friday's letters

Dear California,

We play this game every time I visit. I think I'm over wanting to live in you again and I'm happy with my life in Ohio, but then I go back and fall in love all over again. I just can't resist your freezing cold ocean waves, gorgeous palm trees, and horrendous drivers. By week's end I'm blubbering on the couch with a pint of ice cream and flipping through pictures of you.

Quit playing games with my heart.

Dear US Airways,

Oh do I have a bone to pick with you! Let me present you with my list of greivances:

1. We were scheduled to leave Santa Barbara at 12:40. Our plane did not arrive in SB until 1:30. By the time we got to Phoenix, our plane to Columbus had just left.
2. The ticket agent in SB said we could catch a red eye to Philadelphia and back to Columbus worst case. She promised the plane was nowhere near full and we wouldn't have any issues.
3. When we spoke to the ticket agent in Phoenix, she said the red eye was full. When I explained that we were told something else previously, she yelled at me. Yes. She literally yelled at a me, a customer. I'm still stunned.
4. We spoke to a Customer Service Rep in the airport to discuss other options. She explained our only option was to fly backwards to Vegas, catch a red eye to Charlotte, then fly backwards again to Columbus  the next morning. A good 24 hours of traveling.
5. I spoke up and asked to be booked on another airline if they have seats available and an earlier flight. I've had this done more than once. The Customer Service Rep literally threw her pen down and yelled "No. I'm not doing that for you." I explained they've done it in the past, and I knew it was in her realm of power. She said "That's right ma'm, but I won't do it!" I have never felt so much anger toward a person or company ever. I'm never flying US Airways again. I don't care how much more expensive it is for another airline.
6. It was the longest night of my life. I can't sleep on a plane for anything. And I came home to discover my car broke down. I blame US Airways. I blame them for everything bad that ever happened.
7. I went to work Monday to find the girl I work closely with had her baby a month early and left a bunch of unfinished work for me to figure out that was supposed to be done before she left for maternity leave. Say it with me now....US Airway's fault.

Dear Miss Passion for Fashion,

When you cover for me at lunch, it is TOTALLY unneccessary to rearrange everything on my desk, every single day. I have it the way it is for a reason. I know you constantly say you have OCD and should get some help, and to that I agree. I mean, I like that you clean it up a little, but I had a mild heart attack the other day looking for an important document that you had moved. Just stop, ok?

Dear girl who just interviewed who asked me if I enjoy working here,

I told you "Yes, I enjoy working here." The problem is you got in the elevator quickly so you missed the part where I whispered "I enjoy working here like I enjoy getting a root canal without any novocaine."  So good luck and stuff.

Dear Tina Fey & Mindy Kaling,

I've been blaming my exhaustion all week on jet lag, but we all know it's because I stayed up to all hours of the night reading your books, which are both hysterical and amazing. Also, can I have your jobs? Thanks.

Dear iPhone 5,

Not impressed.

Dear Fall,

Thank you for allowing me to wear jeans, a cardigan, and my toms to work this morning. These are my happy clothes. I think I will have to celebrate with something pumpkin flavored this weekend.



  1. Holy US Airways problems! That's unreal. I flew US Air when I went to NC and one flight ran about 20 minutes late, but that was it. They all need a lesson in customer service.

    Want me to smack Miss Passion for Fashion? Because I totally will.

    I am also NOT impressed by the iPhone 5. And let's talk about how they are estimated to make 2 BILLION DOLLARS in revenue because they switched the adapter.

    Fall clothes are my favorite, you know this. You know that I've been caught sniffing my hoodies.

  2. The ONE downside about living in California is that you are sweating by the end of the day if you wear fall clothing. Well, in Sacramento at least. So I'm going to Tahoe this weekend! :)
    Also, how are you not impressed by the iPhone 5?!!! Way ails you?!

  3. Oh. I forgot to say...


    That is all.

  4. Love so many things about this post! California, miss passion for fashion's hilarities, Tina Fey– love her, and need to read her book badly, and of course, fall clothes and all things pumpkin. I'm going to be eating my first pumpkin bread of the season this weekend! Woohoo for fall!

  5. You should seriously tweet them your experience or send them an email/give them a phone call. Most airlines take that kind of experience seriously and would most likely give you some kind of compensation like free miles or a free ticket. I made the mistake of not doing that after I flew out of Cali last and I kick myself every time I think of the other people who gave up their seats on my ill-fated overbooked flight and got a free ticket to use whenever they please.

  6. i so understand your feelings about california..same thing with me!

    Following you now! Happy Friday!! Stop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello! :)

  7. Oooooh, US Airways better brace themselves for your actual complaint letter. YIKES. Their employees did not handle the pressure well at all! Yelling at customers? Throwing your pen down? Not a good way to keep your cool. ;)

    Miss PF needs to stop rearranging your desk! That is one of my biggest work pet peeves. Rearranging someone's personal desk and not returning borrowed supplies. People, it's not that hard.

    Happy Friday! Love you!

  8. I really hope you got that ladies name down! It stinks that you were treated that way, not cool. I hate flying!

  9. I'm reading Mindy's book now. I love it so, so much. Have a great weekend!

  10. You are too funny. I hate bad experiences with airlines. Something similar happened to us when we were trying to fly out for our honeymoon! It was so frustrating!!

  11. I'm pretty sure that airlines are bent on loosing as many customers as they possibly can. Why? Who knows, but that seems to be what they are best at.

    Your Miss Passion For Fashion is going to lend to some awesome posts I have a feeling!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Tina Fey is the shizz. I laughed so many times reading that book. Mindy's was good, too!

    Reorganizing anyone's desk is totally not okay. You should fire her. ;)

    And I hear you about Airways. I wish my car had wings so I wouldn't have to deal with it.

    Happy weekend!

  13. Boo for US Airlines. I hope you and Passion for Fashion become BFFs and braid each others hair and stuff :)

  14. I'm terrified of flying so I've never done it. After that little episode you shared maybe I'm glad I haven't.

    My mom is OCD- drives me CRAZY!!!!

    Happy Weekend Friend! I'm loving Fall too :)

  15. I've been wanting to read Tina Fey's book since it came out. Let's do a book swap.

  16. The best part of this all was where you addressed that stupid girl and called her "miss passion for fashion" I'm going to laugh all day.

  17. Definitely happy clothes weather! My favorite.

    And boo to US Airways and mean people! I will fight her for you. Or at least glare really harshly.


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