Tornado Ramblings

Remember this day, only two short weeks ago? Well, mother nature didn't feel like she had given me enough of a scare, apparently.

Let's talk about Friday evening.

I had gotten home from work. And I was cleaning the bathroom (I party hard on the weekends!). And I heard thunder rumbling in the distance. No big deal. The sky was turning dark, the wind was picking up. I checked the weather on my phone, only a storm warning, no tornado watch/warning. Deep breath. I went back to scrubbing the floors and cleaning up kitty litter.

I was singing along to Andrew Bird, super proud of myself for not wetting my pants at the sight of lightning. And then my phone rang. James was about to get off work and said he spotted a funnel cloud out the window. I said no way, there's not even a watch! The weather isn't that bad, is it?

And then he texted me this picture:

And I said, surely, there cannot be another tornado so soon? No. It must be an optical illusion. This cannot be happening again so close by! To which James responded that the cloud was rotating and most definitely was about to touch the ground.

And I ran to the window, and saw this directly above our apartment building. Those clouds? They were rotating and moving and churning and were about to birth tornadoes. So I freaked and begged and pleaded with James to be careful but to get home quickly because I need someone to hold onto righthisminute.

And I returned to scrubbing the floors and shaking the whole time.

James got home. The tornado sirens went off for an hour. We turned the news on, which confirmed that yes, there were indeed several tornadoes out and about. And they showed the same picture of the cloud that James texted me. It was indeed a tornado that touched down several miles from us. Two tornadoes in March? What does that mean for the summer?! Tornadoes aren't uncommon for Ohio, but we don't really see them here in the city.

Plus, when I was kid, I had a debilitating fear of storms. No joke. Mostly because we were in Nevada and storms usually meant wildfires. Including one that nearly burned our house down. Another story for another day. But I would get so scared I wouldn't even be able to breathe. I would sob and shake and had to be near my parents until the sun came out again. I literally panicked every time I heard thunder. I didn't grow out of it until high school. And I finally got to the point where I started to enjoy storms. Ha, just kidding! I've completely regressed. I think it's time to move back to earthquake country.

I say all of that to say this: you know those paranoid people who had bomb shelters and food to last for years during the threat of a nuclear bombs (think: Blast from the Past)? Yeah, that's going to be me. Except with a tornado shelter. That's where you'll find me this summer. I'm going to dig a hole somewhere and throw myself in there with some food.

See you after the first snowfall.


  1. I feel ya! So scary! The weather people are saying to expect lots of tornadoes this year (even us on the east coast). I am NOT looking forward to anymore, that's for sure. Agh. Hopefully you got your share for a looooong while!

  2. Yikes! That is crazy. This has been such a weird several months with the weather.

  3. Holy moly! Again? Sorry, girl! I'd be terrified too!

    Mama nature, what gives?

  4. 1. I love how this girl party has connected people.

    2. I am dating a guy that's at OSU, he mentioned that the tornado sirens went off but never said anything about one touching down! Excited to read the blog of someone so close to home {2hours}, not a billion miles away.

    3. Completely jealous that you got to meet Ree.

    4. I never knew anyone else that uses the word euphoric.


  5. So, I just stumbled across your blog tonight.
    I am so happy that I did.
    This post had me scared for you because I know how frightening tornados can be.
    By the end of your post, I just couldn't help but laugh. :)
    I don't blame you one bit for hibernating until the first snowfall.
    Enjoy your week! I hope it is getting better!!
    much love, colie.


  6. oh man, honey, that's crazy!! I absolutely hate being under tornado warnings... we were under one until 10 last last night & I could barely breath. so glad you came out safely.

  7. (or is it watch? i need to get those two straight! eek.)


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