happier things

Can I bet honest here?

Well, I would hope so. It is my blog after all.

Anyway, yesterday was horrible. I had fully lost my marbles and was crying at my desk by 11:30. Which was why I had such a ranty post yesterday. I try not to do that, but it was just one of those days.

I'm bound and determined to not have a bad day today. So I made of list of things that have kept me from the brink of insanity lately. 

1. Getting cards from Lindsay & Alissa, two seriously awesome blog friends. One came Monday and one came Tuesday. Exactly what I needed after two awful days.

2. Waking up this morning feeling about 75% better. At least the full body aches have calmed down substantially and sitting upright no longer takes all of my energy. It's really awesome to feel somewhat like a human being again. Maybe yesterday's letter of eviction worked after all?

3. Making fun of chambray, work, and the like all day every day with Alissa.She is hilarious.

4. California in three days! This all means all work hours will go toward making lists of things to pack/do before Saturday, planning my travel outfit, thinking about which books to read, you know. 

probably my favorite part of the west coast.
Best part of California. Lesbehonest. via
I'm stocking up on Dramamine today. Hopefully I'll remember to get non drowsy this time, otherwise I'll be having one of these moments on the plane. 

 Hahaha Kristen Wiig  Bridesmaids

5. Unexpectedly reconnecting with old friends.

6. Convalescing each evening to Boy Meets World. Delightful.

Boy Meets World

Cheers to a better Wednesday. What's making you happy?


  1. There's a colonial woman on the wing of the plane. she is dressed in authentic colonial garb. there's something they're not telling us!!!! ;)

    Glad you've got some good stuff coming your way now! Cali in 3 days is preeeetty darn exciting! :)

  2. Oh myyyyyy lanta, I love Bridesmaids. I have to stop myself from watching it every single night when I see it on HBO On Demand!

    Can I just say that texting with you kept me sane yesterday! I know we are suffering through the same type of BS half the time, and it helps to know that I'm not the only one who deals with crazies on a daily basis.

    How did it go with Target and the frames?

    ALSO, I will send you fun stuff in the mail, I just need your address!

  3. I'm so sorry your Tuesday stunk! What is it with you and Tuesdays girl?! You almost need to just sleep the day away so that your day won't be horrible. While that is probably not possible maybe start every Tuesday with a donut? That's sure to at least start the day well.

    Have you started packing for California yet? I'm crazy when it comes to packing. I usually have it done way too far in advance. Then I unpack and re-pack everything a couple of times.

    Hopefully you feel 100% better by the end of the day!

  4. Girl, you're making me crave In-N-Out burger so much right now! When I go visit my family in CA I usually go at least twice... sometimes 3 times. #noshame

  5. oh my good greif I freaking LOVE bridesmaids

  6. yay! so glad my letter cheered you :)

    woman, i am thrilled that you get to partake in In-n-Out soon. please go all out. animal fries, milkshake, the whole nine yards.

  7. That scene from Bridesmaids always has Husband and I rolling!

    "Oooooh... Helen knows the owner!"

    "Auf wiedersehen, asshole!"

    "Okay, STOVE."
    "It's Steve."
    "STOVE. What are you? An appliance?"
    "No, I'm a man."
    You're a flight attendant."
    "That is absolutely... accurate."


    I'm glad you got the card too! Love you, Michelle!

  8. Snail mail always makes things brighter.
    Glad you are feeling better, hope you are fully recovered for California.

  9. I think you SHOULD get the drowsy ones. That whole scene is literally amazing. I wish I could be on that flight with you if you are using the drowsy kind ;)

    also-- IN -N- OUT, what's up!!

    hoping today has been better despite my complaining butt!!!

  10. At least today was a little brighter, love the blog!

    Jan @door251

  11. Man, my husband is from California and has mentioned In-n-Out approximately 562 times since we got married, but I've never been to the state and I've never been there. Maybe I'll have to check it out sometime.

  12. california, YAY!!! Enjoy sister.


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