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Sometimes bullet point posts are the best posts. Probably because all I have to write about are unrelated and unimportant things.

1. This morning I woke up  to a wildfire in the back of my throat. Looks like my annual fall cold came a little early this year. It hurts to breathe. It hurts to talk. Which is ok because now I have a legitimate excuse for being antisocial....at work anyway.

2. Yesterday, two people found my blog by googling "someone very angry, ugly, and sleepy." How offended should I be by this? But then again, yesterday was Tuesday, and I was in a pretty bad mood for most of the day. Ugly? Well, my hair was frizzy from the rain and my eyeliner did smudge by 10:00am. Sleepy, though? Nope! I got almost 8 hours of sleep and was feeling fine, thankyouverymuch.

Also, people apparently google Britney Spear's boobs a lot. And Melissa Gorga's engagement ring. I get it a lot.

However, "jorts haiku" totally makes up for it. But I don't think any of my haikus involve jorts. So I'm going to write one right now, because I wouldn't want that person to be disappointed should they happen upon my blog again. Also? If you're googling "jort haiku," I need to be your friend.


Hey, the 90's called.
They said they want their jorts back.
Your fanny pack, too.

You know, I'm not one for link ups, but I sort of want to create a haiku link up. If I knew people would be up for it. Like, once a month maybe. Not every week. I don't know. How fun would that be? Just me? I can't help it, I have an English degree folks. Words are my video games. 

3. Today is Alissa's birthday!! Go tell her happy birthday. She's awesome. Happy Birthday, Alissa. I'd hug you if you didn't hate hugs so much.

4. So I realize this is old, but I rediscovered it last night and still can't stop laughing. Have you seen the video of Josh Groban singing Kanye West tweets? It's hilarious. Just watch it, ok?

I'm gonna go blow my nose now. Cheers.


  1. HAHAHA...I love that I'm included in a post with a jorts haiku. That is AMAZING.

    And Josh Groban? I didn't even KNOW! I have to listen to this right now.

    Thank you!! :)

  2. hahaha- I love you! These are all things I found amusing on this gloomy Wednesday. Thanks for making me smile and ugly you are not.

  3. Haha I love posts that include all of what people search for your blog as. Cracks me right up. But who in the heck is making a haiku about jorts. Who in the heck is making haikus for that matter...

  4. you are incredibly random here, girl.

    it's like I hacked your blog.

    feel better. or else. you won't.

  5. The keywords crack me up! I get some weird ones too.

  6. jorts linkup! I'm going to check my keywords right now. Last time one of mine was "she can't even keep her legs closed." oh, dang.

  7. I hadn't seen that video, but it's hilarious. Groban has really good comedic timing too!

    Get well soon, friend!

  8. Haiku link-up, please?
    I'm in desperate need of
    Poetic link-ups.


  9. That video is so funny! Hope you feel better soon.

  10. That would be an AWESOME link up!!!
    This post made me giggle. I hate the word giggle.


    random comment... yep.

  11. hahahahaha! I am literally cracking up right now - which is a hard thing to accomplish through a computer, congrats! I have yet been searched for by weird things, but if that ever happens I don't think they would be quite this random! Love the Jorts haiku.

  12. Goodness, you crack me up! For the record, I do not think you are ugly or angry (well, sometimes angry).

    Thank you for sharing that video of Josh Groban/Kanye tweets. So funny! Made my chemistry homework not seem so bad right now :)

  13. jorts! oh man, that's hilarious!!! thanks for the poetry! love Katie

  14. Love the video. And definitely do the linkup!

  15. hey there! stopping by from the link up. "jorts haiku" that's pretty good stuff.

  16. lol i love jorts jokes

    I've never seen that Josh Groban video- hilarious!!


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