if we were bff, you would know these things

Yes. I'm hopping on this bandwagon because it's awesome. Lindsay's post convinced me of that. And I know you're all dying to know every detail of my life.

So here we go. Giddy up!

If you really knew me...

+ You'd know I used to have a bizarre fear of pushing shopping carts in a store. I felt like whenever I pushed one the entire world would stare at me and I would sweat all over my body. Weird, right?! Sometime over the last year it completely stopped bothering me.

+ You'd know in high school I had this quirk where I matched my underwear to my shirt every single day. And when I really had my ducks in a row, I'd match the color of my mechanical pencil to my shirt. Therefore, my pencil always matched my underwear. I thought I was awesome; my friends teased me relentlessly.

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+ You'd know most of my favorite movies were filmed before 1960 and include at least one tap dancing scene. White Christmas is my all time favorite with Singing in the Rain a close second.

+ You'd know I have intense, vivid dreams every single night. Without fail. I've dreamed about every person I know, and even people I don't know. Left a comment on my blog? I've probably dreamed about you! And it was probably bizarre. I've refrained many a time from emailing some of you about my weird dream.  Just ask Linds, I once dreamed we went on a double date and she ate several hot dogs "because they were German." Which, if you know her, she doesn't do.

+ You'd know I'm not one bit competitive. Not even slightly. I just want to have fun. Unless we're playing Scrabble, then COME AT ME BRO. Because you'll lose.

+ You'd know I'm a total music snob. I'm that obnoxious person who liked every band before they were famous. Don't even get me started on how I started listening to Adele YEARS and YEARS and YEARS ago before her first album even came out. I almost never listen to the radio or mainstream music. I know, I would hate me too.

+ Speaking of music, I could listen to jazz all day every day. Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, you name it. My soul grieves that it wasn't alive in the 40s.

+ You'd know I have a degree in English, but I secretly hate a lot of "classic" literature.

+ You'd know I'm hypoglycemic and need to eat frequently or I get dizzy and moody. Seriously, everyone who knows me in real life is shaking their heads in agreement right now.

+ You'd know I've always had a difficult time being friends with girls. Growing up and through college, the majority of my close friends were guys. There are a very few girls I've been able to form good friendships with in my life, and it's a struggle to this day, though blogging has helped me realize just how many awesome girls are out there.

+ You'd know playing the piano is my preferred form of therapy. You can generally tell my mood by what I'm playing. Jazz if I'm in a good mood, Beethoven/Debussy/Mozart/Gershwin if I'm feeling adventurous, Chopin when I'm sad, and Bach if I have a death wish.

+You'd know it takes an outrageous amount of self control to not eat Mexican food every single day. Chipotle, specifically.

+ You'd know I'm not a tomboy, but I'm definitely not a girly girl. Talking about makeup and clothes is not my idea of a good time. I want to get deep and real when I talk to people. And laugh. A lot. And I have a strong aversion to the color pink. Unless it's in the form of nail polish.

+ You'd know that I want to be Tina Fey when I grow up.

What would I know about you?


  1. Spot on. :) Greenville. Wal-mart. Shopping cart. Hilarity.

  2. oh, i can relate. i'm a total music snob too...i've gotten better, but in college i was the worst! i liked everyone 'way before' anyone ever knew about them. what a bragger i was! ha

  3. I LOVE YOU!! i am going to steal this post.. Haha

  4. Goodness, I feel like I need to comment on every statement you made!! LOL:
    First- matching underwear and pencils is just hilarious to me!
    -I LOVE old movies and White Christmas is def one of my faves! I also own quite a few Alfred Hitchcock movies- love 'em!
    -Pleeeease tell me I've graced a dream before?!
    -Frank Sinatra is the MAN
    -I get PISSY when I haven't eaten in awhile, definitely always carry snacks with me in my purse, work desk, etc.
    -I would legit LIVE off Mexican food, but sadly it's beginning to show in all the wrong places- i.e. my midsection!

    I love your blog, so glad you posted this :)

  5. 1) A fear of pushing shopping carts? I have never heard of that! ShoppingCartaphobia!
    2) I have never seen White Christmas but it is one of my best friend's favorite movies.
    3) I'm not a music snob so much, but I HATE when I've liked someone for so long, and then they get popular :( It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, I hate it. I mean, I'm happy for the artist - go them! But at the same time BOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    4) I love Frank Sinatra! When my husband and I first started hanging out, I told him this, and he bought us a Frank Sinatra holiday cd to listen to :)
    5) I have a really difficult time being friends with girls too. Almost all my close friends growing up were guys, but once I got older, and married. . I lost touch with a lot of those guys. And now it just feels wrong making new friends with guys. So I'm stuck in a "I have no friends" zone. Lol.
    6)I could have written your "I'm not a tomboy, but I'm not a girly girl" line. The whole thing, even with the color pink being only acceptable in the form of nail polish.

