Cats, cameras, & candlesticks

Two years ago I bought a Nikon D3000 for my trip to Scotland.  Just a basic, entry level DSLR. I was just so excited I could get crisper, clearer pictures than my point & shoot could ever give. For the past two years, auto has been good enough for me. However, lately I've been wanting to learn how to shoot in manual. It's about time I use my camera to its fullest potential before I think about new lenses or upgrading. This weekend I finally decided enough is enough. I'm going to start documenting more of my life with my camera instead of using my iPhone. I want real, quality pictures that I can keep and cherish and pass on. So I've been sloooooowly teaching myself how to shoot in manual. So if my pictures looks horrendous and all the white balance, exposure, iso stuff is all off (what is all that stuff anyway?!), I'm learning. Also, don't judge. I have no idea what I'm doing. K thanks. But expect to see more pictures! 

Disclaimer: You know those girls who get a fancy camera and then think they're professional photographers? That is not what I'm doing here.  I have zero skills and zero desire to be a photographer. I just want to be able to take good pictures for me and my family. Ok? Ok. Just had to get that out of the way. 

With all that said, here are some weekend snapshots. I spent a whole lot of time practicing with my camera.

Also, my kitty is the best model. Are you getting tired of seeing pictures of her yet?

Too bad.

Big green eyes!

My favorite weekend coffee mug.

Good morning, husband!

I've had an assortment of things lying around my apartment that I've been wanting to spray paint. My best friend Laura is a pro at all things spray paint and DIY, so she came over to help a sista out. We went to Lowes to snag some new colors and primer, and may or may not have pretended that we were painting a living room so we could pocket fistfuls of paint chips. Because heaven knows you can't be a successful DIYer without a secret stash of paint chips. Plus I want to be all trendy and make something fantastic with them. We'll see.

Here's Laura, sanding away at some wood she later painted yellow. She's making the coolest Pinterest project with it, featuring the lovely state of Ohio.

And here she is again, modeling some hideous 70's amber glass candlestick holders. So ugly, but such a great shape, right? I picked these babies up at a fun thrift shop downtown last fall with every intention of giving them a new life. And their day finally came.

And here are some more candlestick holders from Hobby Lobby. I've had them in my bathroom for a couple months, and they've been begging me for some color. Wish granted.

I also fixed up some picture frames, but I don't have any good pictures of those.

Hello. I'm not wearing any makeup. And I look like I just got off the boat from Ireland.

{several hours later}

Ta da! Aren't they awesome?! I'm in love. So cheery.

I now need to spray paint all the things.

Next up: big black filing cabinet. Coming to a blog post near you.

This weekend was good. Lots of errand-running and chores-doing (?). On Saturday night, I sat down on the big black couch with a plate of food, looked at James and said "I like our life." It's a big step for me. We may have jobs that make us miserable, but we have just enough money to pay the bills, stock the fridge with groceries, and get the oil changed and do some maintenance on our cars. We might have a tiny apartment, but it's cute and ours, includes a free gym and two pools, and is in one of our favorite parts of the city. Our social life may be a little lacking at the moment, but we have a God who loves us and takes care of us, my parents who live 45 minutes away, the sweetest kitty, and for the first time since high school, I'm finally back in the same city as my best friend. We really can't ask for more.

bits of splendor monday


  1. You pics look great! Looks like you also had a great weekend!


  2. I love those candle holders!

    I, too, bought a fancy camera, but I'm not even close to thinking I'm a professional. Honestly, I end up using my iPhone for the most part.

  3. Love the candle sticks! I actually have 2 of the one you painted green. They are put away for use during Christmas though.

    I've been wanting to get a better camera. One that can take decent pics of my daughter. I like you have no intention of being this amazing photographer, I just want nice pictures. I think you're pictures turned out beautifully.

    Happy Monday!

    P.S. Your kitty looks almost exactly like the one my parents had when I was born! I miss that cat even though it hated me for dressing it up in baby clothes.

  4. I love your shots, really really gooooooooooooooooood. and I dig what you did to the candlesticks!

  5. Cute candlesticks! ANDDDD... I think those photographs are actually really good. I, for one, never get sick of seeing pictures of adorable kitties.

  6. "Spray paint all the things" Ha! Love it! That's how I felt after the first time I bucked up and used spray paint. (I was scared of it for some unknown reason...)And your kitty is cute.

  7. I love your pics. Your kitty is such a good model.

  8. Great project! It's amazing how far a little paint will go, isn't it? Also, you look great without make-up! Lucky, pretty girl!

  9. wow, your husband looks amazingly chipper in the morning. Mine looks like he ate a side of grump with a second helping of bitchy resting face.

    but I still love him.


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