I apologize for this post.

I'm feeling sassy today.

And angsty.

And if I read the word "totes" again (i.e. omg that is totes adorbs!) I will punch a hole in the wall and cut off my ears.

First of all, when I read the word "totes" I immediately imagine MULTIPLE TOTE BAGS. Because that, in essence, is exactly what you're saying! So in my mind I read that sentence omg that is multiple tote bags adorable!' AND THEN I'M JUST CONFUSED.

Don't get me started on "adorbs" or ......*shudder*......."cray cray." That one makes me straight up suicidal. The bimbo-ness oozing out of that word is  too much for me to handle.


If you say any of those things on a daily basis, it's ok. I still love you. I've made mistakes too.

Also, this isn't actually directed towards bloggers. It's directed toward the entire world.

More specifically, girls ages 12-35.

Even more specifically, this is the part where I delete a dumb blonde joke because I remember that some of my best friends are blonde. And they are not dumb.

I'm kind of digging myself into a hole here.

But I'm slowly sipping an iced coffee, so the Michelle you all know and love should be back in about thirty minutes.

Hang tight.

While we're waiting for Michelle to show up and the pesky grammar gestapo to leave, let's enjoy some Boy Meets World love, shall we? From the comments on yesterday's post, it seems we all need want a little more Cory Matthews in our life.

Source: tumblr.com via Alice on Pinterest

Source: via Gabrielle on Pinterest

Source: imgfave.com via Steffi on Pinterest

Now I'm weepy again.

How did this post get from grammar rants to mourning the 90s?

I have a problem.

And Cory Matthews is the only cure!

P.S. Please send more iced coffee.


  1. totes amazing bloggy, girlfriend!

    (I'm really bad at that -- but I tried.)

    Hope your day gets a little better :)

    p.s.- please note the use of "your" and not "you're"

  2. I miss Boy Meets World! Thanks for reminding me :(

    But seriously, Y-totes-OLO; that shit cray cray.

    Some people are so dumb!

  3. The first time I read cray-cray I had NO CLUE what in the world they were talking about. And don't even get me started on YOLO. That became a no-no word in my classroom. (Although I did let them use it in a presentation about food groups and seeing a 14 year old boy dressed up like a carrot saying "YOLO,eat your veggies" might have been a high light of my career.) Thanks for the Boy Meets World!

  4. Boy Meets World is the cure for any problem in society. We should all be a little more like Corey and Topanga.

    Uhhhh, what does yolo mean? I'm so confused...

  5. I LOVE this post! The whole grammar thing drives me nuts and I still have no idea what YOLO means... What can I say...

  6. please never apologize for posts like this. they're hilarious. totes reminds of umbrellas and rain and how my umbrella always flips inside out. it is just frustrating. you're killing me with this boy meets world stuff. greatest show ever. i think i had a crush on shawn and i totally forgot about the tall redhead. nostalgia at its greatest!

  7. All the Boy Meets World clips made me laugh! And I agree, all the made up words are so weird. Another one that kinda drives me crazy is amazeballs. Haha.

  8. OMGGGGG i needed that.... allllll of that!

  9. LOL!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA. This is why I love you. First of all, I'm SO WITH YOU! I HATE HATE HATE the totes, adorbs, cray cray, and I'll add in that I also hate prego, hubby/hubs... and there's probably many more that I'm blocking right now.

    Second of all, I LOVE Boy meets world! My all time fave show! Thanks so much for digging those up! Especially Plays with Squirrels. By far my favorite scene of all time.

    You're awesome. Enjoy your tea. :)

  10. 1) Totally agree on all points. If you've learned grammar....prove it! Agh I hate all the slang online, especially since I don't know what half of it even means. I just figured out what IMHO meant....

    2) LOVE Boy Meets World! Now that I'm no longer living at home and don't have cable, I miss not getting to watch it every AM before work :( :(

    3) The 90s rocked. Period.

  11. I'm totally with you on all of this. I had two cups of regular (hot) coffee and one iced coffee today. And it's hardly enough.

    As for "totes," don't get me started. "Adorbs" is somehow even worse for me. I'm currently cringing over the blogger/facebooker/tweeter habit of saying "I may or may not be _______" right now. JUST SAY YOU'RE DOING IT!!!!!! My blood pressure is rising right now as I think about all the times I've read "I may or may not be eating an ice cream sandwich right now," or "I may or may not have just spent $100 on a pair of shoes." UGHHHHHH.

  12. Wow, lucky for me I haven't heard totes. I thought you were talking about bags for a second. I love Boy Meets World. It takes me back.

  13. Totes... Lordy... WHO comes up with this stuff? They need to have something nasty done to them. Loved this post! Think I'm gonna add you to my blogroll. Yes, I think I must.

  14. Muahahah--- You're my hero ;) I HATE "totes" and "adorbs" especially.... They sound ridiculous!! Totes are bags in my closet and adorbs is NOTHING, and not even easy to say!!! I'm sure I'm guilty of grammar mistakes and stupid abbreviations- but NEVER this bad, cmon people!!!

  15. Wow, I haven't seen Boy Meets World in a long time. Although now I'd like to go home and watch an episode or two. If I could get away with it here at work I *totes* would ;)
    All those word abbreviations (if you can call them that) drive me up the wall too.
    The one that gets me is "I'm totes jelly" . . . wait. . what? Just say you're jealous, you don't need to make me hungry in the process.

    1. HAHAH! I hadn't heard "jelly" before. How ridiculous! :)

  16. omg love those pins girl :) first off LOVE boy meets world and all the episodes you posted haha..such a great blast from the past! cute blog too!

  17. I love you for this.
    Dare I say, PERFECT?
    Amen, love.

    And my sister said totes this weekend. I almost threw horse manure at her head.


  18. Well, thank you very much, I had never heard or seen "totes" before until you wrote it. And yes, I did think that you meant multiple tote bags and I was confused. I'm a grammar nazi, but the polite kind. I never correct people's grammar except when I'm editing their papers. But I am continually and secretly horrified by the grammar and spelling I see all over the internet. What I've recently discovered is an epidemic of "faux pas" misspellings all over blog world. I mean, yes, it's french, but you only have to learn it once and then you'll know how to spell it. How hard could it be?

  19. Grr. The hopeful-journalism major in me seethes inside.

  20. Bahaha! And then our tweets the other day. :-) I'm still so in love with that Nicki Minaj/Some E-Cards pin.

  21. Ok, I just read this again and just giggled through all your Boy Meets World pictures while sitting here in a coffee shop (enjoying so ALONE mommy time!!!!)... and I thought... Can I please come over and watch Boy Meets World all day with you tomorrow? Then you don't have to go to work. ;)

  22. Uh, for EVER I thought people that said totes were talking about, you know, the bag. and when I read your blog that you never use the word "totes" I was like, whats wrong with that? It's a bag.

    I understand now.



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