Wedding Week: a perfect ceremony & things that made me scream

You guys, this is long. Really long. And it's your first little glimpse into chaos. Consider this just a taste of the horrors to come.

But first!
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Planning chaos and why we should've eloped here.

I couldn't sleep the night before my wedding. I was up half the night packing for the honeymoon and giddy like a little kid on Christmas Eve. I woke up at the crack of dawn to shower and eat breakfast. It almost felt like a relatively normal morning, minus the slumber party of bridesmaids in the living room. Even though the ceremony was set for 4:00, we were at the church at 9am to ensure enough time for makeup, hair for all the girls, and pre wedding pictures at the country club.

Can I have a braggy moment? Just one? You all know Kate from The Small Things Blog, right? She's the girl with the awesome hair tutorials all over Pinterest.

Well, before she became blog famous, she used to do my hair while we were both in college. I even had a class with her husband! Anyway, she did my hair and my bridesmaids' hair for the wedding. She really is the best hair stylist in all of the South. I begged and pleaded with her to come, and she did. And she did such a good job.

So we spent most of the morning getting our hair and makeup done. Kate was just about to start curling my hair when the wedding coordinator told me my flowers and bouquets had been delivered.

hold that thought

I'm going to pause for a moment to remind you when our caterer at the country club was fired. Remember that? Well, they did hire a new caterer. We sat down with her in January and went over wedding plans and all that jazz. She was extremely nice, told us she had all her own decorations, and heck! She'll even help us find a DJ and order whatever flowers we choose. She has connections, you see. At this point, I was so frazzled with wedding plans and school that I nearly burst into tears with relief. I didn't know where to begin with either of those things. I wanted my flowers to be simple. I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted a bouquet of purpley/blue hydrangeas. THAT'S IT. I watched her write it down. Easy, right? No other flowers. Only hydrangeas. And I wanted the stems to be wrapped in either a white or purple ribbon. No dangling ribbons. Just ribbons wrapped around the stems. For the bridesmaids I said I wanted ONLY white hydrangeas. Wrapped stems, once again. ONLY HYDRANGEAS. White. To contrast their purple dresses, and purple to pop with my white dress. She wrote all these things down. We confirmed said flower choices through emails and on the phone.

Remember how my parents took me to the Outerbanks for a day? While we were there, we got a call from the caterer. What color flowers for the bridesmaids? Wait..only hydrangeas? Oh, ok. Umm...we went over this 4 months ago?! You told us in March that you already ordered the flowers?!? My parents voiced their concern at the fact that the wedding was four days away and she's acting like this is the first time we've discussed flowers. We were a little skeptical and more than anxious, but what choice did we have than to just trust that she'll work it out? Especially since we had given her a strict budget that she had gone hundreds of dollars over when ordering the flowers. Yes. This is just a drop in the bucket of what's to come.

and we're back

So I ran into the sanctuary to check out the flowers. The flowers for the church looked pretty good. I was satisfied, though they forgot the blue hydrangeas and only used purple and white. Not a big deal. And what's with the fern stuff? I said I didn't want that. But it's not a big deal. Still pretty.

Then, I opened the box that held my bouquet. No, this is not right! It's wrong! Is this for a different wedding??! THIS IS NOT WHAT I ASKED FOR!

Instead of pretty purpley/blue hydrangeous, I saw WHITE ROSES. First of all, I'm not a rose girl, second .....UMM?!? And it gets worse. There were brown plastic flowers between the roses. I kid you not. Think baby's breath, but brown. And plastic. And there was the teensiest little group of purple hydrangeas that made up 1/6th of the whole bouquet. That poor delivery boy from the florist got the brunt of my wrath. Oh, and the bridesmaids flowers? A little better. White hydrangeous....but with purple carnations. Ugh, no. AND THERE WERE DANGLY RIBBONS. I'm sorry, but do I look like a dangly ribbon kind of girl?! No. The answer is no.

