sounds AMAZING!


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