Thursday Thoughts

1. I have always been known to have the most bizarre and outlandish dreams. I mentioned here how I've dreamed about pretty much everyone in blog land already, and I have frequent dreams about tornadoes and my teeth falling out.

But last night. Last night's dreams were just weird. Something happened to James and I was then forced into an arranged marriage with a guy I work with (I know. *shudder*). And then I got mad because this guy kept ignoring me. And then somehow I wound up working for the police department and searched cars for cocaine. Except in my dream, "cocaine" looked like a TUMS and had a big "C" on it.

I am now prepared for all the traffic my blog is about to get from people googling cocaine.

2. Apparently there's a huge West Nile Virus outbreak in the US. My apartment complex put up signs everywhere warning people to be careful because they found the virus "in our area." I am officially terrified to go outside until it snows.

3. I've been lusting over tortoise shell glasses for awhile now, and since I've been banished to glasses for the past month, I decided to splurge. I mean, I love my dark purple glasses, but they don't exactly look amazing with everything I own. So I ordered these babies last night.  They're part Ray Ban part nerd glasses and I'm so excited I can't handle it. I just hope they look as amazing as I hope they will.

By the way, why am I just now realizing how amazing it is to buy glasses online? I got these for about an eighth of the price of using my insurance at the eye doctor.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful addiction.

4. Ok, so I still think Twitter is kind of dumb, but I have to say, I love Twitter for all the hilarous people out there. James and I laid in bed last night reading through some of these and laughing until we couldn't breathe.

My faith in humanity has been slightly restored.

5. I leave for California in two and a half weeks. I still need a whole new wardrobe. Why is it that whenever  I go any kind of vacation I have the overwhelming need to buy all new clothes? Oh well. I'll use any excuse I can get!

Tomorrow is Friday, you guys. Tomorrow. Stay strong.

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  1. "cocaine" looked like a TUMS and had a big "C" on it... uhhhhh isn't that what cocaine looks like?

    Girl, maybe it's because I work in eyecare.. it is... it's not a maybe DON'T ORDER YOUR GLASSES ONLINE. danggit.

  2. Love the glasses, I have been wanting a similar pair, but worry I will look like a weirdo! Excited to see them on you! :) :)

    Annndddddd, yeah. I have decided I don't like Twitter. Like, I am not very hilarious in 140 characters or less... COME ON!! haha and, I simply use it to be sarcastic or annoyed.. soo.. haha LOVE YOU!!

  3. Cocaine is powder that can be combined with liquid to be smoked or injected. For future reference. (I watch a lot of Intervention, plus I work with the homeless population of my city.)

    Also I don't know who Sammy Rhodes is, but hilarious!

  4. those tweets are awesome, thank you for sharing.

    Love the new glasses, too. I rock huge rayban nerd frames every day and looove them.

  5. I'm all about doing coke. And I'm also lying.

    So, I never knew you could order glasses online, and despite Shay telling us not to, I probably will. I'd like to mix it up, but I don't want to pay a ridiculous amount of money for another pair!

    FRIDAY. Yes. Can't wait.

  6. I can't wait to see your new glasses! :-) I love tortoise shell!

    I also love those tweets. Too good! Bahaha! I think you CAN die from lack of pizza. But I won't test that theory.

  7. Cute glasses, where did you go online to purchase these?
    I recently (last week) got some new glasses from my eye doctor, and when I picked them out I thought they were amazing, and now that I've been wearing them 24/7 I don't love them quite as much (boo).
    And, you DO have weird dreams.

  8. I love those glasses! I have some tortoise shell glasses already, but they are over 6 years old so they are a bit too small for my face. Thankfully both my hubby and I are headed to the eye doctor in September. Which means cute new glasses!


  10. Cute glasses!

    And your dream had me giggling! I also dream really strange things but typically about random celebrities (weird).

  11. I have dreams about my teeth falling out, it's awful, makes me shiver just thinking about it.
    Love the glasses, I don't think I could order glasses online, I need to know what they look like on and I am so indecisive, the optician I used to go to when I was younger used to let me take a selection of glasses home to decide when I'd whittled it down to about 6 pairs, I was that bad! Funny tweets.

  12. HI, I got here by googling cocaine. Nice to meet you.

    LOVE those glasses!!

    Yep. I might literally LOL at some of those twitter feeds!!!


  13. i'm obsessed with those glasses! i'm looking into getting a new pair soon :)
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

  14. I have Ray Ban glasses, but they're small and not Ray-Ban-ish. I would kill for a pair of sunglasses, Bobby Dylan style!


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