Adulthood bites the big one

About a week and a half ago, James looked at me in the middle of a veterinary examination room and said

"Your eye is really red. Like not normal red."

And then I thought hmmm. Is that why I've been nearly scratching my eyeball to blindness?

And then I bought some Visine and didn't worry about it for a few days. Until my coworkers started asking me questions like have you been crying? Are you sick? But really I know that all along they were wondering if I'd been getting all hopped up on some mary jane before work and where I could get them some.
I wasn't too concerned about my eyes. Aside from one minor meltdown when I thought I had pink eye, I shrugged it off as allergies. Burning, itchy, red eyes mean allergies, right?

But then it started getting worse. My eyeballs felt like rings of fire peppered with mosquito bites. It was lovely. So yesterday afternoon I did the big girl thing; I buckled down and went to the doctor.

Turns out I have an eye infection. Ick. How does one even get an eye infection?

So my zombie eyes and I left the doctor in search of the pharmacy. 

I handed the nice young man my insurance card and prescription. Aw! Look at me being all grown up! I thought to myself. Don't even try to stop me now! I've got adulthood conquered! 

{sidebar: Don't laugh at me! I'm rarely sick and never go to the pharmacy. And yes, the definition of adulthood is using your own insurance for your own prescription}

And the nice young man looked at me, apologized profusely, and said umm, just a warning. Your copay is reeeaaallllyyyy high. And we don't have a generic to offer you.

See this teensy tiny little bottle of eye drops half the size of my pinky? How much would you think it is?

Well, I'll tell you.


Let me spell that out for you to assure you that you did in fact read that correctly. 

One hundred and twenty seven dollars and sixty four cents. 

And that's WITH insurance!

That's almost seven date nights at our favorite Mexican restaurant! That's 8 or 9 cute pairs of sandals from Target! THAT'S 127 64/100 SMALL FROSTIES FROM WENDY'S! 

I took a deep breath and walked my zombie eyes to the waiting area and texted James, apologizing for my very expensive eye infection that masqueraded itself as allergies. 

And I calmed myself while watching the lady with a dog try to tell everyone about giving herself vitamin B shots, except I kept getting hung up on the fact that she had a DOG in CVS.

And then I sniffed back a tear as I slipped my debit card through the machine and signed the wrong spot on a piece of paper that apparently signified that I had questions for the pharmacist? And when I explained that I read it wrong and don't have any questions, she had me initial it to show it was a mistake. And because I hadn't embarrassed myself enough, I went ahead and initialed the wrong spot.

I blame my zombie eyes. 

And then I hung my head in shame and sprinted for the door, assuring myself I would never ever set foot in a pharmacy again. 

I drowned my sorrows in a dramatic text to my mom on the evils of medicine and being grown up and responsible for all this stuff now. To which she replied welcome to adulthood. Stinks, huh?

Um, yes. At least at the moment.

Since contacts are currently banned, you can call me four eyes for the next seven days. So if you're around, I'll be the one with the blingin' purple glasses and recovering zombie eyes.

Aren't you glad I wrote a post all about my infected eye problems?


Me too. 

Carry on.


  1. Oh that's complete crap. Did you ever find out why the vitamin B shot lady had her dog in CVS?

  2. No generic. Your doctor should have given you a head's up! I don't blame you for thinking of everything you won't be buying with that $127. I'm a four eyes everyday. It isn't too bad. Feel better!

  3. That totally sucks. I have hives that like to pop up on my eyeballs. When I get them, I'm supposed to use drops that cost something ridiculous like $150. So guess who just puts on their glasses and blinks a lot for several days? This girl. I hope you feel better soon!

  4. OH BOY.

    OH BOY.

    I feel your pain.

    Really, I FEEL IT.

    #1 because my eyes have been red for approximately a year. Yes, you read that correctly. A year. People think I'm high 24/7/365. I just let them think that.

    #2 because I had to get special eye drops that last less than 2 weeks. So, one drop in each eye, once a day, and the bottle lasts two weeks.

    #3 AND I PAID $110 FOR THEM. With insurance. Like a big girl. Like you.

    My contacts are banned, but I still wear them from time to time #rebel

    PS: I was buzzed when I picked up my eye drops for the first time. There were f bombs, and I threatened to cut the doctor's balls off.

    I'm tweeting you a picture of my drops.

