1. I found Paint! On my work computer! I'm five years old! I will never get work done again!

Lots of exclamation points!!


Here are several of my recent masterpieces:

Raw talent.

2. Blog friends are just awesome. And snail mail is one of my most favorite things.

Therefore, this card from Lindsay made my entire week. It was the perfect thing to find in the mailbox after a long day at work.

I want to be pen pals with all of you!


I think.

I think blogging about it may have broken the spell. All day long I was holding my breath, just waiting for the shiz to hit the fan like it has every Tuesday for months. Work went relatively smoothly. I got home and made sure James steered clear of the knives. And the lamp debacle was finally straightened out once and for all. 

I think I may be in the clear since this was the worst part of my day:

Dear Alissa, I'm sorry for using the word "husband" instead of James.

4. I played with a different kind of paint!

Pour a bunch of acryllic paint into glass vases. Swirl around and turn upside down and place on cardboard. They will paint themselves!

5. Ok, so this happened about two weeks ago, but I'm officially getting extremely excited.

I have plane tickets to California!!!

This is HUGE for multiple reasons.

For those that don't know, I'm originially from California. Almost all of my family still lives there. Due to college/wedding/work madness, I haven't been in three years. During that three years my grandpa has been battling cancer. There were a few times we didn't think he would make it, but he's doing well at the moment. I've been hoping and praying for an opportunity to see him at least one more time. I'm hoping he stays well until September! My other grandparents have had recent health problems, and I'm extremely anxious to see them. The older I get the more I appreciate having them in my life. I want to make the most of the time I have left with them.

Second, James has never met my extended family. Aside from an aunt and uncle, schedules and health problems prevented my family from being at our wedding. I'm so excited for them to meet! Especially since we've been married over a year now. WAY overdue, no?!

We're travelling with my parents too, which will be fun. I'm so excited for a week with my family. I'm planning on digging through family photo albums and begging both grandmas for recipes :)

Getting in touch with my Danish roots. And ballin' in those glasses at the same time.  Circa 2008-2009



  1. holllllllaaaaa.
    1. paint... just one more reason we were the best generation of kids... I submit again #mmbop.

    2. YAY FOR CALIFORNIA! You glad you are going to get in some good family time and James gets to meet them!

    3. You are awesome. That is all. Amen. Happy Fridayyyyyy!

  2. Your vases turned out awesome! I've got so many leftover from our wedding, maybe I'll give that a try-- didn't realize it would be so easy!!

    That's awesome you get to go back "home" with family... hope you find boxes of photos and recipes to bring back :)

  3. have fun in California! sounds like you'll have a great time. and omg I love paint! ha. so much fun.

  4. Those are some mad paint skills. Mine always look like a 3 year old tried to draw something.

    The vases? Gorgeous. Keep seeing it on pinterest, but actually seeing proof on someone's blog makes me think I might be smart enough to try it. We'll see...

    California is for lovers.

  5. Those vases look amazing! Love the colors, and that is such a cool "painting" technique. I'm going to have to try it :-)


    But only if I can come to California with you.

    OR if we can become pen pals.

    OR both.

  7. I'm so glad that the Tuesday curse left you alone this week. Those vases look so neat. I'm not a decorator but I think I could do that. Snail mail is the best. And way too rare. I'm glad you're getting back to California to see family. It sounds like it is long overdue!

  8. No way!!! I'm from California, I still live here. Haha. Maybe we will run into each other.

    Oh and I love pen pals and loosing my brain on Tuesdays :)

  9. I'm so jealous that you're going to CA! Hooray! Time for James to meet everyone!

    And I'm so glad you love the card and that it was a little bright spot for you. :-) You are simply awesome, Michelle!

  10. new follower! Also from ohio

    Congrats on getting to Cali!

    Happy Friday :)

  11. Yay! How exciting that you'll be able to go home and bring James. I love bringing IC back to the US with me - and each time he comes he gets to meet new family members. It's fantastic.

  12. Fun blog post! When I was younger I was on paint all the time. Once I made a very impressive farm scene. I was so proud I probably still have a copy of it printed off and tucked away somewhere. But the best was making big scribbles and then filling in sections with different colors. Am I right? We were all fabulous abstract artists back then.

  13. hahaha you're awesome and so much fun!


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