because don't you want to know even more weird things about me?

So I've been nominated for blog awards a few times lately.

Apparently the rules demand I give you 11 facts about myself. And just incase you didn't learn enough about me  here and here, I thought I'd reveal more of my secrets.

I know, I know. Save some for the 2nd date, right?

Oh well.

1. The night before my wedding, my bridesmaids and I sat on my living room floor and we prank called pretty much everyone we knew (including James, who was not a good sport). It was a very mature moment for me.

2. One of my all time favorite memories is July 4, 2010. I was in Edinburgh with a bunch of other Americans, and we celebrated the 4th by going to Hard Rock Cafe (the most American thing around) and stood up in the middle of the restaurant and sang the Star Spangled Banner.

We may have been booed by a few Brits. Which is funny, because there were a few Uncle Sams walking around. Yes, Uncle Sam in the UK. I have proof!

We then a had a delightful conversation about tax.

3. In my first apartment in college, I made a mural of colored post-its that covered an entire wall in my bedroom. It was a sunset scene, and it was beautiful. My roommate used to invite people over to show it off. I have no idea what happened to the pictures of it.

4. The last time I dressed up for Halloween, I dressed up as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. James dressed up as the cat.


5. I deactivated my Facebook almost 5 months ago, and I still stand by it as one of the best decisions I've ever made.

6. I'm Danish. See? Here I am with an authentic Danish clog, just basking in my Danishness.

7.  I've been craving cupcakes for DAYS. Someone please bring me one. Please. I feel like the calories won't count that way. If a cupcake is too much, a donut would suffice. Thank you.

8. I babysat 2 little girls through college. I used to spend the night at their house once a week, get them ready for school, and walk the youngest into her preschool classroom. I'm telling you, it's the best job I ever had. I miss it so much.

9. Ok, so you know the "south pole" elf in the movie Elf who is super snarky and writes children's books? This guy? Well. I happened to stand behind him in the Burger King line in the Vegas airport many years ago. I might have freaked out. I was scared to say anything to  him because, well, you saw him beat Will Ferrel up in Elf. But he was wearing big diamond earrings and a hawaiian shirt, if you're wondering.

Oh, Miles Finch. That was his name in the movie. Just came to me. And by that I mean I just found it on IMDB.

10. Alissa is sharing a very humiliating picture of me from high school on her blog today. It's here.

11. I have the appetite of a 16 year old boy with the munchies. I'm hungry constantly. It's not pretty.

And now I have questions I'm supposed to answer. If I missed some from other people, I'm sorry!

First, from Katie who happens to be a fellow Ohioan. We're totally planning a double date for sometime this fall and it's going to rock.

1. What life experience has most impacted you and has helped make you who you are today? Oh man, there are MANY I could rattle off. I would have to say moving around the country so many times. It taught me how to make a life for myself, be independent, and it taught me to learn to love where I am in life. If that makes sense. Basically I like to think it made me a more well rounded person. Each place I've lived has shaped me in some way.
2. Where do you go to get away, take a breather and rejuvenate? It depends where I am and what's available. Growing up it was always downstairs to play the piano (and it will be again as soon as I have a house and room for my piano), in college it was a long drive to the beach, and now it's going to the gym and running.
3. When something happens in life, good or bad, who is the first person you want to call? James or my mom.
4. Favorite pizza toppings (assuming you like pizza)? Pineapple!
5. What makes you, you? Something physically, emotionally... (ex. for me it's my freckles.) Physically probably my glow in the dark skin. Seriously, put me in direct sunlight and my skin will blind you. Otherwise I would say maybe my goofiness? For being a supposedly "smart" brunette I have a ton of blonde moments.
6. If you could go anywhere in the U.S., where would it be? There are so many places I still want to visit, but I'm gonna have to go with California. Santa Barbara, preferably :)
7. What is your ideal vacation? Hiking, camping, beach, Mts, hotels, pools, city, wilderness? Oh man. I'm evenly divided between mountains, beach, and city. I think I'll go with the mountains. I miss them so much.
8. What are some essentials in your pockets or purse? Chapstick ALWAYS and wintergreen gum. I cannot function without either one.
9. What do you love most about blogging? The relationships I've built with people all over. It's crazy how close you can become with fellow bloggers. If only we all lived together. Blogger commune, anyone?
10. Would you say that blogging has added something special to your life? Do you value it as an outlet/resource? Definitely! I just wish I would've started sooner. It truly helps keep me sane. Plus it's a great creative outlet for me and helps me keep writing.
11. Is there a character in a book or movie that is most like you? Where you have watched/read about and thought--'man, that is my life.' Oh man. This is tough. I have no idea!  However, if my life could be Pride & Prejudice or an episode of Downton Abbey, I'd be totally ok with that. Wait...now that I think about it, I kind of feel like Pam in The Office. I have an awful job and can't stand the people I work with...except there is no Jim here. I think I need to start faxing people from the future...

And from my super sweet friend Erika.

