Monday Miscellany

1. So I had this whole post written in my head (does anyone else do that?) about my hatred of social media, why I will never get on Twitter, and why I deleted Facebook. I've had several bloggers urge me over the past few weeks to get on Twitter. Nope. Wasn't going to happen. Then before I knew it, it was Friday night and I was staring at the Twitter account I had just created.

I earnestly tried to figure out how to delete this temporary moment of insanity, when all of a sudden, something happened.

I was tweeted.

I was like, whoa. This is kinda cool! It's like PUBLIC TEXTING! And then, within ten minutes, a couple people started following me. People commented on my blog. People started following my blog. And while I still have, um, no idea what I'm doing, I don't hate it.

In fact, you could say I'm twitterpaited with twitter (har, har). And that's the dramatic saga of how this social media hater fell into the loving arms of twitter. (but not facebook! I'm done with that)

So, follow me, if you'd like? And don't make fun of me when I do something stupid.

@shelldbell ....now get to it!

P.S. Thank you Lindsay for the encouragement :)

2.  You'll notice that my blog no longer looks like a 2nd grader designed it. It's not perfect, but it's looking much better! I'm trying to simplify it as much as possible. And I'm sure there will be many more tweaks. So don't get too comfortable! Also because I have no idea what I'm doing and everything is trial and error.

Also, I finally added an "about me" page. About time, right? Go check it out if you so desire. Which you do.

3. So I've been living without a headboard on my bed since high school. My life just hasn't quite felt complete since (kidding, but only sort of). So James and I made a last minute decision to make the 2 hour trek to Ikea on Saturday in search of a new bed frame/headboard and nightstands.

Oh, have I mentioned we also don't have nightstands? Because we don't. On one side of the bed we've been using a lime green plastic rolly cart thing with drawers that hails from my dorm days, and a little black plastic side table on the other side. It is shameful. And I twitch whenever I look at them. So we finally decided enough is enough.

So we set out Saturday afternoon, happy as clams.

About 45 minutes into the drive, things started looking like this:

Not horrible. But the rain was gradually getting worse, to the point where most people had to pull over because you couldn't see a foot in front of the car.

I checked the weather to see this, and started questioning our decision to drive to Cincinnati.

Shortly after, things like this started swirling above the car.

At which point I looked at James and said, "Today, we shall surely die."

It thundered and lightninged (?) directly over our car, but then left us with pretty clouds.

While watching the news yesterday, we saw that we were actually quite close to some killer tornadoes that went by. Thank you, thank you Jesus for your protection.

Enough about my tornado woes. After our gps took us through the straight up ghetto, we finally got to Ikea. Which is good, because I was strongly starting to suspect that a serial killer had rigged our gps to lead us to our final resting place.

We found what we were looking for almost immediately. It was the perfect bed. White and charming and cute and reminded me of wainscoting (weird? yes). And can I just say for a moment that Ikea is overwhelming? We had no idea what we were doing, and the people! They're everywhere! And have some attitudes like no other (though 2 hours later I understood why, as I nearly cussed everyone out).

After stocking up on picture frames and a lantern(!) we made our way to the self service area to find the boxes for our bed and nightstands. We meticulously made sure we had the right boxes, right bed, all that jazz. We waited in line forever to check out when the cashier informed us that one of the boxes was for a different bed. So we trudged back, and noticed that all the boxes for two different beds had been mixed up. So we made sure we had the right ones this time and went back. We waited forever. The cashier confirmed that everything was correct, and we left to load the car in the pouring rain. We left exhausted, frustrated, but happy we got what we wanted.

Leaving with our goods. We barely fit it all in the car!

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. James was putting the bed together in record time, when all of a sudden I hear "Michelle, you need to come look at this."

Uh oh.

Turns out, they gave us some wrong pieces. Basically we needed a right and left piece, and they gave us two rights. James tried his darndest to jimmy rig it, but there was really no way to do it without completely reconstructing the whole piece of wood, and that wasn't quite possible. And neither was driving 4 hours roundtrip back to the store.

