it's fridizzle!

1. I have fallen in love with this song all over again. It's been on repeat all week and has been the catalyst for many a wicked dance party while driving down the highway and on the treadmill in the gym. And that dancing? I want to be black so I can have those skills. Because come on, no white person can move like that and be that awesome.

2. This morning I awoke to my cat licking my armpit. It was a strange moment.

3. As I was emailing Shay this morning, I had a thought. Becoming phone friends (texting & such) with a blogger is like a couple becoming facebook official. That's when you know it's the real deal...you're officially friends.

4. Feel free to hate me for this, but I think a lot of bloggers take blogging too seriously. If blogging is your full time job and you make a living from it, then that's a totally different ball game. I'd take that seriously too. But for the general population of bloggers, that's not the case. Alissa wrote a really awesome snarky post about blogging conferences and blog design and bloggers who go too far with it.

Of course we all care about followers and such, but I'm so completely over tweets screaming "I'm x amount of followers away from 500! Help me!" I mean, I'm sorry, but that's pathetic in my opinion. It's quality of readers, not quantity. Of course I'd love to have thousands of readers, but I have built killer relationships with the readers I do have, and I really can't ask for anything else.

I've seen a lot posts lately talking about the importance of blog design. And you know what? I disagree. I mean, there is nothing wrong with having a good blog design. I love a good blog design! It is important for your blog to be somewhat organized and such. But I'm not throwing down hundreds of dollars for it. No way. I'd much rather learn to code & design on my own. I know a good design makes a good first impression, but it should ultimately be the content that matters, not the design.

So everyone, just blog about what you like to blog about. Don't feel like you need to shell out hundreds of dollars on design & sponsorships (unless you want to! That's cool. I don't, though). That's not what blogging is about. The readers will come. So please, everyone just calm down and have fun. Because that is what blogging should be about.

5. Did anyone watch The Office or Parks & Rec last night? Thoughts? Let's discuss.


  1. Oddly enough, I'm listening to my Janelle Monae Pandora station right now! :)

    I'm glad we're "phone/text/Skype" official! Love you!

    About the blogging... seriously! I made a related comment to a few this weekend at the blogger symposium. Will everyone please stop retweeting every single link-up or giveaway tweet related to you? I'm already aware of it because of YOUR tweets. I don't need to see everyone else's. And as I said in my Sunday post, I love those who read and comment, whether there are 500 or 13. Is it bad that GFC blog hops annoy me? It blatantly states that you go from blog to blog and follow them. "Who cares about following the blogs you like to read, just get that number up!" That's how I read it, at least. :/ Not my cup of tea.

    And if you already forgot from two paragraphs (kind of) ago, I love you!

  2. Michelle, I would read your blog even if your graphics and layout resembled the original Oregon Trail. (not that it would be a horrible thing.... oh childhood...) The point is, you make me laugh in the middle of my work day. Frankly, I need you, I don't care what your blog looks like.

  3. Janelle Monae came to OU last year with Fun. Actually Fun. opened for her, yet they have taken off like crazy.

    She was fun to watch. Very neat concert. I look forward to the day we are "Facebook official"! haha I feel like it will happen once we have that date in Cbus! haha :)

    And as you were mentioning the amount of blogger friends we each have or aspire to have: I won't lie, it's kinda neat to know that someone wants to follow along with the ramblings of my mind, but for some reason I get sad when I see that number go down.

    Why would I take this so personally, no idea? I think I worry I may have offended someone or I'm just not interesting. Weird that I even care.

    Have a good weekend!

  4. We're all sorts of official. And we'll be even more official when I mail you a ridiculous card. I just have to find the perfect one. I will, don't you worry, I will.

    I have no idea who/what/where/when/why is going on with that song. I'll have to listen to it!

    Happy Friday - let's take a minute and forget that Monday and Tuesday are rapidly approaching.

  5. Bahahaha! The cat thing just mad me pee a little. I long to be real friends with one of my bloggers.

  6. Everyone just calm down <--------------- that was so funny. I don't know why. No I do know why, it's because it's funny.

    It was way overdue for us to bridge the blog to friend bridge. Word.

    Tents & Denim.

  7. Calm down! Haha...yea...blogging is getting weird. Bitches be crazy. But they giveaway good shit, so who am I to not enter??

    And #2. Ew.

    Have a good weekend!

  8. I loved the Office...though Jim is going to be in BIG trouble with Pam! I'm so sad it's the last season :(

    "Today there was a circus in the parking lot. There was a tightrope walker, Jim and Dwight impersonators, and some lady was trying to give a baby away that looked like a cat...not a bad day for a dog food company."

    I love Creed.

  9. The Office was my favorite show ever until Michael left...but now, it just isn't the same. Still watch it, still hopeful, but not as excited. :(

    And...I want to be official with you. Is that like asking someone out though? Because now it feels awkward.

  10. So I really liked this post...well, the cat licking the armpit was a little odd, but it definitely needed to be noted...your funny.


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