I have things to say.

First off, I need to thank you for all the support and love on Monday's post. I had no intentions to write something like that. It's just something that's been brewing inside for awhile now, and over the weekend it finally bubbled over and then spilled out on the keyboard during an especially slow Monday morning. Writing it out and chewing on the comments you guys left has been incredibly therapeutic and has really helped me to think about things differently. So thanks guys, you're some of the best friends ever.


Tuesday did it again, folks! I think I've been struck with the Tuesday curse. This week it was to the tune of waking up to cramps, forgetting to put on deodorant in a million % humidity, a lady sitting scary close to me in a meeting (lady! I forgot my deodorant! scoot over!) who was chomping on fries the whole time and repetitiously sticking her hand down her shirt to loud scratch her boobs, coming home to find out the utility company didn't get last month's payment (picture me hyperventilating because NEVER HAVE I EVER missed any payment on anything!), opening the box of lamps I ordered from Target to find that one was the total wrong color (I wanted green! not silver! ew!), marching myself to Target to exchange said lamp for the right color to find out they are out of the green and all they can do is give me a refund and I'm on my own to find another green lamp. But least no one ended up in the ER like last week. Though I think my zombie eyes are returning, but I'm still in denial about that. Not to mention my plans of staying under my calorie limit and working out flew out the window when I found myself getting frisky with a bag of barbecue potato chips. Whoops-a-daisy.


I have become OB-to-the-SESSED with Storm Chasers. This party ended before I even showed up but I don't care. I used to watch episodes here and there with my parentals but James and I randomly watched an episode Saturday night and now all I want to do is come home, throw on my pajamas, and watch evil tornadoes. Which is funny, because I'm petrified of any tornado that doesn't live safely inside my tv screen. Poor James. Every episode is me screaming OH MY GOSH! THEY'RE GONNA DIE! ARE THEY OK? WHY AREN'T THEY MOVING? OH NO! OH NO! OH NO! OMG! OMG! I CAN'T WATCH! IS THAT A HOUSE IN THE SKY? *whimperwhimperwhimperwhimper* EVERYONE'S GONNA DIE! JAMES LOOK! ARE THEY DEAD? OOOO PRETTY SKY! OH YIKES! OMG! OMG! OMG! OH PHEW THAT WAS CLOSE! all whilst giving his arm the death grip and ripping my hair out in a fit on anxiety.

But for real. I love how crazy excited Reed gets, and Sean is such a diva. Does anyone else watch(ed)???
However I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why they all wear the exact same clothes every single episode! I know they weren't all filmed on the same day. There are shots of them coming out of the hotel with suitcases. Surely they can fit a clean shirt in there? Why does this bother me so much?! Why are they playing mind tricks on me!!?!??!!


Every episode I question why I didn't go into meteorology in college (my dream job when I was a kid), and then the words "math" and "physics" pop into my head, and all the world makes sense again. But for now I'm following Reed on twitter and living vicariously through his constant tornado tweets. Except I never want to see a tornado again. Except I kinda do? What is this show doing to me?!


It's Wednesday and I'm wearing a high wasted skirt and semi curled hair. I'll be pretending all day that I'm in an episode of Mad Men. Or maybe The Office, because I work with a bunch of Kevins with a touch of Michael Scott thrown in for good measure.

That's pretty much all I have to say.
Happy Wednesday and stuff.


  1. Again, this is a great post. Love the commentary on storm chasers. Yelling at the tv is one of my favorite things:)
    Have you considered submitting an essay to a magazine?
    I know Real Simple and ladies mags like Glamour have contests all the time. You need to get your writing out there. You have a flair in your "voice" that is magazine worthy! (and beyond, but you know what I mean?)
    Anyway. You're great. Hang in there while at the office with french fry lady and Kevin.

  2. Remind me never to hang out with on a Tuesday. It would not end well!

    I love Storm Chasers! I have so many VHS tapes that my mom bought me when I was little kid because I wanted to be a storm chaser. Then I figured out I'm mildly retarded when it comes to math and science, and I would end up being killed.

  3. Ooooh! I want to see a picture of your outfit and hair! Send, please!

  4. I am super jealous that you work with a bunch of Kevin's. I think that would be a reason to go back to work!

  5. Wow what a day! I have never seen this show but bow I think I might :)

  6. Tuesday's really aren't nice to you are they?! Sorry about your lamp and I hope your utility waived any late fees. I've never seen storm chasers but I'd love to see a tornado (but not die in one). I dream about tornados all the time.

  7. Thats one hell of a week youve been having girlfriend. If it makes you feel even sexier, I'm wearing my husbands boxers and a messy bun cleaning the house. Yummmmm-my. Smoke on that :)

  8. HAHAHA getting frisky with a bag of chips. I love that! Ok, somehow I missed your Monday post, so I just went and read it. Wow, totally understand your feeling! You are such a talented writer; perhaps you're in the place you are right now for a time. Even though it feels unending, I imagine you won't be there forever. :) Don't give up on feeling like your potential is greater - it IS! And I'm sure God has something bigger for you...in time. :) Anyway, sorry for your rough Tuesdays. I hope the trend ends soon!

  9. you crack me up. seriously.

    and let me please tell you that i COMPLETELY understand every single thing you said about tornadoes. it was kind of like you were in my head. i'm going to need to check that show out, stat.

    thanks for having things to say. i'll be praying your week gets better.

    oh, and please, don't ignore your zombie eyes. :)

  10. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)


  11. frisky with a bag of potato chips. Hah, hah. I'm glad my morning is full of you, and that you link other posts that I've not read yet in your daily posts so that I can stalk you with the least amount of effort...


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