the dog days are over

See that girl up there? That's a girl wearing sunglasses for the first time IN A MONTH.

You know why she's wearing sunglasses? BECAUSE SHE'S NOT WEARING GLASSES LIKE THESE!


That's right. This horrible eye infection I've been battling since May is finally gone. Months of bulky glasses and expensive bottles of eye drops are a thing of the past!

And just in time to look spiffy for the family reunion we're apparently having in California where I get to meet all the second and third cousins I never knew existed.

So yes, I can wear contacts now, and I have two weeks of samples to last me three weeks until I order them for real. Which is fine because my new glasses should be delivered today (!) and in a funny twist of fate, my prescription had to be strengthened last night.

So I now have new glasses with the wrong prescription. But it's ok. I can still see just fine with them. I just won't be passing any vision tests at the eye doc's. But at least I'll be lookin' darn good while I'm failing that test. And hopefully I won't ever have to wear glasses full time again for this reason. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but it's amazing how having normal, white eyeballs makes me so happy now. The whites of my eyes were seriously the color of blood, and I couldn't even look in the mirror it was so scary.

Today is the first day in months I didn't have to bathe my eyes in expensive liquid and wear glasses. It's the little things, people.

Happy Tuesday, and cheers to white eyeballs.


  1. Yess! Congrats! I'm glad to hear your zombie eyes are a thing of the past!

    Promise you'll still rock your glasses from time to time? I'm 4-eyed Monday-Friday and then rock contacts on the weekends.

    I really, really, really, need to order new contacts. Will Shay get mad if I do that online??

  2. OHHHH sweet Michelle.
    I'm partaking in the dark rinmed fancy today... You're basking in the sweet freedoms with out. (can you tell I've been with English teachers for the past 24 hours?!?)

    Yay us.
    Yay you.
    Yay third cousins.

  3. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I understand your frustration with that whole process. And I'm glad your eyes are doing much better now!

  4. Glad to hear your eye infection has gone.
    I wear glasses all the time, every few years I try contacts (it's probably about time again soon), but I always give up with them. I've been wearing glasses for about 25 years, I kinda feel naked when I try contacts.

  5. HOORAY! It's finally over! Bahaha! That's a bummer about the glasses prescription, but I would do that same thing. USE THEM. Did I tell you that the eye doc actually lessened my new prescription?! How does that happen after four years of wearing the same glasses and contacts? Hahaha! I now have a tortoise pair and a black pair, and I intend to wear them both, by golly.

  6. where in CA are you going to beeeeeeee?? email meeeeeeeeee.

  7. oh, ps, LOVE your new glasses B)

  8. Yay!! So happy for you! Contacts are so much more comfy to wear! :)

  9. Glad to hear you're all better! and you're coming California :)

  10. So glad your eyes are better! I've experienced similar things in my many years of glasses/contacts, and I know how great it feels to be able to see the whites of eyes after a long battle with unwanted redness!

  11. I'm pretending I am not shaking my head from side to side...

    online ordering.


  12. Yea!! I actually love my glasses, but when I am forced to wear them, I hate them. I want to wear them on MY terms, and wear my contacts most of the time.


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