Turns out our caterer didn't approve of my vision for flowers (she later admitted this!), so she told the florist what she thought my flowers should look like, hence the bouquet from hades. Seriously, I can't make this stuff up!

I fumed for awhile. I mean, I realize flowers are not the most important part of the wedding. But they were so completely not what I asked for. And the wedding coordinator, do you know what she did? She marched herself down to the florist's and demanded they fix my bouquet. I don't care that she was rude to me and my wedding party. She could've punched me in the face! I love her for fixing my flowers. And my maid of honor wrapped the ribbons around the stems on the bridesmaid bouquets. No more blasted dangles. I love you, Laura! I know you're reading this!

And then the best man walked into the bridal suite, carrying a huge bouquet of brightly colored gerber daisies, compliments of James. James got wind of my flower debacle and wanted me to have some pretty flowers. Can you even handle it? He's the sweetest. And I was thisclose to carrying them down the aisle.

A little calmer, I was finally able to stuff my face with chik-fil-a and get my makeup done.

Getting ready was...an experience. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone who happened to be in the room when my mom was buttoning my dress. Especially you, mom. I may have yelled and whined. I may have panicked that my dress didn't fit, even though I didn't gain weight. I may have freaked out just a little. That sucker hurt! We got it on, we did it. How many people did it take to get that thing buttoned? 4? 5? I think everyone in the room took a shot at it, much to my chagrin.

After much debate, James and I decided to do a first look before the ceremony. Best choice ever. I always wanted the first moment he saw me to be when the doors in the back of the church opened, but in reality, a moment alone with him was exactly what I needed to calm my nerves. It was seriously powerful in a way I wasn't expecting. We were both in tears. 

And then a douche bag on a golf cart pulled up and hollered "Y'all gettin' married or somethin'?"

To which I responded "GO AWAY! Can't you see we're having a moment?!"

Nope, no bridezilla here!

After sweating all liquid I've ever consumed, we went back and did some pictures with family in the church, then returned to our respective quarters to rebeautify. Which for me meant standing in heels while Laura steamed my raw silk dupioni dress for the 27th time. And eating handfuls of peanuts. 

The ceremony is actually a bit of a blur. I remember standing with my dad while the bridesmaids made their entrances, telling him I wasn't terrified of getting married, but I was terrified of walking through those doors. He reminded me that being the center of attention always scares me. We had a tiny wedding, maybe 40 guests, and I was still shaking. Plus, getting married is a big moment...I guess?

We had all live music. Good friends of ours played guitar and sang. They are some seriously talented people. Like, you can find them on iTunes kind of talented. 
Everyone walked down the aisle to Divine Romance by Phil Wickham. I walked in at the start of a the second chorus. We lit the unity candle to the singers' own arrangement of Be Thou My Vision, and took communion to You're Beautiful by Phil Wickham. It sounded amazing.

Everything went perfectly. Except for the part where the best man dropped my wedding band on the hardwood floors as he was handing it to James. It was actually hilarious. Especially because the pastor made a huge point during our rehearsal to make sure that whatever happens, he does not drop the ring. It was the perfect comic relief to keep me knees from buckling. 

And then something weird happened. It includes James and a fist pump. I couldn't even focus on our first kiss as husband as wife, because I saw him fist pump out of the corner of my eye. Marriage brings out the weird (or jersey?) in you, apparently.

Running out of the church to Relient K. Oh yeah. Things weren't so bad....

.....until we stepped into the country club to find the wedding party with looks of anger and horror all over their faces. You see, the flower issues could be fixed. Other things could not.

tomorrow: the reception, aka the shizz hits the fan in ways you can't imagine.

P.S. If you read this whole thing, you get 7 cookies. 

all pictures courtesy of Ginny Corbett Photography. She rocks the hizzy fo' shizzy. 


  1. Ohhhh man this brings back some hilarious....ly awful moment memories! You totally forgot to mention using pads as lint rollers and your in-laws bringing every person in the world to the bridal suite like it was no big deal. :) At least there was Chick-fil-A!

