the last thing

{I had a heart attack and died over}

The weather forecast!

I'm sorry but WHEN DID I MOVE TO PHOENIX?! This is OHIO. We rarely hit these temps in August.


Going to Antarctica, brb. 

{I impulsively bought}

Boy Meets World BOX SET!!!

Best impulse buy I've EVER made. It gets delivered today.

Boy Meets World party? Come over and watch it with me?


{I laughed hysterically over}

Source: tumblr.com via Michelle on Pinterest

Can this be my job? To walk around correcting everyone's grammar?


{I watched that I probably shouldn't have}

RHOC finale!

And Oh. Mah. Gosh.

So many thoughts! So much screaming! Why do I love this so much?!

First off, Heather is a bit too prissy pants for me, but I love her. When she looked at crazy Sarah and said I'm bored with you I almost high fived the tv. Oh, and she has a brain. It's nice to see once in awhile on Bravo.

Vickie has done gone and lost her marbles. Brooks is gross. And creepy. And I'd give him the evil eye too.

Alexis makes me angry. Everything she does. And the way she constantly squeals like 5 year old. Can't take it! And her duck lips. And her husband gives me the willies.

I love Tamra. Can't help it. She puts people in their place. My kind of woman!

And Eddie. Hello.

That is all.

The Life of the Wife


  1. Okay, so 1. I also live in Ohio, and I totally agree that this weather is crazy! It's a bit cooler where I live, but still in the 90s. Ew.

    And 2. I am in love with Boy Meets World! I wish I could splurge on the box set too! But I'll definitely be there for the party (and cookies).

  2. I watched the RHOC finale again last night. I needed to see it twice to fully accept it for what it was - a train wreck.

    I think...I think today I will write my recap. I think I'm ready...

  3. Looks like its going to be me you and Julie for a BMW marathon, and cookies! Ha ha.
    I don't know what's up with this weather. It wouldn't be a big deal if I still lived in Texas, but as you said, this is OHIO. It needs to stay in the double digits where it belongs.
    If I could live in Texas, with California weather, and my Ohio family too, I'd do it!

  4. Bahaha- I KNOW about the weather. I love summer but these high 90s & 100?? are nutsssss! I have to work an outdoor concert Sunday, nottt exactly pumped about that ;) Too bad I can't just wear a bikini to work that day!

    Uhhh and I'm joining you, Julie and now Lis ato the BMW marathon!

  5. Gotta love Ohio. Maybe it'll be snowing by next week?

  6. Ok I loved yours!! Please link up every week!! :) Boy meets World is my fave!! I seriously watched that show every Friday when I was a kid. TGIF right? Also RHOC finale-watched it. Loved it. Vicki is banana cakes crazy!!!

  7. Ugh. We are setting records in chicago too. I work at an a/c company and feel so bad for our technicians. Good call on the boy meets world complete collection. I approve.

  8. I'm in the midwest too--it's crazy hot for this time of year! It doesn't help that my husband and I are old-school as in we don't have an air conditioner. But fans really help alot, I'm grateful for them!

  9. YAY! The pin made it into this post!


    BAHAHA! Love it so much.

    I love you too. Happy FLIPPIN' Friday!


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