California: Avila Beach

As I mentioned yesterday, we visited Cal Poly, the college my parents went to. I saw their dorms, apartments, and the building they met in. It was so cool to retrace their steps from thirty years ago. On the way back to my grandparent's, we decided to make a quick stop at Avila Beach. I'd always wanted to go, but I usually hang out at Pismo Beach which is just around the bend from Avila.

Plus, Avila Beach is where my parents got engaged. Right on the pier.

I loved this little beach. It was nestled in the hills and quintessential California with its palm trees amd 1950s inns & motels right on the water. I loved that it was late summer and their was a chilly breeze. The central coast has the best weather, I tell you. And James finally got to touch the Pacific Ocean!

Right about where they got engaged :)

My grandma told us about a little farmer's market up the road from the beach, and we found it just in time! You guys, this was the coolest place. I'm still drooling over it. I want to live next door to it. They crops and flower fields were right outside where they grow everything they sell. And the rooster. Please notice the rooster and his poofy white poof thing. We snagged an olallieberry (blackberry-ish) pie and it was delish.

To top off a totally awesome day, we grabbed dinner at In-N-Out. HELLO. I finally satisfied my three year craving, which only made me crave it worse. And now I think I'll die without it.

Ugh. Just looking at these pictures is enough to do me in.

Who wants to go to California with me and grab a burger?


  1. I'll go with you :)
    Such beautiful pics! your mom and dad are such love birds :) well, you and james too ;)

  2. Wonderful pics, and I would love to go!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love Avila:) Kev's grandma lives in SLO, his parents and all his siblings went to Cal Poly, and my sister goes to school there so we are there a TON! that area is seriously SO beautiful!!! glad you had a great trip...and LOVE all the pics!! love Katie

  4. I'll grab a burger with you! Say the word and I'll meet you anywhere! ;)

  5. I'm game, let's go! I'm sure my cousins will even let us stay with them overnight for free =)

  6. Could your parents be any cuter? I think not.

    Let's buy a house next to that farmers' market, no?

    I have a 25 (almost 26) year craving for In-N-Out.

  7. My brother lives in SLO! And I think he got engaged right where your parents did. :)

  8. In & Out is only good in Vegas & California.

    I love that your parents are still together, it feels rare.

    I love your photos, but I already told you that today. I hate to be a broken record.

  9. I love your pictures! I am taking a trip out to Cali for thanksgiving and my parents and I will be going to Pismo to camp! These pictures make me want to go now! Man I miss central Cali beaches!


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