Wedding Week: Engaged!

The purpose of these wedding week posts is not to be braggy or anything like that. We had some tough obstacles and unique situations to deal with in our wedding planning. I want to write the whole story out so I can look back on it years from now and remember the details. Plus, I thought it would be a good way to celebrate our first year of marriage, which happens to be one week from today! :) Be prepared for some lengthy posts and lots of pictures!

I've always loved the story of how my parents met and fell in love. It's like a movie. They grew up 20 minutes away from each other and went to rival high schools. My dad was an all star athlete, and my mom was the yearbook photographer. She photographed games my dad was surely playing in. They didn't meet until several years into college, where they sat near each other in a math class. They dated for awhile and my dad proposed to my mom on the dock of a California beach. Ever since I was a little girl, I've thought it was the most romantic thing I'd ever heard! Since then, I always wanted to get engaged on a beach. I never told James this while we were dating. It was just one of those things I always hoped for, but I doubted it would actually happen. 

In May of 2010 I had just finished my junior year of college and started a summer job at a Rheumatology clinic. After all the stress of finals and job hunting, I was desperate for a getaway. After work on a Friday evening, James and I spontaneously drove 2 1/2 hours to Wilmington, North Carolina. It's our favorite city in North Carolina, and about 45 minutes from Myrtle Beach. Super eclectic,  lots of fun places to go, and the best beaches. I'm such a fan of Wrightsville Beach. It's your quintessential East Coast beach. Brightly painted beach cottages, adirondack chairs, beach cruiser bikes, lush palm trees, sea grass. It's perfect. 

Anyway, we drove around Wilmington without any plans. We found an italian restaurant where we had a pretty terrible dinner. We left the restaurant pretty late. It was dark and chilly outside, and I had my navy cardigan wrapped tightly around my pink dress. James suggested we drive to Wrightsville Beach. This beach girl was not about to say no.

We walked around in the sand and later stood out on the dock. It was pitch black outside and very windy. We could hear the crashing waves but couldn't see them in the dark, completely eerie but fun. We stood there in silence until I turned around to see James on one knee and the slight twinkle of a diamond under the moonlight. After putting the ring on, I remember running to the lighted parking lot so I could it in all its shiny glory. 

According to James, he had no intention of proposing to me that night. He had the ring already and was planning on proposing in the next few weeks. He said he just made a spur of the moment decision, tossed aside his plans of a more elaborate proposal and just did it right there. I love that. It was perfect!

I spent that summer getting as much wedding planning done as possible before my senior year started. It was quite a rollercoaster, but I'll touch on that later. The day after we got engaged, we set a date of May 14, 2011. One year to the day of our engagement.

We got our engagement pictures taken that fall in Washington, North Carolina. It's cute, historic little town that sits right on the water. We wanted our pictures taken on the beach, but it just wasn't happening with our schedules. One of our friends happens to be a professional photographer, and there was no way we could use anyone else. She did our engagement pictures and our wedding pictures. In a few days, you'll hear how she literally saved our reception. She was incredible, and I recommend her to ANYONE in North Carolina who's getting married. We had so much fun getting our pictures taken. She made us laugh till we cried.

Disclaimer: My bangs are obnoxious in most of these pictures. And the ends of my hair? I don't know what's happening.  I blame North Carolina. And by North Carolina I mean the humidity. The two are basically one and the same. 

All pictures via Ginny Corbett Photography


  1. I love your hair disclaimer. Me and humidity are not friends, at all.

    I also love your proposal story :)

    Last night my boyfriend asked me to marry him. I said no, turned over, and went to sleep.


  2. Beautiful pictures! Love how he proposed! My husband did it spur of the moment too.

  3. how sweet! I wish we could get married on the beach but living in Ohio and both of us having big families there is so no way! Love your engagement pictures!!!

  4. A. I cant wait to read more
    B. BEAUTIFUL pictures
    C. sweet sweet sotry!!


  5. I just love this idea of sharing your love story. I too was going to do that, because our anniversary is the 16th. But I didn't think I'd have time so I gave up the idea. Maybe next year. I can't wait to hear more!

    Oh and the pictures are beautiful!

  6. Great pictures. No disclaimer necessary. You look beautiful. My husband and I got married exactly one year after our engament too! We got engaged on a thursday and the next year was leap year and the day leapt to a Saturday. I enjoyed reading your engagement story.

  7. Michelle, I love this! LOVE THIS! And those pictures are precious. But you know what I thought? "Oh! Now I can see exactly how tall she is!" HAHAHA!

    True story: My husband and I never got engaged. :-)

  8. So, I thought it so funny that you had just left me a comment on my post while I was reading your post.
    Because I was literally thinking, "Michelle is so cute with her red hair". ;)
    Thanks for the sweet comment on my post. It truly made me smile.

    On another note, I love how your parents met and fell in love. So sweet.
    & your engagement photos are wonderful! Srsly.

    Ok, I think thats it! :)

  9. you guys are the cutest!! somehow I missed this post...

  10. um, these are super cute! your hair is BEAUTIFUL! I don't see any frizzy!

  11. Aww, those are really pretty photos!! :) And Wilmington, NC, eh? Hahaha... small world, small world!


  12. I have never read this before apparently.

    You guys are adorable. I might cry (not my fault).


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