1. If you weren't doing what you are doing now (a particular career, being a homemaker, etc.), what would you want to do? Honestly, my dream job would be to be a work from home writer and raise my kids.
2. What's the best, no-fail recipe you have (hey- I need all the help I can get!)? Girl, I got you covered. I have a bunch of good recipes. I make these sloppy joes a lot and they are killer. This casserole is also really easy and James requests it all the time. I have  many more I can send you!
3. Not an original question, but what three things (family and pets not included) would you grab in a fire? Ha, I've seriously laid in bed at night and thought about this. I would grab my wedding rings if I wasn't wearing them, my laptop, and the file box we keep our important documents in. Exciting answer, I know. I unfortunately have experience evacuating during a fire.
4. What book has made a big impact on your life? You're allowed to name more than one. I love this question. The Bible, obviously. It's changed my life. One book that's made a huge difference in my life is Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy. She's much more hardcore about some things than I would ever be, but I read it several times through high school and college.
5. If someone handed you a front row seat to any concert, who would you want to see? Jamie Cullum, hands down.

6. Imagine someone describing you to a stranger- what would they say? Yikes. I have no idea. Probably that I'm quiet and weird. Even though I kind of feel like that describes a creepy middle aged man who lives in his parent's basement.
7. What's something you've always wanted but never gotten? (An accomplishment, a possession, a feeling...anything.) I've wanted a trampoline since the dawn of time. Still no trampoline. But in all seriousness, more than anything I want to go to France. It's kind of all I want out of life. The French classes in my high school had the opportunity to go every 2 years or so, but they stopped going the 4 years I was in high school and started again the year after I graduated. I wanted to study abroad in college, but that never worked out for various reasons. I was also supposed to go a few summers ago with my roommate, but then she had family issues and that fell through too. I've watched so many of my friends go and it kills me. Someday. Someday it will work out.
8. What's something you've always wanted and did get? Several things come to mind immediately. Growing up I always thought how awesome it was that my parents went to college near the beach. On trips to California my mom would show me where she used to go do her homework, and I always wanted to go to school near a beach, and I did. It may not have been California, but the Outerbanks were just as fun.  I also wanted to get married in my early 20s, and I did.

Another huge thing for me was visiting Europe. I wanted to go more than anything in this world, and I was able to go to Scotland two years ago. Fingers crossed I can go again soon. But even if I can't, I'm so grateful I was able to go. Best ten days of my life, and I spent it with total strangers.

I totally wound up on the set of a Bollywood movie by accident about ten minutes after this picture was taken.
9. You are magically handed your own birth certificate to type in any name you want. Do you stick with what you have, or change it? Hmmm. I wouldn't change it now. If I could've picked a different name before I was born, I definitely would, but I think Michelle suits me just fine now :)
10. What gives you the most comfort? Where is that place? Is anyone there with you? At the risk of sounding like a five year old, the couch in my parent's living room with James and my parents there. It's the one place in the world I feel most safe and comfortable.
11. And finally- if you go to England someday, can I stow away in one of your checked bags? (Hint: the answer should be YES.) Um, YES. And if you go to France, take me, ok? I'll translate ;)

I realize I'm supposed to tag people and stuff, but I don't feel like it. Sue me!

You're all tagged! Tell me your life story! Go!


  1. What I want you to know is that I hate pineapple on pizza more then anything in this world. well besides mushrooms on pizza.

    What you also need to know is I watched Elf this weekend, and I think I laugh harder every time I do.

    What you also need to know is this.. being a nanny was the best job I've ever had, even if it was the hardest.

    And my best friend sent me Breakfast at Tiffanys the other day. I had never seen it. I concluded the following, Audrey definitely had an eating disorder and is very dramatic, however it's a good one.

  2. I worked at a day care for 2 years, and I have never loved a job more than that. I fear that it was the best job I will ever have. Between the kids, my co-workers, the freedom to wear crocs with no judgement - it was just amazing. Even the crocs.

    Now, for you...I need you to find those pictures of the post-it sunset.

  3. HAHAHA there are no words, I love this.

  4. We REALLY need to talk more than we do. Every time I read a post of yours I'm like "This girl and I need to be friends. Fact." I laughed out loud when I clicked over to see your high school photo because I'm pretty sure there's about twelve of me doing the same thing... in my band room as well. Except I probably had a trumpet on my lap - so it was better. /trumpetego ;).

  5. Yay! I love getting to know more about you! Loved hearing all your responses :) We will have a double date!

  6. Hi, I clicked on your blog for the first time today and what a great way to get to know you a bit better! Your mural out of post-it notes sounds amazing. I hope you make it to France one day, it's a beautiful country, I went for a few weeks each summer from about 9-17, I have yet to go to Paris though.

  7. Love this! I deactivated facebook in january and I just told someone yesterday that it has been the best decision! Yeah for solidarity on that one girl:) And YES, P&P and Downton Abbey are truly the best. As long as we don't end up as Edith or Kitty, right? (well or Lydia, she's just plain annoying!). Thanks for sharing:) love Katie

  8. pineapple is my favorite thing in the world.


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