15 things you should know

I signed up for the 15 day challenge, which is totally awesome and basically a blogging prompt every day for 15 days. It started Sunday and I'm a little behind, so I'm playing catch up!
Sunday's prompt was to list 15 fun facts about yourself.
Are you ready for this jelly?
1. I'm an only child. I used to hate this, and I still wish I had siblings, but I love how fiercely independent it's made me.
2. I won my middle school spelling bee, so I made it to the county level where I was out by misspelling the word "glistened." I'm still mad about this, however I was dubbed Miss Congeniality. So basically I won.
3. One day during spring break in high school I learned the entire Napoleon Dynamite dance. I also danced it in my show choir audition that year. You better believe I made it in!
4. I have an insane love for cheese. For instance, one day I told me my mom the guy I marry will have to give me cheese before I'll even consider dating him (clearly I was fed up with boys at this point). I was dead serious! The first time James and I hung out at his apartment, he offered me cheese (he had no idea I loved it). No joke. And then we got married.
5.  My mom dated Weird Al Yankovic in college. There are pictures to prove it! And she has the funniest stories about him. I always tell her I could've been Weird Allison had she played her cards right.
6. I used to be painfully shy. Probably on the verge of social anxiety. When I was in preschool I had to stand up and sing a song with my class for a Christmas program. I held my dress over my head the entire time because I was so scared. I told my parents it was because I forgot to sing.
7. I'm still mildly obsessed with "your mom" and "that's what she said" jokes. They never get old.
8. I'm nearly fluent in French. I would say I was fluent in college, but I'm getting rusty. I can still understand it when I'm reading or listening to it, but my writing/grammar skills are horrible now.
9. I went to Scotland exactly two years ago. I had signed up with several friends to go work with a church there for a couple weeks. They backed out right before the trip, and I was terrified to go by myself and meet up with strangers. I almost backed out too, but I went and had the best time of my entire life. Still one of my proudest moments.
10. I used to go swing dancing in college. There was one big event I went to in downtown Raleigh that had a live swing band. I'd give anything to do it again.
11. I'm obsessed with the Amish. I want to be Amish. When I saw them at Walmart in high school I would follow them around to see what they would buy. Lots of soap and pepto bismol, apparently.
13. I've lived in four states: California, Nevada, Ohio, and North Carolina. Ohio is my home now, but I really miss my family, the beaches, and In-n-Out in California and Lake Tahoe and ski resorts in Nevada. It makes life confusing.
14. I used to be a wicked clarinet player. I had solos in band and everything. Oh yeah. First chair, baby. Envy of the school.
15. I was on the swim team in high school. I was super slow, but I had endurance so I always had the distance events. During a swim invitational I had the 500 free (20 laps), and as soon as I dove in my goggles started to fill up with water. As I kept swimming my swim cap fell off, my goggles fell off, and my ponytail came out. My almost waist length hair was going everywhere. I had zero spare energy to fix anything, and I couldn't stop or I would be disqualified. It became so pathetic the other teams even stood around the pool cheering me on. I was so humiliated, but I finished!

Now you know my life story. Kinda.
Life of Love

Now tell me something interesting about yourself!

Also, the boss is letting us leave at 2:00 today. It feels like Christmas. Happy 4th of July, friends!


  1. OMG this is brilliant!
    I dont even know where to start.
    Cheese? Weird Al Yankovic? Amish?

    I think ill just settle on: You're really great like really great and I too an slightly obsessed with amish people too and really like cheese and taught myself the "Lark" song in french after hearing the target commercial 40000 times.


  2. You, James, me, and Mr. TBS need to go join the Amish. That's it. It's a done deal. You can't back out now.

    And the you and I will start the first Amish show choir.

    And we'll all eat cheese. Mr. TBS prefers Swiss.

  3. you want to be amish?!?! hahaha love that one.
    also, cheese is a good thing.

  4. oh I wish we got to leave early today!! have fun :)

    and you sound like such a talented one. impressive!

  5. GOSH- you just got so incredibly interesting!! :) And I thought you were to begin with, lol!!!

    I love that he gave you cheese and then you married him . TOO TOO FUNNY! What's your cheese of choice? (haha- that's a funny phrase!)

    I was/am a wicked flute player-- tore that puppy up in marching band for a few years!!

    Sidenote- also just found you on Instagram, YAY!

  6. STOP. "Your mom" + Napoleon Dynamite = me at my fave ice cream place, reading the "tip cup" that has all of the colleges listed of the kids that work there. I was all, "Your mom goes to college."

    Nobody thought it was funny.

    Now I know that you would have.

    I played clarinet in high school, but tried really hard not to be good so I didn't have to be 1st chair. Really, true story. And I brought Sour Skittles to class everyday.

  7. I was very excited for this, I thought to myself.. "this will be funny.."

    And then it was all serious because you seriously need to know that cheese and I, oh it makes me fat ALL the time, I love it so much. like so much.

    Weird Al, huh. That's gross. Very gross.

    And The Amish, awh yes. Those stupid buggies I would get stuck behind for what felt like days. It's the Polygamists that I am not fascinated by, they buy things in bulk, go figure.

  8. You are so funny! I loved reading your list. A fellow cheese lover over here...that was awesome what your husband did on your first date!! Enjoy your half day and holiday!

  9. Swing dancing is so fun! My college had ballroom or swing lessons every week--I miss dancing! Actually I'm going swing dancing tonight for the first time in months, it should be fun!

  10. Haha! You are so awesome. I love you even more now. You are so incredibly cultured it must because you're an only child or because your mom date Al. No, it must be because you are fluent in french, as am I (not really). But I did take french in high school and would like to learn the rest of the language. Haha.

  11. Happy fourth!!! Fun facts. Your mom dating Weird Al is kind of the best. haha

  12. I am SO with you on the Amish. I did a whole blog post about why I wanted to be Amish and ways I was going to try, haha! I fail, but I still am OBSESSED with them! love it!

  13. haha that's so funny about your mom and weird al. love your facts! you picked some good ones!

  14. #3- How are you THAT awesome?!
    #4- I ate almost an entire package of pepperjack cheese tonight. By myself.
    #5- Whhhaaaa?!!
    #7- They're still funny.

  15. I love these and I love cheese {like a lot} :)

  16. I feel like I need to see your Napoleon Dynomite dance on a video. Youtube?!

    And your mom dated Al Yankovich? I think he's so darn funny, so that must have been a hilarious relationship! Again, photographic evidence!

  17. I love cheese too. I could never be vegan because of it. Love these fun facts. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I, too, am a huge cheese lover. This is actually a really sad/embarrassing story, but since you are a fellow cheese lover I think you will understand. I went out of town and got back Tuesday, to no power. I sadly cleaned my fridge out and threw out a little food and a ton of cheese. By Wednesday after some fireworks, I was dying and in need of cheese. I still didn't have power at my house, but I didn't care. I went to Giant Eagle, bought a hunk of cheese (I did look for a smallish one since I knew whatever I couldn't eat right then would go bad...) and it tasted sooo good. I missed my cheese!! :D

  19. okay, first of all, you were in show choir in high school?! perfect.
    second, i live in California and i may or may not life for in-n-out and Tahoe. my husband proposed to me at Emerald Bay in Tahoe because that's our favorite place.
    Michelle, i think you and i are meant to be.

    1. (oh, it's perfect because i was in show choir in high school as well.)


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