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Hot diggity, I've missed blogging! And it hasn't even been a week. That blogger size void in my heart was growing by the second.

Here's what I've been up to lately.

+ Some extremely frustrating, not so great things happened to me at work last week. Suffice it to say, I'm in the middle of making some tough decisions. Being the oversharer that I am, you know I'll fill you in as soon as I figure this all out.
And for those of you who have been praying for me, I can't thank you enough. I was able to walk through the halls yesterday with my head held high and a smirk fake-ish smile plastered on face. I felt a certain peace and confidence I know was not coming from me.

+ You know that saying, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"? It is so true. I mean, I always knew that, but it clicked with me this weekend.

+ There was an epic thunderstorm on Thursday, and when I sprinted to the window to check out the clouds, a chair got right in my way. Now I have the gnarliest bruise ever on my leg.

This has nothing to do with anything. Just thought you should know.

+ I love my crockpot. One of the best inventions ever. Except, am I the only one who worries all day that the house is going to burn down? I sat at work all day yesterday just waiting for a call from the apartment complex that my crockpot had set the whole building on fire.

I blame my mom for always making me triple check that the coffee pot was turned off before we  would leave so it wouldn't burn the house down.

Double standards!

Speaking of crockpots, throw in 4 boneless chicken breasts, 1 jar of salsa (Jack's special salsa is my fave!), a heap of fresh cilantro, 2 tbsp taco seasoning, and the juice of one lime. Cook 8ish hours while you slave away at the office. Walk in the door after a long day, and let the wonderful fragrance slay you right where you stand. Once you've regained your faculties, shred the chicken, heap on a toasted corn tortilla, and cover in sour cream, guacamole, cheese, and whatever else your heart desires.

Congratulations! You've just died and gone to heaven.

That's seriously only a tablespoon of sour cream, not a shovel full.

I'm convinced Jesus resides somewhere between the cheese and the guac.

+ Remember when I had that nasty eye infection back in May?


Yup. The zombie eyes. They're back! Though honestly, my eyes never fully recovered from that infection. It's been coming and going for several months, and it finally got to the point on Friday where invisible needles were poking my left eyeball. So I went to the doctor Saturday morning, and her exact words were "It's a very good thing you came in today." Yiiiiikes. Apparently I have some sort of eye allergy that is causing these infections. But we have a plan laid out to hopefully prevent this from happening again *fingers, legs, and eyeballs crossed.*

One more prescription for an expensive bottle of eye drops later, and I was out the door.

I have to wear my glasses for 3 weeks straight. Now I'm lusting for another pair. Tortoise shell, specifically. GIMME.

+ James has been all about the golf lately. I finally went with him about a week ago to act as caddy. It was actually fun to watch him, even though my accidental snarky sports comments got me slews of dirty looks from men of all ages.

Stop letting me go into public, people. It's dangerous.

+ James and I just renewed the lease on our tiny, 1 bedroom apartment. Despite our constant frustrations over the major lack of storage, I'm happy about it. Of course we have house fever, but this place is cozy and just feels like home. Even though the other night James wanted to keep a container to store things in, until we realized we don't even have room to store the things we store things in.

I think I might give you guys an apartment tour one of these days. AFTER I clean and finally get some curtains up, that is. But now I have motivation to do it! This is good.

What have you been up to lately? Did you "golf" with your husband or get a nasty eye infection too? Do tell.


  1. Girl- you KEEP that head held high. Work frustrations can reallllly suck, I hear you. Trust me. Don't let them get you down! :)

    Hope your eyeballs are better, I cringed when you said needles and eyes in the same sentence!

    Also- I think we may have discussed this already, but I'm madly in love with my crockpot ;)

  2. That meal from your crock pot looks amazing, I'm going to have to try that. IF I can get the guts to leave mine on all day, no it's not just you. We asked for a crock pot for the wedding, and we got one, and we've used it ONCE! IN a YEAR! It just freaks me out! I know people use them everyday and they're safe - but I just feel as though I'd be the exception to that rule!
    Hope that things with your eyes and work get better very soon!!

