I have something to tell you.

Are you sitting down?

Do you have a box of tissues handy?

OK, good. Brace yourselves.


...............I won't be blogging next week.

I know, I know. Try to keep it together. Life will go on, I promise. But you can email me, text me, tweet me, whatever. There will just be no blog posts.

I might blog if given the opportunity, but most likely I won't be able to. I do, however, promise to post an obnoxious and annoying amount of palm tree, in & out, and airplane wing in the sky pictures on instagram & twitter.You'll love it. I promise.

Hopefully this day will go quickly. I have a to-do list 17 miles long and only a few hours to get it done before my alarm goes off at 4:45 am tomorrow. Oh yes. 

My trusty friend Dramamine and I will be spending the day in the skies, and hopefully I won't be puking my way there like last time. Keep me in your prayers? Or maybe pray for my family. They're all a little hesitant about being on the same airplane as me.


Catch you on the flip side.


  1. What?! Stupid. I'm leaving your blog.

    Kidding ;) Have a GREAT time, hope the traveling goes smoothly!!!

  2. I WILL MISS YOU, FRIEND! But say hi to my home state for me. :-) I will live vicariously through you and you eat In-N-Out fries and document it in photographic form. I love you! Travel well! I have my fingers crossed for you.

  3. Well, I hate you.

    It's official.

    NO I DON'T.

    But I'm certainly going to miss you! Good luck on the plane...and enjoy California!

  4. YES!!! So glad you will be in my state! I will feel closer to you subconciously.

  5. I wish youbhad gotten the drowsy.... bridesmaids.. "civil rights... This is the 90s"

  6. New blog name!?! wowza, I LIKE IT!!! So where are you going? You mentioned palm trees...


  7. Stupidness.

    I hope you don't puke.

    But I almost puked when I realized how long I have to be sans you.

  8. I hope you are having a great time on your trip! And I surely hope that you had a better flying experience this time around!

    Guess what.... I thought I had your button on my page, but I guess I didn't. So now your pretty little face with your cute glasses is making my blog look awesomeeee. Can't wait to hear about your trip!


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