    You got me worked up haha :)

  5. That totally stinks! I have a friend who gets eye infections all the time, but I don't think she's ever had to spend that much!

    A couple of years ago when we didn't have insurance I had to spend quite a bit for the birth control I was on. Well then when we finally did get insurance it ended up costing more with than without! Go figure that one out!

    I very much think health insurance is quite a scam. It just drives up the cost of healthcare.

    Hope your eyes start feeling better!

  6. I love how you write. You made this severely entertaining. Sorry, I feel bad for being so entertained by your eye infection :P I hope you're getting better now! I'm not super excited about paying for insurance and all those adult type things. I've considered grad school to put it off longer, but I don't think the costs counterbalance ;). I'll have to suck it up and face the music soon!

  7. Oddly, I love an excuse to wear my glasses, so I usually wear them when I feel tired. Like you, I hate getting asked if I'm sick or if I was crying. But I do love my glasses!

    I still can't believe the price of those drops. This healthcare system is a joke. I'm moving to Canada or Europe.

    Get well soon, zombie eye have-er!

  8. oh yikes! Sorry friend! If I could send you a frosty to make up for at least 1/127th, I would. :)

  9. oh man, that sounds awful. i should probably feel sorry that i laughed. but you're too cute. :)

    you & your zombie eyes get better soon, k? ♥

  10. Oh my goodness! How horrible! I can't believe a tiny bottle cost that much. It must be made with a bit of gold...


  11. That's RIDICULOUS! Reminds me of when I thought I had strep throat in February and it was a Saturday and I needed antibiotics STAT, just in case, so I could work on Monday, so I went to the ER so I could get them since my Dr was closed. The Dr at the ER saw me for literally 2 minutes, peered down my throat without even touching me or using a light, and handed me a prescription for antibiotics. No tests. No nothing. Two minutes. Want to know how much two minutes cost?

    $512.07. I am still appalled. It still isn't paid. I'm still beside myself. I hate everything about the medical system. No good, rotten son of a b's!

  12. Hilarious! You always crack me up. BTW you look great in glasses ;)

  13. that stinks about the eye infection! and why in the world was it so expensive???
    oh a positive note i love the cute and clean layout of your blog! just found it from follow friday and its adorable :)

    your newest follower,

    ps. visit me at lavitaebella-elisabeth.blogspot.com

  14. Oh my gosh.... so awful about your eye infection! SO SORRY! And I totally understand... I thought I was a big girl showing up to my first doctors appointment with my insurance card. I was expecting to pay only $20 bucks... oh nooooooooo. $180 EVERY TIME I have a doctors appointment. Which is ok for now I guess, I only go once a month. But then it turns into twice a month, then every single week. Awesome- NOT! Insurance bites.

  15. Your glasses look great, though. But I can't pretend I'd be too pleased about A- itchy eye or B- 127 freaking dollars! Wow.

  16. Found your blog from #FF - how awful!! I have had an eye infection before and the eyedrops are SO expensive.. I also try to avoid going to the doctor about these things but my mother always reminds me that I only have two eyes and then I try and be an adult.. sigh

  17. Hi! Just found your blog via FF on Hollie's blog :) I hope your eye starts feeling better soon - that sounds so painful! xoxo, Eliza

  18. Aww what a bummer!!! I hope for that much money they work really fast!

  19. AHHH. Eye infections are the absolute worst! I've had a few and they are never fun.
    I'm totally with you on that kind of thing being "adult-like"...I've been babied my whole life so doing anything on my own is a huge feat for me haha!

    Hope you're feeling better, sweet girl!

  20. that better be the best ever eye medicine!!! you should be cured immediately!

    oh man that sucks. I don't ever use my pharmacy card either, because I'm never sick & now you've got me all freaked out! thanks a lot... (jk)

    hope you get better :)

  21. STORY. OF. MY. LIFE.

    Last year, I somehow ended up with an ulcer on my cornea. I'll let that one sink in. WHO HAS AN ULCER ANYWHERE, NOT TO MENTION ON THEIR EYE? Anyway, it was the worst and I had to wear my glasses for about six or seven weeks while I gave myself eye drops every four hours. I ended up with a scar on my eyeball (wtf) and an irrational fear of any kind of eye pain fearing that it had returned. UGH, EYES.


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