  3. I blame my mother for my irrational fears, as well. Especially anything fire related!

    Your eyes...I'm so sorry to hear they are acting up again! Let's be glasses soul sisters? I'm rocking mine on the reg. I also insisted on getting new ones.

    And now, since I don't have that delish recipe waiting for me at home, I'm going to get Moe's for lunch!

  4. I'm convinced Jesus resides somewhere between the cheese and the guac.
    ^ i LOL'd!

  5. Is it odd that I have had a crock pot for 6 years and never used it? I think its still in the box even. Maybe I'll bust it out.

  6. Hope everything works out okay! I'll keep you in my prayer. Crock pots are the BEST!! I have a ton of recipes that I make during the school year. It's SO much easier!

  7. Great post! I love your blog and I'm your newest follower! hope you can check me out as well! : )


  8. If only work would stop existing... ;-)

    Hey, can you Skype this weekend?


  9. Ha, I just love your blog! I relate to so much and I'm usually laughing by the end of the post :) I do the same thing about rechecking items a couple of times before leaving the house. {I blame my mother as well} I have this fear that I will leave my straightener on one day and it will burn down the house. I legitimately have been half way to work and have turned around to go home to make sure the straightener was off. {it always is}

  10. this is how we make out chicken tacos too. seriously the easiest, and most delicious meal EVER. it takes a lot of restraint to not have it once a week.

    i golfed with my hubs once when we were just dating..by some miracle of miracles there were no golfers behind (or ahead of us)...i don't think we'll ever luck out like that again, so it was my one appearance playing a full 18 holes. (sidenote: we played "best ball"..aka hit it from where the best ball landed. i'll give you one guess whose spot we hit from every time but one).

  11. LOL you kill me.
    and uh, no. I worry ALL day long about the crock pot, no worries ;)
    I hope things are going well at work now, or at least that the hard decisions are becoming easier... work crap is NEVER fun!

  12. That crock pot recipe (or concoction) sounds delicious. I am the same way about my crock pot burning the house!!

    Work is LAME! I wish I could just stay home.

  13. Oh my friend, I also don't have room to store the container that we store things in. All my stuff makes our tiny apartment look even tinier! I seriously sort through stuff on a weekly basis on what I can throw out and I swear I always throw/donate/sell so much stuff and STILL I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!!

    First world problems...

  14. Mmm... You're making me hungry!!!

  15. I'd love an apartment tour!

    You've been in my prayers friend. I'm sorry things aren't going the best for you right now with work. I hope things start looking up.

  16. I want to see your apartment! And eat that delish dinner! What crockpot do you have? I need to get one. No golfing for me...but house hunting in your neck of the woods!

  17. So, last time you brought up your nasty eye infection I told you about the disgusting hives I get on the insides of my eyelids. You might want to see if switching your contacts can help with the allergy thing; I have to use a brand called "Pro Clear" in order to make my gross hives not come around so often. They don't think it was the contacts I was allergic to, just that most brands actually make it worse. Same thing with contact solutions... I can only use a couple without having eye drama. You and I have "Special Eyes".

    Hang in there at work! I feel your pain with having work drama that you can't talk about, and I hope that you can continue to keep your head held high! There are better things in store for you than that place.

  18. I worry myself sick when I have my crockpot on and leave for the day. I thought I was the only one who did that LOL

  19. Hey there, congratulations! You have been nominated for the Sunshine Award! You can read all about it on my blog and follow the instructions as to what yo need to do in order to accept this award!!

  20. Oh, I left you a little award on my blog:)

  21. Haha! You are NOT the only one who worries about the house burning down when you leave your crock pot on during the day! I'm with ya on that one. :) It's a love/hate relationship for me.

    Found you via #FF over at Hollie's blog! New follower. :)



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