So James called them and explained with me yelling bits of information in the background (I'm a lovely person). They're supposed to be shipping the correct parts, however, I'm a little terrified that they'll mess it up again. And I'm a little frustrated that we have to wait another week for our bed. Thankfully, customer service was very nice and did everything they could to help. I just really hope we get the right parts. I need my cute little white bed with the wainscoting. And while moving the bed, a piece of wood fell and put a small gash into my new nightstand. I realize this is not Ikea's fault, but at the moment I would like to blame it on them.

Oh and about those nightstands. I love them! I think I'm going to paint them yellow or green or grey or something this summer. I can't wait.

So now we have a partly disassembled bed in our hallway, which my cat happens to be terrified of. She won't walk past it, but rather meows loudly at us in obvious disgust and fear. I tried to pick her up and walk her past it, but she clung to me and scream-meowed.

So, Ikea, see what you've done? You've left us headboardless another week (#firstworldproblems) and have now traumatized my cat. For life.

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  1. eek! those storms look terrifying!
    boo to ikea!
    haha and i enjoy the twitter part. although i will continue to refuse to open a twitter account, it sounds (kind of) cool! :)

  2. I was wondering if that crazy tornado weather was gonna hit you! I thought of you while we were huddled up in our basement while the sirens went off till midnight. Glad you didn't get the worst of it!

    Make sure you post a picture of your bed when it's all set up! I'd love to see it. I wish we had an Ikea closer! I think we'd be broke though.

    Happy Monday!

  3. Oh how I adore this post!
    I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea and I too always manage to get something messed up or have an anxiety attack when trying to put together that stuff! But it always looks good when its done!!

    xxx Jessica

  4. That's quite the IKEA adventure! We just got an IKEA about 2 hours away from our place a few months ago. We both used to work at a furniture store, so we haven't had the need to go yet, but I expect it to be the most overwhelming shopping day of my life when it finally happens.

    Happy Monday!

  5. Ohhh, I just got so frustrated for you hearing about making it through the crowds, and waiting in line, and picking the wrong box and then getting the wrong pieces!!! I'm totally cranky now.

  6. I don't have a Twitter account. I've been debating... We had an Ikea adventure this weekend too! I finally got the desk I've been wanting and to make it even more exciting I got drawers too! Yay for the small things. I love the simplicity of your new header... Did I cover everything? I think so. Have a great Monday!

  7. welcome to Twitter :) it's one of my favorite things in the world! hope you enjoy it!

    my husband & I don't have a head board... or anything for that matter! we really love our mattress on the floor. we both had that in high school & through college & when we got married much to the distress of both of our mothers, we continued on without a bed frame :)

    sounds like a fun weekend!

  8. Love the blog look, love that you Tweet, and you're hilarious. :)

    So funny- I happen to be getting a headboard (for free!) after not having one for a million years, too. I'm so excited, and can't wait to feel like a grown up.

  9. I also do not have a headboard. Or nightstands. I feel like I'm failing the class of being grown every time I walk into my room! I'm going to try my hand at a DIY headboard. I live an adventurous life! I hope you share pictures of you new bed when all the correct pieces have arrived!!!!

  10. was this your first time to Ikea?!?!? Let's see the lantern and nightstands!!

  11. Glad you are safe PTL!!! I heard about a lot of warnings this past weekend...

    Oh boy so Twitter, how do people find you or see you? I am clueless on Twitter and say I'll never do it either...but maybe it's OK. Glad you are taking a liking to it!

  12. so, i love the new look of the blog! as for twitter--i am so confused by it. i want to like it. i feel like i should like it. but i just can't get it. i'm following you, though! haha.

    glad you are safe! <3

  13. Hahaha, I love how you got "trapped" into Twitter. I was pretty against it, too...but then everyone kept telling me to try it. And I did...and then I was hooked!

  14. 1. I love Twitter. I shall now stalk you on there.
    2. I don't have nightstands either. The ones that came with my bedroom set were $300 a piece. No freakin way. Luckily, I have a king size bed and just throw my crap on the other side.
    3. I'm gonna check out your about me page :)

  15. I just came across your blog and found my way to this post. I chuckled more than once because, well...sounded like myself. Haha!!! I'm your newest follower!! Hope you are having a great weekend!!!


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