A haiku state of mind

Sometimes I just need
To write in haiku form and
count my syllables.

I have a bug bite.
The scratching! When will it end?
Too much time outside.

Schmoozed the CEO
Wanted work to close early.
I've been home since noon!

To all coworkers:
You are so very welcome
Also, you owe me.

Planned on working out.
But caught up on Bravo shows.
Now I feel smarter.

New ice cream last night.
Juniper & lemon curd.
I need some more stat.

I'm high on coffee.
And jamming to The Black Keys.
It's Friday done right.

I took off my bra.
The UPS man showed up.
This always happens.

I want to paint things.
I have the perfect vases.
Green, blue, or yellow?

"You've been on my miiiind!"
That's me singing to Adele.
Thanks, iTunes shuffle.

3 days of no work!
3 days: the new summer break.
Sometimes I miss school.

It's 90 degrees.
Is this really Ohio?
Please pass the ice cream.

I think I'll go run.
Or I'll eat too much ice cream.
Have a good weekend :)


  1. i love this! i was going to pick out my favorite haiku, but there are too many.

    oh, & i vote for yellow vases. you can't go wrong with yellow.

  2. You are so clever!
    Capturing life in a poem.
    You make me happy!


  3. I MISSED YOU over the last ten days, friend!

    And I love your poem. You clever woman, you!

  4. The weather has been absolutely crazy here in Ohio. Hang in there, and great post!

  5. That is super super fun Michelle, I LOVE it!!!

  6. I LOVE this!! You're a poet and you didn't even know it... who needs to rhyme? ;)

    xo Shane


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