    Fun post, loved learning more about you!!

  6. TWO shout-outs in ONE Shell Bell post?! Well, hot damn, it's my lucky day! I just love you, Michelle!

    I loved reading all of this about you, and I love that you even included the double-date dream about us... and those hot dogs! Bahaha! "Because they're German." Oh, too good! I did LOVE bratwurst back in my meat-eating days (read: last year)!

    Also, let's go back to the jazz and big band eras, but we'll have to wave a magic wand and make me white, so... you know. So I have civil rights and all and so I could still marry my husband. :-)

    I love you, and I loved Skyping with you this weekend! Also, yes. I DID send you a quasi-creepy Twitter DM to you. ;-)

  7. This is pretty funny, specially the underwear one.

    Now I'm curious to know if you had a dream about me. Or if you will have one after reading this comment. Hmmm?

  8. let's teleport back to the 40's shall we? I just started reading this book last night (A Severe Mercy), and in it he's describing his love story of him and his wife that took place around that time, and it was SO divine! I'm obsessed with singin' in the rain (my first date with Kev he took me to a dinner theatre of singin' in the rain even though he hated musicals...I knew he was a keeper after that!). AND...almost everyday my ella fitzgerald station on pandora is blasting. Kindred, I tell you:)

  9. Let's go back in time and hang out in the 40's and 50's, okay? I'm totally down for that. I love that you're a music snob. I hate when I like an artist, and they sell themselves out to become mainstream. I'm holding onto Mumford and Sons - they are my loooooovers.

    Also, I match my underwear to my socks in the winter. It gives me sock OCD, but I do it.

  10. I haven't commented here before (I think) (just found you recently) but I would definitely want to know if you ever had a weird dream about me, haha!

  11. I am the same way about scrabble... I turn into a monster. A MONSTER.

  12. White Christmas is one of my all time favorite movies too! Everyone I tell to watch it say that they HATED it! They didn't get it! Whatevs - Sisters...Sisters...There's nothing... Oh so great! When I was a kid I wanted my bridesmaid dresses to be the exact same red ones from the final scene :)

  13. I'm with you on A LOT of this stuff! Especially the music from the 40's. I've always said if my life were a movie, Tina Fey would be the one to play me in my comedy of errors. :)

  14. My grandma and I use to watch White Christmas every year, love it! So glad I stumbled upon your blog, too cute.

    Your newest follower Ashton from:

  15. I have a piano minor, and it's my form of therapy, too! Except that I love Chopin when I'm feeling adventurous (the etudes). I only play Bach if I have a death wish!

  16. Hah, this is great! I love this idea, so I'll probably being borrowing (ahem, stealing) it from you sometime!

    Gosh, I want to be Tina Fey when I grow up too... but then again, who doesn't?

  17. This post was really fun to read! I liked learning more about you! Just found your blog through Lindsay! Haha, I love what you said about classic lit - I have a masters in Liberal Arts and had to take a ton of English classes, which I loved, but I secretly hate lots of the classics, too! Shhh...

  18. We have some similarities, certainly not the pushing cart fear LOL but the music one, and I am hypoglycemic too---

    these were so fun and interesting to learn about you...OH and I'm not competitive either, not a bone in my body is. So glad you shared this! I might have to try it;)

  19. :) Yes to the music and the carts.

  20. i just have to say, this is one of the best posts ever.
    competitive=not me.
    music snob, yesssss.
    the music thing? the jazz, the sinatra and fitzgerald?! love!!!
    the issue with pink. uh yeah.

    btw, erika ^^ at chambanachik linked to you....and said to follow you.....i don't just *do* that to blogs.
    but i actually kinda LIKE your blog and your personality.
    your writing makes me laugh. and think. and try to remember my older blogging days when i enjoyed sitting down and WRITING a post. because i had something to say.
    it's been a while since i've reveled in that. :P

  21. If we were BFF's, you'd know that I'm pretty much convinced that we're twins separated at birth.

    If you're in doubt, refer to recent e-mail chain.


  22. I hate makeup, but sadly I love outfits. I also have a degree in English, but I am TERRIBLE at spelling, much to the chagrin of my beloved teachers. I saw somewhere you hate misspelled words, you might want to stay away from my blog. I can't spell at all and I can't tell when I misspell, I guess my brain is so screwed up. :P


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