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Today I have the totally awesome privilege of guest posting for my dear friend Erika. I started reading her blog months before I started my own, so to be asked to guest post for her is a huge honor!

Check out my post here. It's about the unexpected things in life and what they've taught me. And also just check out her blog in general. She is an incredible writer and the sweetest friend.

And now, a picture of my cat.

Until tomorrow!


  1. I went on over there and ended up reading your wedding story... can I just say that I'm SO GLAD I eloped for this reason! At the last minute we had about 20 guests come but we married at the court house and our 'reception' was just everyone going out for dinner and paying their own way. It was GREAT!

  2. Love it! Your guest post was simply beautiful. So eloquently put, as always, my friend.

  3. Headed over to check it out!

  4. Great guest post. Very honest and uplifting.


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