Friday's Letters

Dear gym,
It's not you, it's me. I'm sorry. I know I said I'd be there by 6:30 last night....and all the other nights before. But I've just been so busy. And then there are those allergies that had me in bed as soon as I got home from work. I've just had so much going on and I know I haven't been putting enough effort into our relationship. I promise I haven't been standing you up. I haven't been going to any other gyms. I can change, I'll prove it! Starting....next week.

Dear husband,
Can we just spend the weekend watching Parenthood? It's so addicting. However, I think you like it mostly because it seems to have cured my baby fever. I am now terrified of raising children.
Also, you're cute.

Dear work,
This is how I feel about you:

Please go away.

Dear Target,
Remember that time last week when I left without buying anything? Yeah, it was weird for me too. Uncomfortable...alarming, even. I came back on Wednesday and snagged those new makeup brushes to make up for it.
Prepare to see me again tonight. I've got a pocket full of birthday money and I'm raring to go.
Giddy up.

Your's truly,



  1. BWAHAHA I think the SAME THING when I leave Target empty handed. It feels awkward..and I want to apologize to Target or something! HA! :)


  2. Parenthood is my favorite show on TV. Obsessed with it. Although, it did the opposite for me in terms of wanting kids. ;)

    Have a good weekend, and have FUN at Target! I'm jealous!

    Meg ;)

  3. I love reading these every week! They're so funny. Also, I nominated you for a blog award! Go check it out: http://newlywedjourney.blogspot.com/2012/04/liebster-blog-award.html

  4. i love these letters! I also LOVE parenthood. it is one of my top shows! and i'm impressed you left target without anything! I love that store!

  5. CUTIE!!! hahaha about work..that pic, but you look beautiful!

    I heart Parenthood too, oh man. so.good. Oh man I think we all have that relationship with Target LOL

  6. After all that I've read about your work place, I love that picture even more!

  7. [laughing]
    i love your letter to target. i have one 15 minutes away and don't go there often at all but love the place.


    also, the letter to your husband? kinda the same thing i'd write to my fiance at this point in life. heheeh.

  8. so, how close is parenthood to what raising an actual kid is like? Can you still watch the show? I love your old posts :P


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