I don't even know.

Dear Put-in-Bay,

You are an island. In Lake Erie. You are basically the Bahamas of the Midwest. And I am going to see you tomorrow, so please show me a good time. And by good time, I do not mean a very overweight, middle aged man dancing half naked to Gwen Stefani on his yacht with a pirate hat on. Eight-ish years later those images are still very much burned into my brain. Not cool.


The girl with blinding white legs and a killer fedora

Dear Chris Brown,

All I know about you is that you should probably not be around Rihanna. Also, my iPod was on shuffle this morning in the car and was determined to get me to listen to you again. Thank you for always bringing out my inner gangsta. And bringing me back to the days of dancing on my bed with my roommate freshman year of college.


The girl who busted a move the whole way to work

Dear scary storms from the pit of hell,

NOT COOL, BRO. You came outta nowhere. Give a girl some warning! The hail on the skylight? Yeah, I THOUGHT I WAS BEING SHOT AT.  And I'm still 73% sure there was a tornado at one point. My old lady nerves can't handle this.


The girl about to check herself in to a psych ward
(not really)

Dear Weather Channel,

If there is a hail blizzard and possible tornado oustide, I'm PRETTY sure there's more than a 30% chance of rain. UPDATE THAT SHIZ PLEASE.


The girl who will be sending you her pysch ward bills
(not really. but I feel like you need a threat)

Dear lady at work who is confused about why the hallway is dark,


Problem solved.


Common Sense

Dear Grad School,

This girl is not scared of you anymore! And is actually very excited. And hopes that you make the loans worth it. Because the word "loan" still triggers my gag reflex. But really, what I'm trying to say is that IT'S GO TIME. Be prepared to be conquered and stuff.


Someone very excited. And nervous. And scared. But excited.


I don't have any relevant pictures, so let me leave you with this. It's Glozell discussing her obsession with One Direction. And you can watch the actual video here. And die laughing. Even my mom loves it, guys.

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

"British invasion, invade me!"



    Im glad you survived youre freak storm... and you office daily


  2. Yay, Put-in-Bay, my neck of the woods! Have a ton of fun! Hope no silly storms sprout up over the lake. We have had some interesting storms up here this week. I love that you referred to the islands up here as the Bahamas of the Midwest. HAHA! I'll take it!

    And does this mean you are starting grad school? I start in August and I'm nervous and excited and scared, just like you. Eeek!

    Again, have a great weekend! :)

  3. Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning. I found you from Hollie's #FF and I'm glad. I think it's awesome you're going to grad school. You got this :)

  4. Bahhah - this post was KINDOF amazing. I'm glad I'm not the only blindingly pale girl who also has an inner gangster and ALWAYS busts a move on the way to work ;) I'm pretty sure I've caused some wrecks during the morning commute, lol!!!

  5. I love put-in-bay! Although it gets pretty weird at night time there. I escaped on the ferry as fast as I could once the creepers started coming out.

  6. hahaha Seriously though, what is up with this weather?! I really don't think I can handle it anymore. And as for Put-in-Bay, all I can say is JEALOUS. Have fun :)

  7. "i thought I was being shot at" I don't know why I fell over laughing, but I did. No I do know, because it was hysterical. You drama queen.. (i mean that as a term of endearment)

    So, I watched that lady. and I do not like her. I felt like she needed to be sedated.

  8. Put-in-Bay is so much fun! I'm from the Cleveland area, but when I was living in Kansas, it was hard to explain "An Island off of Ohio. No, it's fun. Really. No, REALLY!"

  9. Ha, I loved these! I especially like the way that you sign them. I grew up on Ohio and have still never been to Put-in-Bay :(. Have fun!

  10. I was going to comment on all the other stuff and then I saw the last picture!! Yes!! That is how I feel about one direction. Haha. I have to show this to my husband, he is going to die.

    Yey for grad school :)

  11. Thought of you with this: http://pinterest.com/pin/62487513550418076/ :)

  12. Grad school! That is awesome, try to ignore the student loans for now. Think of how they'll be easier to pay back once you have a good paying job =). That's what I try to think about whenever the dreaded student laons are brought up.

    I'm glad you weren't being shot at during that hail storm. That would have been bad. I don't trust weather people. They think it's okay to lie.

  13. WHAAAT IS THE DEAL WITH THAT WOMAN FROM THE VIDEO?! Oh, my gosh. She is completely balls-out crazy!

    As always, I love your letters. Keep it up!

    And don't forget! We have to support each other through this grad school journey! *holding your hand and squeezing tightly*


  14. i love Glozell!! I met her and she is hilarious!!

    visit nichollvincent.blogspot.com

    have a good one!

  15. Have fun at Put-in-Bay! I haven't been there since I was like 2 years old! We go to Kelley's Island if we are heading up that way, because we like the slower pace. But we might have to go to Put-in-Bay next time, because I know there is a lot more to do there. I hope you have pictures to share! :-) Have fun!

  16. Been loving your instagram photos. I would love to be anywhere near water right now in this heat!

    and yay for grad school!!!


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