open letters to anyone who will listen

Dear evil virus,

Get out. Get out my body. Right now. This is your eviction notice. Every square centimeter of my body is aching. My tonsils hurt. Sitting in an upright postion requires more energy and strength than I currently possess. I leave for California in four days, and I do not have enough time off this year to take a sick day or two to rest. NOT OK.

Dear PMS,

Get out too. Immediately. Never come back.

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Dear carpal tunnel,


Dear morning traffic,

What in the heck! I left 20 minutes earlier than normal and was still a couple minutes late. Even perky miss passion for fashion walked in ranting about you this morning. Get it together.

Dear chocolate cake(s),

I don't know where you are, but please come find me. All of you. I need you.

Dear coffee,

There is not nearly enough of you in the world today. You are the only thing keeping from slumping over into a coma of death.

Dear everyone,

Ignore me. Or bring me donuts (and/or cake) and we can pretend this whole rant session never happened.

If anyone needs me, I'll be slumped in my swivel char, clutching onto my coffee mug and glaring at anyone who tries to talk to me.


  1. Listen here missy, if I didn't like you so much, I'd suggest we have a friendship break up. These Terrible Tuesdays are no beuno!

    I am DYING over that picture, though. That is exactly what it feels like.

    Be grateful for traffic? Because arriving early for work is frowned upon.

    Here's to a better Wednesday!

  2. If I could I would bring you some donuts and some more coffee!

    Hope you start to feel better, being sick & having PMS stinks more then anything.

  3. Oh gawsh. You aren't feeling better.

    PMS, did you know that I made it through my period without really even crying? I mean I cried ONCE which is like a Christmas miracle, I know how much you love Christmas.

    Feel better.

    Please don't barf all the way to California.

  4. um...one look at that picture, and I was like YESSSSS there is a war going on in my uterus, no wonder I feel like dying right now. thank you for accurate capturing the state of my female parts. i can now get back to work:) love Katie

  5. oh i forgot to tell you in the last post that i am sorry you were sick:( And glad you are on the up and up:)

    I have to have carpel tunnel surgery on my left wrist, I had it done on the right one 6 years ago, aahh oh well! Do you ice or anything? Come to think of it, my right one might be acting up again too:o


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