  2. By the looks of your wedding photos, I would never know that things went wrong! So beautiful! Oh, and I did read the entire post. My favorite is chocolate chip sprinkled with cinnamon. Thank you very much!

    I'm stoked to read about the reception now!

  3. Where are my cookies! lol

    I love how you had a small wedding and were nervous and shaking too. (That almost sounds mean now that I've said it, ha) I had about 50 people at my wedding and my legs were quivering so much as I walked down the aisle. My father-in-law actually commented on it after the wedding! It didn't help that I had a knee length dress either.

  4. ooohh no. What kind of shizzzz???!!!!! I can't imagine!! Cannot wait to read. :)

  5. Holy cow it sounds like the preshow was kind of stressful. I would've been so mad about the flowers. The good thing is that none of the guests knew and from your pictures, the ceremony looked gorgeous. I really liked a reliant k song a few years back. Can't wait for the reception!

  6. Haha 7 cookies for me! Such a great recap of your ceremony, your wedding looks like it was gorgeous! It will be so great to look back on this post (even remembering the good and the bad!). I wish I would have written mine out!

  7. ummm i love all of this. I love looking and reading about wedding stuff so thank you.I love following your blog. :) Seriously. Come stop by and come follow!
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  8. Ohhhhhh good lord you had a time of it!! I'm so sorry your whole wedding process was so stressful!! I can't believe your caterer took that liberty ... I love how your flowers turned out regardless!!!

    Can't wait to

  9. Where are my 7 cookies?! haha :)

    I love that he fist-pumped a la the awesome photo that everyone pins on Pinterest!

  10. That is hilarious and sad and crazytown! And yet through all that, you have some of the most gorgeous photos I've ever seen! Very jealous.

  11. oh.my.goodness. hilarious! I loved reading this, but those flowers you described were painful! fake flower? what kind of florist uses brown fake flowers, aka plastic weeds? weird. and ps- we had the SAME kind of flowers...hydrangeas! blue and white for me, and white for my bridesmaids. and your pictures are gorgeous! love it!!

  12. Kinda crazy, we had live music during our ceremony as well, and two of the three songs were the same as yours! Our dear friends also sang their own amazing version of Be Thou My Vision, and we sang You're Beautiful! How neat is that? So thankful to have had such great moments of worship during our ceremony. :) Your ceremony looked beautiful!

  13. I'm getting so anxious reading these recaps! Lol I can't imagine how YOU felt. Also, I find it awesome that you walked out to Relient K. Great call! ;)

  14. stunning dress! and that ass... *whistle whistle* ;)

  15. i'm going to have flowers and a white dress at mine in the next 6-9 months. my bridesmaids can wear nice dresses. we'll have it at a friend's house, my brother can bring his favorite speakers and play ipod playlists. :P
    panera for dinner, and dancing at sunset time sounds just fiiiine.

    you've convinced me to tell my mother i'm not having a traditional wedding, and we're doing all my simplistic ideas.
    whew. :P

  16. Oh. My. GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! Poor thing!!!!!!!!! HUGS! I'm glad James was there for you. Also, your DRESS IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! I love it.

    I remember walking down the isle and I was stunned. I was getting married! My whole wedding is a blur from that moment to the reception. Woah.

    You go girl for handling it

  17. FIRST OF ALL: What a beautiful dress!!! Gorgeous!

    Secondly: this is really making me question how I want to do a wedding in the future, haha... because I feel like I will react exactly the way you did and be freaking out and stuff... I mean, reading it, I could see me reacting the same way haha! I mean, it's YOUR wedding, not HERS! She doesn't get to just decide your choices for you! I could see me having a meltdown right there!

    Also, I thought I was against a first look, but reading this makes me think that might be a good thing for me to have, too. To just remember why I'm doing it, to just... have that little moment of intimacy. So yeah... uh, thanks for being my inadvertent wedding planner, haha!


  18. You just said I get 7 cookies. How did you even know that was my inner debate at this exact moment? I'll have just one but I'm going to savour it.

    Reading this much Michelle is the highlight of my day.


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