Chickpea Tomato Salad

So this is amazing. If you know me, you know I'm immediately turned off at the word "salad." Salad is rabbit food. I want substance. Give me meat! Give me cheese! Give me bacon! I eat like a man. It's true, ask my husband.

Anywho, my mom whipped this up on Memorial Day and it was amazing. The flavor! The basil! The health! So I snitched the recipe, and I'm going to share it with you. Because I'm a nice person and all.


-15 oz. can of drained garbonzo beans {which I just learned is the same thing as chickpeas. Welcome to the world, Michelle)
-3 cups of chopped cherry tomatoes
-1/4 cup of fresh basil.{I put in more! rebel!}
-1 clove of minced garlic (or more....once again)
-2 tbsp red wine vinegar
-2 tbsp olive oil

Throw everything in a bowl and toss together. Sprinkle with pepper. Let sit for awhile to let all the flavors mingle together and become friends.

Makes approx. four 1 cup servings.

Now eat and be merry!


  1. I wish I liked tomatoes...and chickpeas...

    I'm such a picky eater, I annoy myself.

  2. You know...I've never had a chickpea in its original form? Just in hummus...lots and lots of hummus..mmmm. Anywho, I'll give it a whirl :)

  3. That looks great! I'm always looking for something with chickpeas :) Thank you!

  4. Garbanzo beans is sou h more fun to say than chickpea. This looks delicious and would be great with a juicy burger!

  5. um sounds amazing! I'm so there with you - salad? NO thanks. I'll eat some if it comes as a side with my entree, but I'll never ever order just a salad or make one for myself at home. But, I see no lettuce in this. This is edible. :)

  6. Well that looks mighty delicious. I'm picking up the ingredients for this the next time I go to the grocery store!

  7. My Mom makes a salad out of watermelon balls, chickpea's, cherry tomatoes and basil that is similar! Everyone LOVES it (aside from me because I hate watermelon. And tomatoe. Whatever I'm weird).

  8. Oh my dear you had me at basil. And this is going on the "to make list"

  9. Hey, don't hate on the whole foods, girl! That's good stuff! (... said the plant-based vegetarian... )

    This looks delicious! I'm glad you found a salad you like! Wahoo!


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