This post doesn't make a lot of sense

At my job I'm usually so swamped with work I can't see straight, or I have nothing to do and stare at the wall for 8 hours. Both are mildly to severely annoying, depending on my mood. Typically, I rot away with boredom.

Today, I have so much to do I want to vomit. And because this place seems to have no appreciation for procedures and guidelines, I am clueless as to how to get most of it done, and everyone I ask seems to also have no idea. Plus, I have a two hour meeting I have to sit in on soon. I don't even know what it's about. I also don't care. Also, there is a lady downstairs with a deodorant stain in the middle of her back. I just thought you should know.

Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary, hence the wedding week posts from last week. We spent Saturday and Sunday morning in Cleveland to see Jim Gaffigan. He was so funny. My face muscles were literally burning from laughing so hard. We had planned on going out to eat somewhere nice after the show, but all the restaurants were overflowing and loud, so we ordered room service pizza and watched murder mystery shows instead. So much better.

I don't have any pretty pictures to show you. I brought my camera with every intention of documenting the weekend, but things happened and pictures were not taken. Sorry.

But our trip reminded me how beautiful Ohio is. Poor Ohio, it gets such a bad rap. But I love it. We drove through rolling hills spotted with red barns. We passed an Amish farmer plowing his fields. There were countless signs for Grandpa's Cheesebarn. I tried to get James to stop and buy me cheese, but he didn't. And it's so crazy how you can be in the middle of Amish Country one minute and in the hustle and bustle between skyscrapers an hour later.

On Sunday, we drove the two and half hours back to Columbus and met my parents in the arts district for Mother's Day. We walked around in the rainy drizzle and in and out of antique shops. We had lunch at one of our favorite places to find that that particular location does not serve sweet potato fries. I had to eat a salad. Gross. I'm still devastated. So devastated that I came home and immediately took a three and a half hour nap. This from the girl who can't nap to save her life.

Since yesterday was our actual anniversary, we took the day off work. I haven't had a day off since around Thanksgiving, so it was much needed. We slept in and went out to breakfast. I did our two week overdue pile of laundry, lit a vanilla lemon candle, and watched Mad Men all day long. And that's how we do anniversaries around here.

Also, my mom got me the sweetest anniversary present! Blue mason jars she found in an antique shop. One is dated back to 1908! My mom has several of these at home, and I've always wanted some. I'm obsessed. They're begging for some hydrangeas, right?

And that is currently my life. Riveting, no?

Hopefully tomorrow I will have part 1 of our honeymoon story ready. It's pretty epic.

Now, on to a meeting. Gag me with a spoon.


  1. My work day was fine, albeit slow. But then I had a killer headache around 4pm. And it didn't go away! We are also low-key celebraters, so our anniversary was spent eating homemade pizza on the couch watching Harry Potter and Smash together. :-) As hard and frustrating as the last year has been, we both agreed that we have so much fun together WITHOUT having to plan dates. Running errands on the weekend together is like a date. We laugh, we go out to lunch if we want to, we play with the kitties, and we just have fun.

    Cheers to low-key anniversaries!

    Boo to your work place. ;-)

  2. Mad Men! I'm still on season one. Christian Grey was taking up my time, but now I'm done with him, so it's time to hang out with Don Draper again.

    Love those jars. Love.

  3. Mad Men and mason jars. Gosh, our similarities are eerie sometimes. :)

    And Jim Gaffigan is hilarious!

  4. I'm usually bored at work too. That's how I started blogging and why I'm commenting right now!! Your anniversary weekend sounds great!! We ordered in food and watched the NCAA tournament in our jammies because we got married in march. Small celebrations are the best kind. I can wait for the honeymoon story!

  5. Just found your blog through Hart to Heart! I love Blue Mason jars. And you are so right, Ohio definitely does get a bad rap but it is absolutely beautiful in places! I love driving through Amish Country.


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