(Un)Important life updates.

I'm going to tell you something no other blogger will.

You know the J. Crew necklace everyone is lusting over? I'm not one for jumping on bandwagons, but I saw it for about 1/16th of the retail price on ebay and I snagged it. And I actually like it. But in all honesty, it's heavy. Like, my neck started to get angry with me about halfway through the day. And it bojangles around my neck whenever I make a move, much like a kitten with a bell on its collar. And then it awkwardly nestles between my boobs. But since awkward is my first & middle name, I'll keep wearing it.

I apologize for this obnoxious picture. My hair is the result of a 90 degree day and an office building that is entirely too humid for its own good. Also, you can sort of see the aforementioned between the boob nestling.

Also, you know what's really hilarious? J. Crew's PRICES. I went in a J. Crew outlet on Saturday and cracked up over the price tags. They HAVE to be a joke! Cotton t shirts on sale for $60?! Hilarious! Plus, I've deemed that store entirely too preppy for me. I won't be going in there again unless I'm in need of some comedic relief.


Looky looky! Do you see what I see??

My green lamp! IT CAME! Yesterday!


Thank you Target for shipping my lamp ahead of schedule. I kind of love you again.

Sidenote: I'm starting to feel like Sheldon Cooper talking about The Green Lantern.

Anyway, it looks quite delicious with my new bedding, if I do say so myself. My yellow and white sheets make me feel like I'm sleeping in a sea of dandelions and sunshine.


Buy this stuff immediately. It's incredible.

Yes, that is RHONJ in the background. Teresa screaming at Jacqueline, to be exact. Don't judge me, it was  Monday.


  1. If you were watching anything else, I would be disappointed in you.

    I love the lamp! And your bedding! And the fact that you, unlike me, have a nightstand! I really need a nightstand.

    Love the necklace, too. Can't imagine wearing something that heavy though. My boobs weigh me down enough, I try not to add an extra weight!

  2. the lamp looks awesome, esp with the west elm bedding! (i'm obsessed with WE) way to redeem yourself, target!

    OH, and i bought that exact necklace too! from cheerfully charmed or something for CHEAP compared to j. crew? i'd planned on blogging about it too, but hadn't gotten around to it. turns out my coworker bought the j.crew one...i felt kind of bad bc mine looked exactly the same for over $100 less. oops.

  3. Were you at the Cincy Premium outlets?! I actually was there over the weekend and found some good deals at J. Crew and Banana Republic. I had to fight some girls and dig through clearance racks, but I didn't do too shabby! ;)

  4. Ugh i have never even been in a Jcrew for this reason. Its crazy...

  5. I agree about j crew's prices. I used to think if I has all the money in the world but now I think it is too ridiculous. The necklace looks great on you and thank goodness the lamp arrived safe and sound!

  6. greek frozen yogurt! amazing. sounds so yummy :)
    and congrats on getting the lamp!

  7. Ahhh! Target has redeemed itself. Nice work, Target.

    And I'm so glad someone finally admitted that the infamous necklace was heavy. It looks like it is. Fortunately, for me, I only wear a 32B (if that), so I never have boob problems. However, I won't be buying that necklace, because I don't like neck pains. ;-) But it looks fantastic on you! if it's heavy, it's still perfect for a date night or a fun event. You know, something that DOESN'T last all day!

    I love you, Shell!

  8. The lamp looks great! I completely agree with the J.Crew prices. Are these people on crack when they're putting the prices on the clothes!? I don't know what's worse, the prices or that people buy it.

  9. LOVE that necklace! I have seen it in different colors but I think that one is my fav still. That lamp goes with your bedding so well!


  10. Yay the lamp came! It looks good. Also I love your bedding!

    If we had cable I too would watch any Real Housewives show (Except for Atlanta, because I just can't stand it!) without shame. It's the only thing I miss about not having cable.

  11. Yep..Lamp is fantastic!

    You should see my hair today...like Einstein! LOL

  12. Omg, I didn't know ben and jerry's made a frozen greek yogurt! I have to have some. That could be considered a health food right?

  13. The bedroom is so cute! And you can definitely pull off the necklace. I can't wear anything bigger than the head of a pin without feeling weird.

  14. 1. I bought the infamous necklace from Ebay for $15 and am, also, madly in love. And really love how cheap it was.
    2. I have been dying to try that Greek Yogurt ice cream and how better than to enjoy than with some RHONJ??

  15. I discovered you via chambanachik and just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your guest post. In response to this post - I ADORE that green lamp. Absolutely adore!

  16. Great post! I too ordered that same necklace on ebay for cheap. The weight of mine doesn't bother me too much, but I totally get the boob nestling thing too. I've been wearing it a lot though. It looks good with so much!

    I've been looking for that greek ben and jerry's fro-yo. I haven't found a store near me that sells it. I'm glad you give it rave reviews! Now I KNOW I have to try it! :)


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