blogging from bed

I hate taking sick days. I don't know why, I just do. I never feel bad about taking vacation time, but for some reason I feel guilty about taking a sick day. When I'm sick, I usually just push through, go to work, feel miserable, and regret not staying home. However, yesterday's wildfire in the back of my throat has turned into some sort of full fledged cold/flu thing. I could barely function yesterday, so I called in sick this morning. I'm staying home, even though my boss thinks it's just "early morning sinus pressure that will get better as soon as I get to work." My lack of sinus pressure and the all over body aches and slight fever beg to differ. But whatever.

I wasn't going to blog about that, but then I saw this gem on twitter later this morning and couldn't help myself. 

Um, no kidding. I'm going to listen to my body when I know it needs to rest and heal. And I'm not going to feel guilty about it. 

But it's a perfect day for a sick day. It's raining, my kitty is sleeping next to me, and I just got to eat bacon. 

Now it's time to go visit my Keurig and Netflix. 



  1. Feel better Michelle! Our house was battling a cold/sinus issue all last weekend. Illness really just seems to be getting around right now.

    Don't let your boss make you feel badly for taking the day off. Personally it annoyed me when people came to work sick, because it's not like I wanted to catch their sickness! Oh and when people would bring their kids to gymnastics sick?! I wanted to shake the parents and tell them to take their kid home and put them to bed!

    Drink lots of water! When I try to do that I always feel much better the next day. Hope you can get some rest!

  2. I'm jealous of your rainy day at home with Netflix and Keurig! Get well soon, lover face!

  3. I wish I was doing what you're doing without the sick part. Feel better!

  4. What?! How did I know not know about this Twitter? I must follow right meow.

    Take it easy and don't let your boss - or "early morning sinus pressure" - get you worked up. People are dumb.

    Oh my lanta, is Miss Passion for Fashion at your desk all day then? Should I prank call her?

  5. Boooo, feel better soon! And cover your damn mouth when you sneeze.

  6. I hope you feel better soon. <3


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