weekend haikus

I love when James plays
His guitar in the morning.
Makes me so happy.

Work is annoying.
A four letter word for sure.
I needed a break.

Retail therapy!
Perfect for a long lunch break.
Swiped too much plastic.

I love this city.
Shot this near my work building.
I'm glad I live here.

I hate Taylor Swift.
Her music makes my ears bleed.
Always been this way.

I like her new song?
It's catchy and makes me dance!
Who have I become?

This cat is too much.
She loves to be all tucked in.
I can't handle it.

This is my Mom's cat.
His name is Joe. Or Joseph.
Oh, he has a twin.     

The most interesting cat in the world.

See the resemblance?
The most interesting cat.
And the man himself.

I can't stop staring.
It's cracking me up so much.
Joe just needs a beer.

"I don't always sit
Like this, but when I do, I
look like a GQ"

Sunday evening tea
And Boy Meets World season two
Make for a good night.

Ugh, Monday morning
Reminds me everything sucks.
But mostly traffic.

My morning commute
Took me an hour instead
of twenty minutes.

I went two miles in
forty five minutes. It's a
case of the Mondays.

But I leave at 3!
For a doctor appointment.
Better place than work.

It's for my zombie
eyes. They are so much better.
I miss my contacts.

I hope your Monday
has better traffic than mine.
Four days till Friday.


  1. I'm passing the Monday blues torch off to you! Please don't give me your Terrible Tuesdays :(

    Joseph is so fancy, I can't even handle it.

    I listened to Taylor's new song a few times on my way to work, trying to figure out if I like it. If I was 19 again, and breaking up with my high school boyfriend, I would be all over it. She's like 22? I need her to grow up just a little.

    Good luck at the doctors!

  2. Joe the cat is pretty interesting. Does he always pose that way?

    Good luck with your zombie eyes today!

  3. Haha, you are so funny! And that cat is hilarious.

  4. How cute!
    I like Taylor Swift's new song too. I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift!
    Happy Monday- hope your doc appt. goes well
    I'm already ready for the weekend- we have a trip planned :)

  5. BAHAHAHA! Oh, Joe! I love it!

    Traffic is the worst. School starts up again in our area next week, so we're anticipating more congested roads. BLAH.

  6. I feel the same way when my husband plays. Oh, how I swoon! Taylor Swift? Yep, don't like her so much BUT I LOVE that song! Haha! It has me under a spell or something!

  7. That Taylor Swift song is so damn catchy, I raise my hands in the air and practically do the wave, all by myself. It's awesome because I am a grown up or something.I love Taylor Swift, I watched her for my birthday last year. It was the best birthday. I don't care that you don't like her, I don't. Our friendship can get past this.

    I'm sorry your monday sucked due to traffic, however there is a bright side you didn't eat Weavill.

  8. I am laughing so hard at those pictures. And I am normally not a Taylor Swift fan either, but I do like her new song!

  9. Omygosh you are a HOOT and a holler!!! I swear I come here just so I can laugh, you just crack me UP, I love it:)

    Now God made mondays too honey bunny:o

    i love that your husband sings and plays guitar, just.love.it. And your moms cat!!! ahahahaha looks like his arm is like posed,hehehehe toooooooo cute!

  10. oh and i agree, that new taylor swift song is SO catchy!

  11. Ahhh, my favorite. :) You are too good at these. Is there such a thing as a professional haiku writer? Because that's you all the way.


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