I've had so many ideas blowing through my brain that I want to write about, but once I sit down to write them out, I can't seem to make sense of the words. Know what I mean? But I have to write something. Because if I go too many days without writing, I feel like I'm going to burst at the seams.

I haven't gone to any fabulous parties or blogger meet ups. I don't have colored skinny jeans to show all of you. I haven't made any delicious new recipes in awhile. I've been living a pretty simple life these days. And I like it that way.

So while I can't tell you about all that, I can tell you about all this:

I came home from the gym last night to find my husband making turkey tacos in the kitchen. And they were amazing. It's 9:14 in the morning and I want one right now.

I should not love the Real Housewives of New Jersey as much as I do. I just can't look away! And Teresa! She's just plan lost her marbles. And her husband makes me gag.

I've got the grad school itch again. But it's expensive. And I don't want student loans. But I want to learn so much more. But it would get me out of this job. And I could teach composition. And I want to become a better writer. But I would have to take the GRE...I have awesome grades but bomb standardized tests every single time. And I can't afford tuition. But I wanna go. But but but. And and and. I've been arguing with myself for days. Ugh.

God has been teaching me so much about His grace and mercy. Who am I to demand anything? Who am I to feel entitled to anything?! The fact that I'm living, breathing, making enough money to pay the bills, and my loved ones are still living is more than enough proof that we are all dripping in grace and mercy. We don't deserve anything of this. We don't deserve anything! It's all by His grace. We are just His tools to bring the glory back to Him. It's not about us or what we want. It's about Him. Yes, I realize this applies to the whole grad school thing. Shush.

I need more coffee.

There are too many books I'm dying to read and not enough time to read them. This stresses me out.

I introduced James to Downton Abbey this weekend. I think he likes it. This is good news, because I need every excuse I can get to drown myself in British accents.

And now, some pictures of my cat.

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Back to your regularly scheduled programming.


  1. I actually quite appreciated this post. Because I feel the same way (although I did buy some colored capris I need to make a post on ;) ). I haven't been doing super exciting things lately, and I'm perfectly okay with that. Simple life is a necessity at times, most certainly. Turkey tacos, huh? You might just have to share that recipe! Have a marvelous day,darling. Live it well.

  2. Second paragraph of this is my favorite. ever.

    I wear skinny jeans, but no fancy colors. I haven't been to any blogger meet ups because I'm usually hungover on the weekend. So I should probably delete my blog.

    Juicy Joe is so gross...SO gross.

  3. Those turkey tacos must've been great if you're craving them in the morning! I have those days too where I don't necessarily have anything to write about but I have to write SOMETHING! I completely understand and the post you've just written are usually the types that I love to read best :)

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  4. Thanks for the reminder that everything from God is a gift. I forget that and get a little demanding at times. Maybe grad school will be a gift in the future for you :) One thing I have learned is that if it's His will He will make it happen.

  5. so, i can relate to JUST about every part of your random post. grad school, simple living, learning more about grace, wanting to read more, downton abbey, moremoremore coffee. and i love it.

    but not real housewives. but i think growing up in jersey makes me never want to watch it. ever. haha.

  6. Your kitty is adorable! I struggle with the idea of going back to school versus not wanting the bills sometimes too.

    And hey, there's nothing wrong with having a breakfast taco. :]

  7. Have you thought about taking a GA position? Sometimes they pay enough to cover tuition and some of your living expenses. I had to bite the bullet and take out student loans, I feel pretty stunted in my growth right now, and I needed to fix that. It was a hard call to make.

  8. :) I needed that reminder of grace.

    And as for school- could you get even the smallest Pell Grant?

  9. how sweet of your hubby!
    I thought I was going to jump through the TV and strangle her AND wash gias mouth out with soap.
    Gods Grace. AMEN.

    happy tuesday!

  10. It's funny because sometimes you write what I've been thinking about! Love your cats and Downton Abbey! your guy is too sweet. Lucky gal!!

  11. I love this! I feel the same way when I sit down to write sometimes!
    BUT... hopefully you will have a 'cool blogger meet up' to write about in
    the near future!! (:

    Happy Thursday!!

  12. It's like you have been living my life!

  13. how sweet that you walked in on him making those tacos ;)

    and grad school eh? I don't even know what you do for a living!

    And I agree...we act so entitled don't we? Like spoiled children before our God. I loved your last little paragraph, we are so similar in loving our Jesus!

  14. Oh, girrrrl. Most of my clothes are hand-me-downs. Ha! And then I hang on to clothes for 10+ years. It always works for me! :-) Plus, where are these bloggers making the money to buy all of that stuff?! I don't plan to financially ruin my husband and myself, so... it makes more sense for my to post about life, stories, things that inspire me, and parenting (like I know anything about it!).

    And grad school? Don't even get my started! I also bomb standardized tests but always had excellent grades. I want to go back to school, but I have all the same internal debating!


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