how to make monday a smidge less sucky

If you're anything like me whatsoever, you've been in a bad mood all day.

Why a bad mood, you ask?

Oh, I don't know. Maybe something about the fact that I spent all weekend relaxing and watching Boy Meets World and snuggling with my kitty and making homemade blueberry muffins saturday morning and the most fattening yet delicious mac & cheese ev-ah last night and omg I want some more and it's Monday and I had to wake up at 6 and my coworkers gave me a ton of work to get done that should have been given to me a week ago and everything is stupid and I lost my gym card and I just want to go back to bed and my tummy hurts.

Something like that, I guess.

But I wouldn't know for sure.

So anyway, when life's got you down and you've got the blues, do these things:

1. Scarf down your lunch as fast as you can.

2. Blare some Scottish Rock from the 80s, such as this. Because seriously, who doesn't love a good accent and electric guitars that sound like bagpipes?

I'm not even going to discuss how many times my dad and I have danced around the living room to this song.


3. Hightail it down the highway and to the nearest Barnes & Noble.

4. Dig through the humor section until you find this book:

When Parents Text: So Much Said...So Little Understood

5. Find a secluded corner and die. laughing.

I drew so much attention to myself and I don't even care.

I promise your Monday will now start to look much better.

Plus! We're almost to Tuesday. Which is a day closer to Friday.


    girl, this monday sucks. sucks doesn't even describe it.. I just... ugh. But, seriously. that e-card.... describes me to a T! hahaha I am still laughing...

  2. I wish I knew about this on my lunch break! Or when I was in B&N yesterday.

    My day is looking up - and by that, I mean - it's almost time to go home.

    Now, tomorrow. That Tuesday. I'll be thinking about you...

  3. I will have you know my stomach hated me all morning.

    clearly we have bonded, lets spare the details shall we.

    now i'm thinking about mac n' cheese.

    but then I reminded of my stomach so i'm changing my thoughts to... I wish you lived by me.

  4. I hear ya!!! I need to get that book for my classroom and just starting reading when I would rather throw an 8th grader through the wall!

  5. Hahaha, next time I am at B&N I am definitely finding that book!

  6. When Parents Text is a website, too! I might be late for work because I'm laughing so hard!

  7. Hey Michelle! I awarded you the Liebster Award over here: http://thoughtsfromthebirdhouse.blogspot.com/2012/08/liebster-anyone.html

  8. I would so love to read that book! I feel like that alone could make any day better!

  9. awww hahahaha i do like your list though LOL. And that book, what!? SO TRUUUUUUUUUE love it!!! ahahahahaha

  10. I'm late in reading this post, but I want to buddy up in the corner of a B&N with you so we can giggle to ourselves (and the rest of the store) together while devouring that book.


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