My glasses came yesterday! I obsessively checked the tracking to see when they would get delivered and then waited anxiously all day for 5:00. And of course, it was the slowest day ever. 

The second I got home, I ran upstairs and tore the box open. As soon as I put them on and stood in front of the mirror, I thought uh oh. Totally not the picture I had in my head, but that's what happens when you order glasses online I suppose. You can't really tell in those pictures, but they're way more cat eye style than I expected. But after ten minutes I fell in love. By the way, wearing glasses and contacts at the same time = insta headache. 

I know you're sick of hearing about my eyeballs and glasses, so I'll stop now. 

Actually, no. I won't. Because I have a story.

First, it took about two weeks for people at work to notice I was wearing glasses. I had always worn my contacts, so people were all oh! you got glasses! how nice!

I'm on day two of wearing contacts again, and everyone is like WHERE DID THE GLASSES GO? Is this your first time trying contacts? What do you think??

Whatever. I expected it. Until one middle aged man walked up to my desk and asked me if this was my first time trying contacts. I said no. I explained. He said oh! Well that's so awesome! So what kind do you have?

What kind I have? Is he asking me what my prescription is? He saw my confusion and said soft? hard? gas permeable? (first, I've never heard of gas permeable lenses in my life. Or people who wear hard lenses. But whatever.) I said soft, and then he got really excited to tell me all about his gas permeable lenses. He even popped it out of his eye to show me! 

NEWSFLASH: they look the same as mine.

And then I had to watch him struggle to put it back in his eye. 

So that's my Wednesday. And I'm finally done talking about all things eye related. 



  1. hahaha! this is too funny. people at my work do the same thing, if i go too long without getting my hair dyed i get a lot of, "new color". me: "nope just faded".

    i'm in the market for new glasses too, ordering online is making me nervous! i did the warby parker at-home try-on kit, but i'm still on the fence. and gas permeable? never heard of it. and does anyone wear hard contacts anymore?! eek!

  2. Somewhere in Utah, Shay is saying, "You shouldn't have ordered glasses off the Internet. I told you so."

    Personally, I freakin love them and think they look great. And the whole, "There's something different about you..." face because you switched up contacts/glasses is priceless. I know that face.


  3. Gas permeable lenses are used for those who have scars on their corneas or Keratoconus which is a crazy football curve of the cornea basically. they're hard. not soft.

    you're welcome.

    That alissa knows me so well.

    good job, ordering online, butthead.

  4. I have gas permeable hard contacts. I can't imagine how you get soft contacts out of your eyes. I tried them once and had a meltdown in the doctor's office. Love the new frames!

  5. omg that's so funny. Why oh why would you ever take your contact out to show someone!? I could never put mine back in my eye dry! eck!

  6. Your glasses are so cute! And you work with such "interesting" people. I guess that's a nice word for it :-) Every time you talk about the people in your office, I can't help picturing "The Office" or "Office Space." It cracks me up

  7. I love those glasses. You want to see cat eye glasses? Look at any pictures of me from 2002 to 2006. Black frames, legit cat eyes, one rhinestone on each side. :-) It was straight out of the '50s, and I loved them. And then one day when I moved from my first NYC apartment to my second, a box was set on top of them. UGH. :-(

    Long story short, I LOVE YOUR NEW GLASSES!

    And like I said on Twitter, that man is gross for not washing his hands before popping that contact out. Yuck.

  8. who takes their contacts out over someone else's desk, really?


    I like your new frames!

  9. hahah :) I always love hearing your stories. so great.

    Loveee the glasses!

  10. Oh! MY WORD!!!! What was he thinking? You totally rock the glasses. Love them!

  11. First off, those glasses look AdORABLE on you! Second, a glass eye? I feel like the craziest things happen to you-- so funny!

  12. You look way cool, my friend. I got some glasses from an online site, but the prescription must have been messed up on their end, because I can't wear them for more than a couple minutes without getting a headache. Sad, because they are super awesome nerd ones. My actual glasses aren't very exciting.


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